IM DONE! ALL MY EXAMS ARE FINISHED! AND I DON'T CARE IF I FAILED BIO WHICH I PROBABLY DID BECAUSE I'M DONE AND THEY COUNT FOR NOTHING ANYWAY SO YAY! I am freeeeeeeeeee :D The rest of this week is going to be fun. Bludgy and fun :D Is year 12 having a muck up day this year? And is it going to be tomorrow? Cause I want to be there when/if it happens! How many days are people going to school this week? I kinda want to go on Friday cause last days are always fun but there is no way i'm going from city to school in the morning. That would require like.. a 5am start. Stuff that :P
Good luck to the kids who still have exams tomorrow! I'm not sure which subjects those are though.. Sorry :S But yes, good luck all ! I'm going to spend the next three weeks enjoying the holidays before I need to settle down and get serious about year 12! Teehee . Should be fun. That is, assuming my mother dear lets me out that often. Speaking of which, I still need to ask about Poreotics :S TIC TIC TOOOOOOOOUR! Okay, I am rather pumped and excited  right now (SEE HENRY, I CAN SPELL IT!) :D I want to start going Access too but gah again permission wise, im not sure ! We'll see, hope and yeah :D
I went livo with Carissa to buy stuff for informal and I am happy to say I am all set :D Now I'm even more pumped than before! I can't believe I almost didn't go :P Oh my gosh, we were in forever new when we ran into Diem and Anh and I tried on a dress. Just for fun. I picked one that I thought wasn't that great so I wouldn't get too attached but when I wore it IT WAS SO PRETTY AND COMFY AND WRIYHSGRNSGLNHYWLY I WANT IT! But it was like... $120 and I already have a dress but oh my gosh D: Must stop thinking about it... CARISSA, YOU SHOULD BUY IT FOR ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY ;D I'm kidding. Obviously ;P


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