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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Everyone is a hypocrite at one point or another in our lives. 
We always do something that we tell others not to do, whether subconsciously or not, point is, it happens. 
We get angry at people for doing or saying something that annoys us. But come a change in situation, suddenly it's acceptable and we find ourselves doing exactly what we were fighting against. 
We despise the idea of hypocrisy, double standards and the like, thinking it unreasonable and just poor form. Yes, we disapprove of hypocrisy and yet, we are all hypocrites

And that, that, is hypocrisy at its best.

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8:13 PM ; smile'

Last ever sport day and we did nothing. Fun! Cause last week was semis but we had exams so no one went and we had to forfeit. Ah well, it's netball. At least we got to bludge and savour the final Wednesday sport. OH MY GOSH I NEED TO STOP GETTING SO SENTIMENTAL AND DRAMATIC GTNOIFVRNSGG NO MORE THOUGHTS ABOUT LASTS ! :') Moving on... I still want to do sport next year :/ Basketball and stuff ! Cause honestly, Wednesday sport is the only regular exercise I get :P Yeah, that's how unfit and lazy I am. Leave me alone :(
INFORMAL TOMORROW! The continuous reminders of it being soon in my blog posts would probably suggest how excited I am. That and the fact that I keep saying 'I'm excited'... I wish more people were going though :/ It would be so fun if it was the entire grade! But most of us are going so it should still be good :D
Oh and I think I've finally decided I'm going to do 14 Units in year 12. Yes I know that's a lot but the only reason I'm doing ext1 english is because I want to do ext 2 so my plan is to just focus on ext 2 and forget about ext 1. Not care and whatever and if I fail, meh, I won't be putting any effort into it. So that's 13 units that I'm actually taking seriously. That still sounds like quite a lot actually :S Hm, I'll see how things go next term with that much and change things around if I have to. But I'm scared I won't get into extension 2 because my extension 1 results have been pretty.. bad. And like I said, no dedication. But during the ext exam, when I was writing the story, I thought to myself "This is so much fun" and I dno, I just really want to try ext 2. So good luck to me :P Man, all my posts lately have been about school. Well when my life gets more exciting, my blog will too :P Or maybe not. What if its gets so exciting I don't have time to blog? :O Yeah... that's not happening any time soon 8)


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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1. Handwrite your full name.
2. Handwrite your url.
3. Handwrite your headline.
4. Handwrite your favorite quote.
5. Handwrite your best friend's name.
6. Handwrite your crush's name.
7. Handwrite your three favourite songs of all time.
8. Handwrite whatever you want with a black pen in capitals.
9. Handwrite your favourite word.
10. Handwrite your lucky number.
11. Handwrite all the websites you’re signed up with.
12. Handwrite your name using the hand opposite of what you normally use.
13. Handwrite the first 10 things that pop into your head.
14. Handwrite your celebrity crushes.
15. Handwrite “hello”.
16. Handwrite whatever you want, filling up the whole piece of paper.
17. Handwrite on something other than paper.
18. Handwrite a few words that sum you up.
19. Handwrite your five favourite bands.
20. Handwrite a letter to somebody.

Quite obviously, writing is not my strong point...


7:06 PM ; smile'

I can't wait for:
  1. Prefect induction tomorrow. Good job and congrats new prefects! You guys will do an awesomejob leading the school :)
  2. End of year 11
  3. Informal in two days!
  4. Year 12. Strangely enough, I'm pumped. Maybe I'm underestimating the workload or something but I'm kinda excited. And for now, I'm ignoring the fact that it's almost the end of high school. Oh my gosh I just started thinking about it and now I feel really sad ! Noooo MORE EXCITEMENT 
  5. Tic Tic Tour! I'm not even sure what that's even called. IF it's tic tic tour or looze control. Kyleen is confused


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Monday, September 19, 2011

I was reading through a few of my old files and I realised how much I love writing. I used to write stories and poems for fun. I could have been one of those people Miss Sproule was talking about that are really passionate about writing. Another thing I realised, those poems/stories were written when I had no internet. Cause for like.. a year and a half, my internet wasn't working and no one was bothered to fix it and we didn't really need it anyway so to occupy my time, I learned how to play guitar and wrote. I wish I stuck to that. It was fun and my creative writing skills could be so much better :P I mean some of the things I'm reading are terrible and overly mushy but hey, it's a learning process right?

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8:13 PM ; smile'

IM DONE! ALL MY EXAMS ARE FINISHED! AND I DON'T CARE IF I FAILED BIO WHICH I PROBABLY DID BECAUSE I'M DONE AND THEY COUNT FOR NOTHING ANYWAY SO YAY! I am freeeeeeeeeee :D The rest of this week is going to be fun. Bludgy and fun :D Is year 12 having a muck up day this year? And is it going to be tomorrow? Cause I want to be there when/if it happens! How many days are people going to school this week? I kinda want to go on Friday cause last days are always fun but there is no way i'm going from city to school in the morning. That would require like.. a 5am start. Stuff that :P
Good luck to the kids who still have exams tomorrow! I'm not sure which subjects those are though.. Sorry :S But yes, good luck all ! I'm going to spend the next three weeks enjoying the holidays before I need to settle down and get serious about year 12! Teehee . Should be fun. That is, assuming my mother dear lets me out that often. Speaking of which, I still need to ask about Poreotics :S TIC TIC TOOOOOOOOUR! Okay, I am rather pumped and excited  right now (SEE HENRY, I CAN SPELL IT!) :D I want to start going Access too but gah again permission wise, im not sure ! We'll see, hope and yeah :D
I went livo with Carissa to buy stuff for informal and I am happy to say I am all set :D Now I'm even more pumped than before! I can't believe I almost didn't go :P Oh my gosh, we were in forever new when we ran into Diem and Anh and I tried on a dress. Just for fun. I picked one that I thought wasn't that great so I wouldn't get too attached but when I wore it IT WAS SO PRETTY AND COMFY AND WRIYHSGRNSGLNHYWLY I WANT IT! But it was like... $120 and I already have a dress but oh my gosh D: Must stop thinking about it... CARISSA, YOU SHOULD BUY IT FOR ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY ;D I'm kidding. Obviously ;P


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Saturday, September 17, 2011

I usually have my guitar with me while I'm on the computer but I barely ever play it. iTunes is always open and when a good song comes on, I like to play a long with it but most of the times, I don't even know the chords. If in doubt, C Am F G! It works. For RnB songs anyway, cause yknow, they all sound the same...
In other news, I was meant to use this three day break to study for bio yeah? But yesterday, my sister and I went to livo. Oh my gosh t101 tea is amazing. The bubbles are so fun to eat and the guy is so adorkable :3 He reminds me of this guy on filo tv that teaches kids how to speak filo properly. teehee. But yeah, I've had two in two days and I feel like I'm cheating on easyway D: So yes, that happened. And I got home at like 3ish hoping to study but then we went out and bought a birthday card for a family friend's birthday party and then her friends came over and I hung out with them for a while. I didn't intend to stay with them for so long but they watched a movie, got interesting and one of them called birthing class 'maternity daycare'. Why we were talking about birthing class in the first place, I have no idea. So that was my Friday study gone.
Today, I have a 21st/18th birthday party to attend and I know it's at night. But I'm most productive at night. Only because I procrastinate until it is night time. So that's my Saturday gone. And tomorrow...? Hm Maybe I'll cram then. But there's so much content in bio! Crap. What's the date today? I need to write something for ext 2 application in case I decide to try for it :S That shall be my priority cause I don't care about yearlies. It's year 11. The second we finish it, it doesn't even matter. I finally got my gold level letter and oh my gosh my mum is so cute. She took a photo of it and put it on facebook. :3
Ooh side note before I finish, I'm rather proud of myself for posting throughout this week :) That is all .

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Friday, September 16, 2011

So it's Friday and I have a 3-day break until my bio exam which I have designated to be my bio study period. Yep, cram three terms of bio work into three days. That was a smart idea, Kyleen. I'm now conisdering dropping it though. I DON'T KNOW! My current plan have been blurred and muddled up. Now, I'm just going to plunge into year 12 exactly how I am and see what subjects I can't stand/do cause apparently the year 12 course is way more interesting than Prelims? Well it would make sense, bio this year was incredibly dull and boring tbh. 
Oh and after receiving my dress fo rinformal (thanks Carissa!) I am even more exited for Thursday! How many people are still going to school that day? I want to go because it's the year 12 farewell thing so I am planning to go straight from school to the city and chill at a hotel room. Yeah, my mum booked one so I wouldn't have to go home at night time. How sweet :) So that is my plan! Also hoping to get Vincent's birthday present that day. But gah I don't know my way around the city that well D: I'm just going to open tons of google map pages on my laptop before I go :P Sound Plan, Kyleen 8) 
I would like to buy a black blazer for informal too. My dress is uncomfortably revealing so there is no way I'm wearing it as is. I found a really pretty one in... I forgot what shop. I can see it in my head, just forgot the name. Anyway, it was really pretty and relatively cheap but it was white! And I dno, I want black ! WAH IM GETTING SO GIRLY OVER THIS! This is weird, what has online shopping done to me? :P Okay, enough of weird Kyleen, enjoy your weekends guys :)

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rules: Go to and type in your answers to the following questions. (use the first definition there)

1. Your name: Kyleen

A super funny chick who is a tease to creepy guys and then insults them until they leave her alone.

2. Your age: 16

Legal age for fucking in the UK.

3. One of your friends : Diem (cause her one made me lol)

1. The epitome of a true ganster and a princess in one.

2. Is also the true spartan queen, forget all the bullshit you've heard, she was the real spartan queen. Very hot but yet deadly.

3. A goddess who possess unique traits that seperates her from the rest of the non-worthy women. Diem is brilliant, divine, possesses supernatural powers (i.e. ability to call upon any many she wishes, ability to make men lust after her, ability to get whatever she wants, ability of persuation, ability to bend time and space continuum, immunity to karma, immunity to bitches, and there are still many powers that have yet to be determined.), Diem also carries with her beauty and loveeee.

4. What should you be doing?

a term used in reference to doing school work. it also ends in the word dying, and slowly leads to it.

5. Favorite colour:

Extremely potent marijuana, specifically marijuana buds that have a purple hue to them. Also accompanied by a fragant, usually fruity smell and mad perma-grin.

6. Birthplace: Australia

The best fuckin' country in the world, Australia, is also the only place where Christ could never have been born, as in Australia, you cannot find 3 wisemen and a virgin.

7. Month of your birth: October

the birthstone for this month is Opal, but there is also a cheaper Rose Zicron.

and it's also the best month ever if your birthday is in it


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Monday, September 12, 2011

OKAY! I AM STUDYING FOR LEGAL! I AM! THAI/COLIN/ANYONE ELSE I REGULARLY TALK TO ON MSN ABOUT STUDY, THROW RANDOM LEGAL QUESTIONS AT ME OR SOMEHOW MAKE SURE I'M STUDYING! Seriously, I can't wing legal! It's not just memorising formulas or applying skills, I actually need to know stuff and write about newspaper articles and igrh gerngerth I am calm. Also, I've noticed I tilt my head to the right when I'm doing work cause my fringe is in the way. To me, it's normal. I never thought it was strange or looked funny but apparently it looks like there's something wtong with me :P And my neck is beginning to hurt. Cool story bro... 8)
I'm kinda not really scared about english extension tomorrow. Scared cause I know nothing. I haven't memorised any quotes or fully analysed enough texts for an essay. And considering it's english extension, it probably requires three texts. Thing is, Miss Schultz told us that it would be a really broad topic and we could use any gothic text we've encountered in our lives. Which seems all fine and dandy. But what if I pick texts that have no relevance to the question? And I have no analyses of any texts ! I DON'T KNOW ENOUGH! But at the same time, very far in the back of my mind, I'm not really scared and I don't really care cause I'm not going to continue it next year. I mean, I wanted to ext 2. It seemed fun and I love writing but it's not worth doing ext 1. It's just going to make my workload crazy big and I'll be doing 14 units. BUT I REALLY WANT TO DO EXTENSION TWO! But no, I've decided I won't do either. I don't enjoy extension 2. I dread going and I feel like it's a waste of time cause we don't really do much and I don't have the dedication to work hard in it and do well so yeah, good bye extension 2 :( Back down to 12 units I go. Oh well.
I love our Art Class. I'm pretty sure a majority of us hadn't studied before the break in between English and Art exam today and once again, we managed to pull it off! Good times :D Next year though, I promise I will study properly! Neat room and everything! ehe .Well I shall read some Edgar Allan Poe stories and poems now and try to absorb random quotes that I like that could potentially help me tomorrow. (fingers crossed)

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

There's a car that I see every time I go to Merrylands (which is a lot more often than some might think) and the license plate is AEGEAN and it's a customized plate. You know with the differnt kind of yellow that has no dot in the middle? Yeah and well, to me Aegean refers to a particular kind of ancient art and stuff as I learned in term one. But I'm really curious as to what this guy's reason was for putting AEGEAN. I'm not sure if he IS referring to the Art Period or if it's something else and I really really really want to know.
I turned on my computer today just to blog and I know how slow it is so I brought my legal book so I could study while it lagged. Nice try. But I really need to study for legal. It's the same situation as half yearlies. Content based subjects are the death of me D: As far the art exam, I am relying on my beloved class to pull me through and help me study in the 2 or so hours after english exam. It worked last time! Woah random head ache. I should stop staring at computer screens. But Community is so funny! I love Abed! He reminds me of my sister's friend. Which none of you know so that was a completely useless piece of information... I need to take exams more seriously. I have barely studied for any and gah D: Ah well, it's year 11. Who cares right? :P Can't wait until year 11 is over and I can get rid of all my loose sheets that are floating around my room and taking annoying space in my bag. Not throw away cause I'm too cautious like that. in a box somewhere in the dark :D
I had bubblegum ice cream today. Not proper ice cream though. The McDonald's mcflurry :D It was nice. But I still prefer cold rock or the ice cream from the airport :D Ooh going back to the exam topic, I don't understand how people are writing practise essays to remember. WHAT QUESTION ARE YOU PEOPLE ANSWERING??? It confuses me :( Whatever, I can't be bothered with a feature article either. Like writing a practise one and remembering. I have very little space in my head and I think it should be used to remember quotes and stuff for the essay. Especially considering we don't know the question, I want to memorise as many quotes as I can and possibly memorise some of the shorter poems? Like Homo Suburbiensis and Family Man. I should be fine after that right? D:
Now to end an incredibly disjointed and all over the place blog post (I wonder how many times I've said that before...), I am pumped for informal !!!

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4:27 PM ; smile'

Monday, September 5, 2011

I went to costco on Saturday! It's a bit meh. Well it was until I went into the cushion/candy section. And you all know I am pretty damn childish. There were big fluffy animals that had pillows in them that you could take out and omgsh they were so cute. There was a moose! And a dog with blue ears! And a triceratops :3 I randomly started remembering that time in Kindy when I was obsessed with Dinosaurs and read almost every dinosaur book that was in the library. If only I remembered that information, it was really interesting :/ ANYWAY, COSTCO! Man, I have a habit of going off on a tangent... O_O So yes, in the pile of cushions there was a picture book full of nursery rhymes with a mini paino type thing underneath with colour coded keys. You know the type? Yeah well, I spent about 10 minutes playing them all :D And I swear, that was way more enjoyable than it should have been for a 16 year old...
In other news, today Diem asked me to sing for Prefect Induction. I was pleasantly surprised cause I haven't sang in public since last year's disaster :P (On my part not Mariel's). But let's not recall the specifics. Well, my mic wasn't working anyway so forgotten lyrics probably went unnoticed. I hope so anyway. Oh hey, there's some self contradiction right there. Oh well. Anyway, I kinda want to kinda don't. I don't want to do it on my own but I think Mariel is already doing something? And I really want to see/hear The Middle be performed cause it reminds me of year ten camp and it sorta fits in with the theme? :P SO maybe, if I find someone, I will (hint hint). 
Also, today it came to my attention that we only have 2-3 days (depending on how many days after exams you'll be attending school) of proper year 11 left because exams don't count as proper year 11. Then BAM! Year 12! THAT, mdear freaks me out. Very much so. Also, I bought a dress for informal online. And I'm so so so scared that it will look different when it arrives and I won't like it or it won't look good on me or that it won't fit and oh my gosh this is the girliest I've ever seen myself :O So like, I'm gna go now and stop being weird. But before I do I shall say:

I miss:
  • junior school
  • primary school
  • no school 
  • people, mainly you, the four of you, me and you, you the second and other you
  • not having social obligations.. oh wait they've always been there, I just never cared.
  • simpler days


8:21 PM ; smile'

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hi all! I got my pottermore email thingy and now I can explore stuff :D I was so antsy cause I got the email yesterday and I was capped but now im not so yay! (cool story bro). So once again, the exams are coming p and once again, to me it seems like it's far far away. I haven't started studying. I keep thinking I have like 2-3 weeks but apparently I don't? I don't even know when exams start tbh and I can't cram in theempty space between exams cause I have 6 exams in a row D: Oh well, I have time to study for bio :D But Legal, I REALLY need to start studying. And I will! On the weekend.
Speaking of things that I don't think I urgently need to do cause they seem oh so far away,I haven't gotten my informal dress. And Carissa, I swear to you I will do that if you buy the dress for me ;P Yesterday, I was ready to blog and stuff but then, my computer was all laggy and I was capped so I didn't and it really bugged me cause I'm rarely bothered to blog. I only ever blog when the computer is already on when I get home cause it takes forever to start up. And sicne my mum and sister got iphones, they dont need to go on the computer as much anymore so it's never been on. Today, I turned it on cause I felt like I should pay attention to my blog. Not that I ever write anything of interest. It's a wonder I still get views really...I should find more surveys to fill in space.... The amount of ellipses I use in my blog post is amazing O_O  
Oooh oooh! Nick, Avi and Kabir are 40 hour famining and they can't talk. Oh it's so fun :') Avi should watch what notes he passes and what teachers happen to read such notes. ehe . ^^ Nick is beasting it. He's the only one that hasn't cracked. Avi's up to like.. 49 hours because he's cracked that many times and Kabir's at like.. 4/5 I think? But yes, tomorrow shall be amusing. And I feel slightly special because I can understand Avi's hand gestures :P That is all


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