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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I bought the sunnies I wanted from Cotton On today (H) Yeah..that was the highlight of my day. Which is weird, cause usually, Wednesdays mean my highlight would be basketball. But Ingleburn didn't show up. Thanks for that Ingleburn. Cause you know, we weren't planning to verse you or anything... We were practising and I was full ready for it and everything FINALLY mastered layups !! At this point, a lot of you are probably thinking “psh is that all she's proud of?"But seriously, I SUCK at layups.. It's a real accomplishment for me ok? Next thing to learn: Perfect jump shots 8-) Man I suck =="

Yay ! It's getting cold. And rainy ^^ Danica P and a whole lot of other people are probably hating on me right now :P But I LOVE the rain and cold ^^ That sounds so... depressing cause it's like "ew.. she likes gloomy weather" But I have an explanation! Not really.. I just like the cold cause I feel lazy in the heat :P I HATE the heat.. Like you start sweating and's just so uncomfortable. The COLD on the other hand, i'm pretty ok with tolerating. And I like wind. Sweat-free and cooling. Helps me think clearer. Is that weird? Rain is good too. NO THAI! NOT for the same reason :P But I go high in the rain for some reason. The rain falling feels nice...once again, I must ask, is this weird? O_o

Speaking of the cold, would you rather iceblocks or icecreams? I like iceblocks better, cause they cool you down better and its like a solid drink ! tis good. Whereas icecream is all sticky and sweet. Icecreams taste better but iceblocks are more refreshing..yknow what i mean? O_o What the heck am I on about? Ok, I'm going to stop before I talk about more irrelavnt stuff :D ON that note, I bid you farewell !


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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Pretty soon so let's spend the afternoon in a cold hot air balloon. Leave a jacket behind, reach up and touch the treetops over town. I can't wait to kiss the ground wherever we touch back down"

Today, i discovered something.. Calvin's skin goes super white when you touch it. See, that in itself amuses me, cause you know, im simple minded like that.. but Johnny took it to a whole knew level. Quote:
"Haha, he's fun to play with"

Holidays sooooon. Yay !! But we have so many assignments..i think. There's geo and commerce and probably others that I'm not aware of yet :S We only got commerce today so I'll start it tomorrow or something :P Oh by the way Thai, the writing on my wrist were song lyrics.. NOTHING to do with you so relax :P

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Girls Open Basketball Knockouts: Round 2
Canley Vale High V Hurlstone
Hurlstone wins :D

Yeah, thats all i can be bothered saying about the game. Funny thing happened AFTER the game and its all Lisa's fault *squints* So everyone was walking back to the train station when Lisa sees a road that she thinks might be a quicker way to the station. Everyone else was walking through this park thing that took like 20minutes on the way to the school. But me and Lisa saw a road with all these signs about roadwork and we thought it was the same road we saw near the train station cause it also had roadwork signs. We decided to be rebel and go that way and try to beat Mr Lynch and the rest of the team. See, I think our way WAS quicker but we missed the train we were meant to catch. Why? CAUSE LISA GOT US LOST !
We reached the train tracks but we couldn't find the station so I'm like "just follow it up there, we'll hit the station eventually" but NO!
K: Isn't our train meant to be coming on this side?
L: Let's just cross the bridge and see where we are
K: But we're meant to be on THIS side
L: Relax! WE can just cross it again
At this point I was thinking.. fair enough. SO I followed her like a good little sister should and asked a lady standing at the bottom of the steps on the other side where the station is. Her answer? "it's on the other side"
K: *looks at lisa*
L: Do you want to just keep going this way and see if we get there anyway?
K: Not really..
L: ok, lets go.
K: =="
SO we're walking and we hit like.. FULL residential area and im like...err something tells me we're not where we're meant to be O_O
L: Omgsh, im over it. Let's just hitchhike...does that person look ok? No its a guy ! Next car !
K: What the heck lisa? NO! Let's just walk back to the bridge, go over and go the way I SAID TO GO !
K: oh my gosh we are so lost =="
-sees canleyvale guy walking-
L: Do you know how to get to the station??
Random Guy: Its on the other side
K: I told you !
And so we went on our merry way.. Yep.. all the way BACK down the road, up the bridge and up to the station...MY plan ==" You'd think Lisa would stop there right? But then two motorbike people drove past and she screamed "CAN SOMEONE TAKE US TO THE STATION PLEASE??" This is when i pretended not to know her :D Yes.. and so we come to the conclusion of my not-so-interesting story..

*Note: Some events may or may not have been exaggerated 8-) Please dont eat me lisa :P


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Let's pretend this was written yesterday shall we ? :)

So today Mariel and I went to Liverpool Westfields. Actually, I just tagged along cause I had easyway cravings =/ I ended up getting him something too..not my first choice though. I was $1.90 short. because SOMEBODY decided to get two easyways in a row. Im looking at you Mariel >.> Nah.. can't shove the blame on her :P Yes, that's right. I spent $7.90 on easyway. Worst part was finishing the first drink, chucking it in the bin that was right next to the easyway stand and asking for another one right after the guy SAW me walk past. So you know what he said? "Did you just chuck yours out and buy another one? O_o" My reply? " My um... friend wants one *shiftylook*" Gosh i'm pathetic :P POINT IS I got Troy's birthday card, as did Mariel. ooooh I went into cotton on and they have the sunnies i wanted >< But once again, couldnt cause stupid easyway took my money ==" Oh well, I am two drinks closer to a free one :P


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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Stop looking back and thinking 'what if?' Look ahead and think 'What now?' "


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Monday, March 22, 2010

Wow, for once in my life, I am actually putting HEAPS of effort into an assignment. Usually, I'd just take the easy way out. yes, congratulate me :D Too bad its an art assignment 8-) but still, it's an effort >< So yeah, I've almost finished my drawing animation thingy but im not too sure I like it... I think i might start again. Cause I realised, what I'm drawing isn't actually a memory which defeats the purpose of the entire thing O_o
Enough about art, girls knockout team have another game on Thursday :D Against Canley Vale but we aren't going for the whole day this time.. ow lame =/ We're leaving like..halfway through lunch i think? Whenever 1:05 is... hope we win. Well, with Rachael on our team, we probably will :P
Today was a pretty good day (agreed avi? ;P), umm yeah.. I'll leave it at that :D


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Thursday, March 18, 2010

This entire school week has been the biggest bludge week ever. Excluding the last week of the school year because they aren't proper days... But seriously:
Monday: Windang excursion which was a waste of time because I was all tired and irritable..probably wasted an excursion =/ ah got fun eventually. Walking on the waves :D But my chucks died ==" I thought they'd be fine but when i got home i looked at them and they're all faded on the side >< Tuesday: Ag prac period 1&2. Mouthing goats is fun ^^ If we ever work with that same herd of goats, I shotgun handling the one with the brown sweater >=] Period 4 I had a meeting with Miss Ejsak about work experience. Speaking of which, who's doing it and what are you guys doing? Cause I'm kinda lost =/ Period 5&6 M and O did PE dances and damn, I loved it. Both performing and watching. pretty much ALL the routines were really good and phwoar Year 10 can deliver (H) I'm pretty happy with how our group went :D
Wednesday: Always a bludge:P ANd EPIC workshop was was pretty good. Fun and all and yeah... let's leave it at that :)
Today: Lame and boring..made sherbet in science ^^
and tomorrow I have open basketball knockout thingy for the whole day :D :D This week is good(Y)

Oh and
Happy Birthday Thomson and Israaq !! Hope you guys had an awesome day. Love you to bits fishey ^^


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Dear Israaq,
Happy birthday... little brother? I forgot what you are to me :P Fake-family-wise. But other than that, I know EXACTLY what you mean to me. You're the guy I go to when I'm in the mood for talking about random things that are on my mind and don't particularly want an opinion. Or if I need an honest opinion on something. you're also the person I go to just for laughs. The person I love to argue with, just to gain the satisfaction of winning :P The person I could spend hours on the phone with and wonder what the hell we actually talked about and the person who I have freakishly similar opinons with. Sometimes .
So you're 15 now eh? One more year until you get to the age that comes with such awesome privleges like driving and whatnot :D At least now you can LEGALLY see MA15+ movies. not like it stopped you before... Anywho I guess that after being friends with you for 3-4 years, I've discovered little about you cause you're so damn mysterious. And yet, I guess I'm glad that you trust me as much as you do. Not quite sure how much that is, but I'd like to think that it's a reasonable amount. even if it isnt... GIVE ME MY GLORY D:
Well then, assuming you DO trust me as much as you do, thanks for having that much faith in me I guess? It makes me feel like I'm capable :P You're constant opinions that you never stop voicing challenge mine and yet, I guess i'm sorta grateful for them. It reestablishes my own opinions and possibly gains me an extra point ;D you're heaps of fun to be with and despite the fact that you occasionally seem a tad blunt, sometimes I just need that blunt honesty rather than the sugar coated version so many others give me.
I suppose, what I want to say to you is that you're a really awesome friend and I don't think there's anyone with a personality quite like yours. You have an odd way of being social, buddying up with everyone and whatnot :P But it's cool. I like your randomness and how you never fail to make me laugh. My conversations with you are always worth keeping and reading voer when I'm bored :P How sad is that yeah? ahha im kidding. Have an awesome life, enjoy the rest of being 15. Smile lots, frown less and remember, your frienship could be worht a lot mroe than you think. especially to me :D
Love Lots, Kyleen

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Seriously... Stop acting like a freaking two year old and making all these assumptions. Yeah you know me well. But that just makes it a whole lot worse. Point is, you DO know me well and I can't believe you think I'd say or feel that. This is stupid. If you don't want to talk to me, whatever, go for gold, make my day but can you at least tell me why? I guess I should have seen the warning signs. I mean, for like a week, we didn't even talk properly but when we stopped talking altogether and every attempt ended in a "_____ has just signed out" its like.. . are you PURPOSELY avoiding me or is it a coincidence that every time I open your msn window, you sign out? Whatever... it's your choice if you want to be a baby and run away or be as mature as you should be and get up and face the damn music. Yeah thats hypocritical and a lot of people would probably think I have no right to say that but I guess, this way, I know why I shouldn't have done what I did. But you know what? YOU'RE the one that told me to stop and here you go doing the exact same freaking thing. You know what sucks the most? I thought I wouldn't care, that I'd be happier if you left me alone. But damn, we had good times. Late night conversations and whatever. Hell, I'm just going to admit it I miss you so damn much, I didn't even know you meant this much to me

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Friday, March 12, 2010

So my friend put up photos of my grade from 2006, back in the day when we were young, carefree and happy. You know? when we didn't have as much damn homework as we do now Yep, those were the days. But I love when people do this and everyone starts commenting on the photos and then you catch up with good old friends :)
What's even better than that is talking to someone who you were heaps tight with back then, lost contact for a year or so, but then when you talk to them again, its like nothing ever changed. I love people like that. It just makes socialising a whole lot easier :P BUt yeah, thanks for that guys.. I love you heaps :)


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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress >< Damn PE dance routine. I guess it's kinda fun but omgsh the choreography process is painful... but let's not go into detail shall we? :) by the way, does anyone know how the dance presentation thing is going to work on Tuesday? Like are ALL the classes doing it at the same time or what ? I'm kinda hoping we are. I'd like to see all the other groups dance :D
AND, does anyone know what's going on with SCRAM? Is it on tomorrow and what are we meant to be doing? O_o man, I seem like such a losty (Victo and Johnny no comment >.>) And Georgie, today was a good catch up day yes? :) ahh good times. We should walk to a nearby park or something and talk the day away :D yes no? lame? ok.. moving on.
Moving on? To what? I have nothing else to say.. which is a surprise really.. I never shut up :O


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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today was pretty damn good. Can't be bothered going into detail. But basically, AVISHAY KUMAR! ITS GOOD TO BE BACK :D :D You have Thai to thank for that btw. . .you know what I mean ;P Gosh that sounds so confusing if you have no idea what I'm on about..

I also made the basketball knockout teams :D Reserve though.. ah well at least im on the team right? Damn Emily + Lisa and their proness.. made starting line up. What tanks ! ooh and yay to my pe group ! We made some progress and there wasn't much arguing HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ^^

I'm starting my first challenge for art. I was going to do the one where you get someone to take photos of you for a day... but I couldn't find someone who would stalk me without it being too weird to ask someone to do that :P SO instead, I'm doing the animation one. For those of you who don't do art, basically you have to make an animation of your drawing. Like, draw an image, take a picture, change it a little, take another picture etcetc. It's going to take me forever to do but it looks good in my head. I just hope I can make it look good on paper:P ON that note, I bid you farewell :)


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Monday, March 8, 2010

a: how often do you and your significant other argue?
errr... Not that often. I'd like to thin kwe get on pretty well :D

b: what was the last book you read?
Ersatz Elevator - Lemony Snicket care of israaq :P

c: do you have a pointy chin?
eurgh no D:

d: what is the last thing that disgusted you?
Watching the farmhand cut the piglets teeth... O_O

e: have you ever ridden on an elephant?
No I want to though. Sounds fun. And according to The Most Extreme, Elephants can sense tsunamis so if one were to attack wherever you're riding that elephant, It could get you to higher ground in time :D

f: do you think the earth is pretty from space?
Yes ! Well, im basing this on picture but like, all the other planets are basically one colour. But the earth is all... blue with green and white splodges. ^^

g: do you know anyone named gina?
erm... no =/

h: when was the last time you felt happy?
When I was at school with awesome people (Y)

i: could you ever live in an igloo?
Yeah, I love the cold :)

j: do you prefer jam or marmalade?
JAM! Especially plum jam. Marmalade is just weird.. no offense marmalade lovers :S

k: how old were you when you first were allowed to use a knife?
ummmm I have NO idea O_O My parents were pretty protective so maybe around ten? Well bread knives ive been using since... a while ago :P

l: do you believe walking under a ladder is bad luck?
Not really, but ii'm still hesitant to walk under them anyway.. but i think its just cause im scared it will fall on me :P Yep, thats positive thinking right there...

m: have you ever seen maggots?
ew yes

n: are you naive?
To an extent, aren't we all ?

o: is your pet obedient?
Yes. WEll most of hte times. She listens to our commands but when it comes to walking time, She goes CRAZY O_O

p: how patient are you?
Im usually pretty patient unless im in a really irritable mood. If I am BACK OFF >=]

q: who is your favorite queen?
pfft. I dont know

r: what was the last racist thing that you heard?
Soemthing stinks... I bet its that black pig >.>

s: was the last snake you saw poisonous?
I dont remember when I last saw a snake.. its not somethign that happens often :P

t: where did you last travel to?

u: do you know anyone who can play the ukulele?
I would have said no one but apparently troy can? O_o (according to wendy's answer :P)

v: do you pronounce 'vase' v-ace or v-ahz?

w: what was the last thing you watered?
nothing.. cause i dont do gardening 8-)

x: who was the last person in your family to get an x-ray?

y: what was the last thing you yearned for?
umm... A hug :( bahaha

z: do you know what a zinnia is?
No O_o


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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wow, I have not blogged from Raelene's house in a while. Yes. . .cause that matters and all you people would care SO much right? Well now, I've been here for about two and a half hours now but its only our mums here, my sister and a third mum. I feel so alone :( Nah, she's at work and yeah. . . OBVIOUSLY not home yet.

My gosh, what is with me? all my blog posts lately have been lazy and not bothered. How weird.. omgsh I have a list of movies that I want to watch! Someone take me? :D I'll love you for forever ^^ ehe . I wonder how far bribery will take me :) No but seriously I want to watch Dear John, Shutter Island, Valentines Day (is that still out?), Alice in Wonderland, Avatar (according to the website its still out :D), Bright Star, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Sherlock Holmes, The True story Of Puss in Boots, Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang and Letters To Juliet. Wow. Even I didn't know that I had that many movies in mind O_O Some of these aren't even out yet so I can watch them all right? :D Ok ok ok. Goal by the end of the coming holidays, watch all these movies D: Anyone like to join me in any of these? :)
Oh and im disappointed in you people, did NO ONE get the "That 70's Show" Reference in the Wentworth promo video thingy? When they were in the car singing, Nicholas was like "i don't get it" aehgiohjnsryjum That 70's Show is like.. awesome and worth remembering :P I love Fes ^^ aww im in the mood for some That 70's SHow lovin (H) Does anyone have it? D:


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Saturday, March 6, 2010

I was on my sisters tumblr (link) and i found all these cool photos. . .


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Friday, March 5, 2010

A young girl was running to her sister. Crying. Claiming she just had her heart broken. Her sister could not quite understand how she could have had her heart broken at such a young age. It was a childish thing to cry over and yet, to the little girl, it was everything.
"He wouldn't even look at me! I mean, what's the point of loving someone when they don't like you back? Why go through it all when they don't pay attention to you, acknowledge your existence or anything like that? Not to mention the trouble they cause. Seriously, WHY BOTHER?!"
Her sister looked her in the eyes and smiled at her immaturity. She didn't understand these things. Didn't get that sometimes the best thing you can have is someone to call yours. That the trouble is worth going through just so you can say "yeah, we're together now". Or that the attention they give you is all you need to be happy. She looked into the girl's eyes and said "You're right, what's the point right?" Her sister stared back amazed. She was hoping to hear comforting words rather than immediate agreements. But she went on. "Why bother at all?" She looked into the distance, thought of him and said,

"Because of the way they make you feel when you finally get the one you've loved for so long"


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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ok, these past few days have been completely crap for me but today, everything changed. I guess I have certain people to thank for various reasons, to name a few:

To my Sexy Chick: Thanks for being such an awesome friend. Honestly, I think you're one of the few people who can tell when I'm upset. And I love how you ask and if i'm not in the mood for sharing, you just give me a hug. Today in particular, when I hugged you today, I don't think you realised that I cried on your shoulder but you made me happy anyway. Thanks for that ^^ Oh and um..helping me with le pest You know, getting rid of it when you could :) You have so much faith in me and you boost my confidence so much. Stay awesome and please please PLEASE dont let me ever neglect you.

To My Moral Adviser: I'm sorry im sorry. You'll probably eat me now and be all disappointed but im sorry >< Well now, you don't need to enforce my plan anymore. This letter wasn't meant to be about that :P ANYWAY Thanks for making me feel so accepted. You helped me realise that I was more than just an accessory in the group. When you said "You're here because you're our friend not to be etcetc" I don't think you realised how appreciated you made me feel. I'm trying to thank you in a cryptic way but I don't hitnk I'm doing a very good job :P Thanks for always supporting me and having my back though, You try to fic things that I didn't even think anyone picked up on and you helped keep me grounded for quite a while. Even though you don't think you do much when I go to you with my problems, I want you to know that I'm really glad that you listen :)

To My Moral Adviser (the second): Like my other Moral advisor, you made me realise how much I was worth. You're such a good friend and your advice is so practical and right. You're a complete different person when you talk about something serious and it's great that you can alter your tone to suit the conversation. Honestly, I think you have pretty good morals and a good grasp on life and the conventions of it and the way people think and all these things that matter and are necessary to live in this crazy world. Thanks for passing on that knowledge.

To the Person who i cant think of a codename for: You know what? I never thought I'd be able to talk to you the way I did. You're so much more insightful then I would have ever thought in my entire life. You should know, I only gave that chance away because you told me too. I don't know why, about a million people had been telling me to do the same thing but it was different when you said it. Maybe it's just the way you worded it or the fact that you're probably the least biased. Whatever it is, I'm glad I took your advice :)

To My Top Disagree Person thingy: I've noticed something, when I'm in a bad mood on msn, it's usually I rant to. But I use incomplete sentences that probably don't make any sense to you whatsoever but you never say anything. You put up with it and make me smile and laugh and generally put me in a better mood. I guess I'm just really glad we go this close cause you make me really happy when im in the worst mood imaginable :P You put up with my ranting/venting punches too...which I guess isn't surprising cause you're tank and im a weakling but yknow, Thanks :P

To My Newest Brother: There's not much I can say about you other than thanks for all the comforting hugs, really good advice, patience and just being such a good friend. Ok, maybe there WAS a lot to say about you :P But seriously, I talk to you about the same problem again and again and you have the patience to keep listening. even though you probably have a ton of stuff going on in your head. You're really sweet and I hope that you're happy :)

To my Never-Ending Support:You've put up with me and my continuous mind changes for so long and im so glad that you're so damn patient with me cause i don't know what I'd do if I didn't have someone as tolerant and concerned about my life as you. I think you're the main reason why things happened the way they did and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

To My Happy Ending: Thankyou for today. You made me happier than I've been for a while. I honestly don't know what to say about you cause you know pretty much EVERYTHING about me, even what I think about you... I think. I hope? :P YOu mean a lot to me and I hope you don't doubt that. I love every moment I spend with you and I hope we have alot more memories and happy laughter etcetc to create :P Deal? I THINK SO! Keep smiling ^^

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wow, on the bus I was blogging my head but now i totally forgot what I was going to say. How sad. . . But you know what's even sadder than that? The fact that I was even THINKING abou blogging on the bus O_o Yep. . .my life is THAT exciting.
Man, my head hurts. It's been hurting for a while now. As in for a few days :S Should probably do something about it but i'm sure it's just a phase that I'll grow out of soon enough :P Girls knockout basketball tryouts are on tomorrow recess and i hurt my leg. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW !! I'm too lazy to have done anything active enough to hurt it >< ITS NOT ALLOWED TO HURT! ah well, at least I've still got it for sport right? :S
Enough negativity, on a brighter note, Avi andMel, that was a pleasant conversation we had in science today. Depressing topic I know but you know, twas good :P And Santosh my dear bus buddy... why do we open up on the bus and ONLY on the bus? O_o its weird butf un all the same :D
I was walking home today and I was thinking, Would you rather be uneducated or incorrectly educated? I think I'd rather be incorrectly educated because then it's society's fault :P BUt then again, if you're UNeducated, you can learn things better cause if you decided to learn something, then it wouldn't be challenging the knowledge yu arleady have. What would you rather ?

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Monday, March 1, 2010

WELCOME BACK CREATING CONNECTIONS PEOPLE!! There's something wrong with me O_O Like these last few days i've been all...CONCENTRATED O_O I NEVER DO MY WORK! Its weird :P But yeah, maybe it's me being responsible (H) haha not likely. Pfft I don't know but i've been a lot quieter weird. Mel, we need green cordial stat ! Maybe it's cause the teachers are so serious this year?
Hrmm, sudden realisation. I haven't been blogging that regularly anymore. Or normally. This is weird. What's wrong with me these days? O_O


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