Icecream and Pi

What a wonderful day we had today. Actually i dont remember much of it only that Lisa has sharp nails;P lol oh and in Art we saw theese awesome landscape paintings by ______woseley (is that right?) a we had to hand in our assignments andall our prac work D: I HAVENT DONE THEM ALL! and everyone else's assignments were so pro man:O i hate you all. You should all burn and shriek and i shall stand there watching you in pain and laugh bahahaha. No i wouldnt do that im innocent (A)

ENGLISH WAS AWESOME! i shall eave it at taht and you can make of it what you will. Lets just say thatjoseph exhibited his pi-remembering skills to some seniors (i think) and pinno made a really long emotional speech at the end that left Lisa in tears (what a crybaby LOL i love you lisa:P). But yeah...pinno's cool:D

Gah i think a crickets chasing me D:

(8)Here we go round the Mulberry bush...(8)



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