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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You said the words I always wanted to hear from you. The words that told me that you would be h a p p i e r if I were in your life. That you wanted nothing more than my hand in yours. That you loved every moment you spent with me. I looked at you. Your desperate face for that one word of acceptance. Instead you hear-
You're too late dammit! You missed you chance!
I hated the way you controlled me and I still do.
I'm over all the tears. I'm over the constant dreaming that
Maybe. One day. it would be us. Cause i know that it was all a lie
You would never see me like that. You're too busy caught up in your world.
Your Problems. Your fears. Your GIRL!
So you know what? Just take all your words and give them
to the girl you complained to me about. The one that broke your heart.
The one that I
got jealous of everytime you told me about her.
You never noticed how much it hurt me
when you said how much you loved her
But I stuck by you cause I knew you needed it.
and now that she's gone and broken your heart all over again
you come running back to me. But i just want to tell you
I've moved on

I walked away from you hoping to seem angry and yet a tear fell. I was letting this chance slip away. You needed someone, that much was true, but i don't think it's me. And even if it is I'm sorry but I'm going to have to hurt you. It' just the way it goes. I don't want to be your rebound girl...


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Friday, May 22, 2009

RAIN IS FUN! Playing basketball in rain is fun:L

I was recording the 15Boys Cross country people with Mel and they came back so friggen muddy man! And me and Lisa were all wetfrom recess. We played basketball for like the whole of Assembly+Recess and it was raining. I go high in the rain! SO FUN!!! Did you notice that the school jumpers smell REALLY bad when they get wet? A little something William taught me:L I love that kid:P

Lunch we werein the science block and some guy kept making weird noises so Avi chucked Allen's bag a him. And the guy chucked it landed in the bin. LOL I had my sports uniform on in the exam ( which was so bloody crappy D: ) and i was friggen freezing!

EXAM WAS PAINFUL! It was funny when the teacher goes time's up and everyone was like what? what? what? what? hehe Stupid maths teacher==" I hate them all :@ wellnot really just the stupid subject!



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Thursday, May 21, 2009

You came back last night. You called and said that i should go home. So I did. I always obeyed you, just because it was you. When the house came into view and the garage door rolled up, your car was parked and you were in it. The sun shone twice as bright and the world was filled with colour brighter and more vibrant than before. I ran towards you arms raised.

We were out, all of us. Doing the cousinly things we used to. Together. Just like old times. Your loud personality completed the once hollow group. It was fun. I loved every moment of it and I just couldn't believe that you were back for good. The missing piece of the puzzle had indeed slid back into place and as these thoughts washed over me, I smiled. I was the happiest i have been since you left.

Then I Woke Up.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

The rain washes the window and yet you are apart from it. Your eyes are glazed over with tears

and the memory of what used to be. The world has shattered and the rain has penetrated

through everything else and spreads the cold frost through your body. You live your life day by

day doing things in a steady monotonous pattern. You continuously dwell on the thought of

judgment and hate and that those you once called friends abandoned you just because of that

one thought. The thought that was wrong, unethical and just plain weird.


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Friday, May 15, 2009

What a wonderful day we had today. Actually i dont remember much of it only that Lisa has sharp nails;P lol oh and in Art we saw theese awesome landscape paintings by ______woseley (is that right?) a we had to hand in our assignments andall our prac work D: I HAVENT DONE THEM ALL! and everyone else's assignments were so pro man:O i hate you all. You should all burn and shriek and i shall stand there watching you in pain and laugh bahahaha. No i wouldnt do that im innocent (A)

ENGLISH WAS AWESOME! i shall eave it at taht and you can make of it what you will. Lets just say thatjoseph exhibited his pi-remembering skills to some seniors (i think) and pinno made a really long emotional speech at the end that left Lisa in tears (what a crybaby LOL i love you lisa:P). But yeah...pinno's cool:D

Gah i think a crickets chasing me D:

(8)Here we go round the Mulberry bush...(8)


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Thursday, May 14, 2009


FINAL DAY OF NAPLAN! Maths...not my best subject. The noncalculator was ALRIGHT but the calculator one...i think i stuffed up he entire last page D:Mitchell;s funny when he gets stressed in exam conditions:P

Science was fun...Luke broke not one but TWO test tubes and spilled some blue liquid or other. Lisa wrote stuff with it and didnt realise that mr baxter was watching her LOL
English was awesome today pinno is so cool (H)
PE was pretty much a double free period. Twas good:D Me and Mel went roaming around the school visitng other classes (what a rebel:O) and we visited Jenny and Holly who hd no teacher yet and then we were planning to blend in and we're like who's your teacher and they go Mr pollock. We ran. Visited 9E and stole Chung's Basketball:D THANKYOU ALVIN!
And yeah...when we went back to the main quad a teacher was there:S and we played touch footy and "dance party-ed" :P


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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Naplan Day 2:
Reading wasn't too bad. but it was SO BORING! i finished with like half an hour to go..i think most people did. 65 minutes for like 50 questions? SO MUCH TIME. But wasnt too bad. and i think i heard someone's phone go off during that:P and the ringtone was the one from the beer ad (LOL). Either that or i was hallucinating :S

Basketball was fun:D but i dont think our team played as well as we could but we won (Y) so it all good:D Watching guys play netball is funny:P they look so girly its CRAZY! (im kidding guys...please dont eat me :S)

Went livo with ashley to buy a calculator (which i didnt end up getting) funny things happened:P Like we were in Big W and we're looking at the hair colouring products (which is near the pad section) and as we walk past it, there was a pad that said "for men" WHAT THE HELL?! Make of that what you And then we were walking into Toys R Us and up the up escalator like a NORMAL PERSON! and we see an employee making her way down past us. And I was trying so hard not to laugh until she passed. Seriously, wouldnt it have been easier to go round to the down escalator? less effort required man! It is so difficult to draw on those knobby things that need you to twist the knobs for a line to appear but now two of them are marked with peopleseses names:D oh and i forgot to pay for the gelato we bought and the lady was like "$5 PLEASE!" twas rather embarassing. And OMGSH I LOSTEDEDED MY WALLET! then found it again:D yeah thats about it:P


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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


First day of NAPLAN. Language conventions and writing task. Language conventions was okay...Wasnt too bad. Correct spelling mistakes and what-not...i THINK i went alright although.. how the hell do you spell conscientiously (thankfullythis has spellcheck:D) but yeah..that means i got that wrong==" the rest went ok.

Does anyone else feel that they screwed up the writing task? Far out man thirty minutes doesnt feel like enough time! And behind me i could hear mitchell freaking out and swearing:P LOL mitchell you crack me up! Its funny how after a test or exam or something everyone goes out and goes "what did you get for...?" It's mildly amusing :L

Me, Lisa and Veronica were on the Basketbll courts discussing the test and it turns out we all had similar storylines=="
best story i heard of the day : ALDRICH CONCEPCION! so awesome man:P


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Thursday, May 7, 2009

SRCians should know better than to use their power over people for fun. Like today, Lawrence got bored and said that they should "confiscate" some kids feather duster-yes they HAD A FEATHER DUSTER^O)-Lawrence couldnt keep a straight face so Lisa(who somehow managed to acquire a badge O_o) was going to do it instead while Lawrence stood their looking official. But the kid put it in his bag...again O_o...That didnt stop Lisa. She instead told them off for spilling something on the floor and spreading it around (LOL).

Oh and me and Lisa TRIED to call Andy but NO! he didn't pick up >.>

WARNING: As thomson and Lawrence know from experience, Lisa gives killer hugs and never lets go...BEWARE!

9M are SO awesome !:D Today in English, miss had Jordan and Jimmy's practise NAPLAN western stories read out and Troy, Luke, George, Xenni, Haidee, Jimmy (what an awesome tumbleweed:L), Cohen, Bushy and Daniel acted them out:D it was SO funny. The problem with improv acting, as Troy pointed out was that it never works! The guy died and later in the story he had to be part of another robbery or something..yeah improv is funny:D They used pencil cases for guns:P And Jimmy was the BEST TUMBLEWEED EVER!!!!!!

THEN...we teased a certain somebody (Lets call them X) about another certain someone (lets call them Y). Miss Pinnigton-Wilson then said that X should propose to Y and the hole class gave ideas including :
  1. Shave "I <3>
  2. Stand below her window and serenade her
  3. Read poetry to her and if she says no then say you were just reading your English hw
  4. Get the class to form a love heart with X in the middle
  5. Thats all i can remember :S
While this was going on X was getting redder and redder it was very entertaining to see:D was a pretty damn good lesson:P

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BROKEN THREAD?! more like broken bones man! Andy update:
  1. He has broken his collarbone
  2. It will take 6 weeks to heal
  3. He won't be appearing at school until Monday of next week.
  4. He has learnt his lesson...never take on the tank!
  5. He wants this blog over and done with
Ok this is what Andy's collarbone looks like :

Meanwhile...guys seriously? Lay off Nicholas. It's not his fault he's so tank. Really it isnt. Just stop blaming him about it. Poor guy probably feels guilty enough without getting put on a guilt trip! (Andy also requests that you stop blaming him too)

I miss you:D You cant even cross country!:O (and i cant get bleach) so yeah...get all healed up and bandaged:D

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Monday, May 4, 2009

OMGSH ANDY! Why the hell would you try to take on the tank?! you're a brave brave man i say! foot ball is a dangerous sport kids never try it at home. Word spreads so fast and im here to spread it faster:D

SO! The guys were playing football and Andy went to tackle Nicholas (^O) ). Andy died. Poor kid was stuck sitting beneath a tree trying to ease the pain in his shoulder (we suspect a torn something or other/broken or fractured SOMETHING). Anyway, me, Lisa and Nicholas took him to Sick bay and the sick bay woman told Andy off for ALMOST swearing. like WTH?! HE'S IN PAIN WOMAN! Better than the other sick bay lady, he'd have given him a bandaid and/or a panadol cause apparently, thats a winning, all-healing combination =="

The sick bay lady told us to back up and the second we walked into the main quad, year eight kids were like to Nicholas "YOU KILLED ANDY!" HOW THE HELL DID THEY KNOW SO QUICKLY? hurlstone is full of gossips! (like me:D)

To Andy: Get well soon...not sure if thats really appropriate:S But yeah..just stop hurting and be happy again (and stop blaming yourself)

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ok...AS a lot of you may know, my sister left to go to Singapore today. It's all I've been complaining about for the last couple of months so you SHOULD know, ANYWAY she will be gone for 3-5 years :O Again, as a lot of you probably know me and her are E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y close like:

<---thats her in the white:D isnt she preetty? Yeah so imagine me the, sentimental (sorta) crybaby, saying goodbye to that! Well i shall paint you a picture...actually no i wont. Use your imagination! We were in front of the gate where she gets on the plane and when i hugged her KABOOM! down come the tears ==" THEN in the car she calls and MAKES IT WORSE><>.> (<---thats supposed to look accusatory(?)) and so thanks to you and your evil ways, i did not get a chance to say the things that i wanted to (this better make you cry>.>) so:
1) If ever a time comes when you become rich and famous DONT FORGET ME!

2)If you see something shiny, amusing or in any way entertaingng GET IT FOR ME!

3) If you see anything that reminds you of me TAKE A PICTURE.

4) If you feel like you're gna cry at night cause you miss us oh so much, remember that you're in Singapore and your tears might contaminate their water....

5) And finally..If you're lying awake at night wondering "hmm i wonder if they miss me" then know that the tears i shed today were me trying to hold them back. The reason you can't sleep is cause im thinking of you. You will be in my prayers for the next five years and never forget that I love you. A lot. Every time we have a cousin outing i will be thinking of you and wishing you were here with us to share this moment. Everytime i hear or play the song Lucky im going to have to suppress the urge to cry. And everytime I see your now empty room, the extra spare seat in the car , a tarsier or anything that makes your departure a little more real, I will think of you and hope that wherever you are now, you are as happy as you made me for the fourteen years I've lived. So yes i am missing you.





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Saturday, May 2, 2009

There's always that one moment when you need to let go of someone you love. Whether it be a friend, boyfriend or sister. The separation may not be permanent or even as bad as you think.

The moment you realise that the person you have loved for so long is about to walk out of your life for who knows how long is the worst feeling imaginable. What was once a perfect glass dome that encased the two of you, is now nothing more than a pile of dust that was shattered by that



And though an eternity lies before you, you feel as if you will never let go of the memories. That you will be forever glancing back thinking what if? What if i stopped them leaving? Is it better this way? Most people will tell you that have nothing to worry about. That the past is over and you should just get over it.

But it is s o. m u c h. h a r d e r. than they think. How do you
stop loving, r.e.m.e.m.b.e.r.i.n.g or even
thinking about the one person who understood you? The one person who made your life worth living. The one person that brought the smile to your face, the sparkle in your eye and tne meaning to your words.

The world continues to turn in this neverending cycle we call time and as we live through the continuous revolutions of the earth it feels as if these wounds will never heal. You curse the person that said time heals all wounds. it was all a LIE. All the cliches you heard, all the words that came out of his mouth, all the promises she uttered about how you would always be together. It's all

How can you believe all this when you feel like you're collapsing from the inside? When all you can think about is his hand in hers? Her laughter without you? Their absence.

When that someone has been a part of your life for that long, it seems like it's impossible to let go. But i can tell you, the world won't end, slow or stop for your benefit. There is no guarantee that life will return to normal, or that the next person will be any better. But I know that in the end, you will be with the person that will love you the most and make you happier than HE ever did. I can tell you that there will be regrets but even more blessings. That one day SHE will return and when she does, the missing piece of the puzzle will fall into place. And from the broken hearts, tears and sorrow, you will walk away knowing that yes it hurts and its hard to let go, but there will come a time when you will look back and say "I am so much happier now than i was before".


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