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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Today was pretty good. I watched MJ movie :) Thanks Gau for shouting me Easyway :L It's envy tonight and I kinda wish I went =/ But I don't think I'd ever be allowed so meh. Hope you all had fun anyway :D

Dear P:
I love you and ow oyu always manage to keep me calm even though i'd usually be freaking out. That's just the way you are. You have a calming effect on me. You can make me more relaxed just by being there or giving me one of your oh so awesomely tight hugs ^^

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9:14 PM ; smile'

Friday, October 30, 2009

*I'm just posting this for the sake of Alphabet Love*

Dear O:
I love you so much. For seven years you have been there for me and I know we haven't caught up in a while I know you always will be. You are such a nice person who is so generous loving and fun:) Keep smiling and being you cause you're awesome :D


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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Almost anything sentimental sets me off...but enough about that. Thankyou Thai for the stuffed Kon, Amy&DanicaH for the overalls and the eye-watering card and Jimmy for the hitsugaya keyring . Today was pretty good if you ignore certain...happenings :P But it's ok, I'm all good now :L Thanks Avi, Luke, Thai and Veronica for caring. Ate Lisa for being the strong one out of us three and Mel for being composed for me even though I know you're probably feeling a lot worse. I love you both lots and lots :)
Pretty much every lesson is a bludge these days it's awesome !! And I love the mulberry tree near the shearing provides 9M with tons of entertainment :)

Dear N:
To be honest I can't exactly pinpoint what I love about you all I know is that when I'm hanging out with you I'm really happy. Yeah I know I can be mean to you on many occasions despite the fact that I've said that I won't be but I do love how nice, sweet and gentlemanly you can be. I haven't been close to you for long but it isnt that hard to trust and i am hoping like hell that you haven't told anyone my -ahem- deepest darkest secret :P I love your smell, your hugs and your bracelet :P Best of luck and thanks for all the good times brother (thesecond?) :) You are such a cool person and I love hanging out with you cause you are so amusing and nice. Your laziness may be rubbing off on me but that's ok cause nothing is going to stop me hanging out with you cause you're awesome like that (H) (even though you tend to abandon your blog==") I love how cute you are ^^ You're like..I dno what to call it but you're my main source of "ngaw how cute"s :L

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today was fricken awesome. Basically, all I wanna say is Thankyou to everyone for wishing me a Happy Birthday and to Mariel, Emily and Andrew, Holly, Nicholas, Chung, Carissa, Bhavna, Ashley, Israaq, Diem, Kabir, Lisa ;P, Monica, Kat, Aldrich, Danica P, Danielle and Johnny for the presents and the cards and another Thankyou to Kat, Lisa, Nathan, Vincent, Gau, My sister, Mel, Danica P and Carissa for the texts this morning/afternoon :P Sorry Lisa but Danica was first :L well Carissa was but she was a few minutes early :P And in general, can I just say that you people write REALLY sentimental cards :P I lvoe it ^^
Thanks Kat for waking up so early just to make me cuppycakes, and Monica and Aldrich for making me some too. I swear you kids just want to fatten me up :L and a final Thankyou to Lisa, Mel and Thai for being so patient with me at recess and in roll call ... you know what I mean :L Love you kids so much :P You all made me feel so loved everyone thanks for giving me such a great day love you heaps ^^
Omgsh I'm going to have to be at school early again tomorrow cause my paretns and grandma need to be at the dentist by 9 and its ilke an hrus drive form my house. Seriously, could they not go to a closer dentist? Again, anyone want to keep me company? -ahem-

Dear M:
wow. Finally I can write this but I seriously don't know where to start. I love the way you're you basically and the history we have together. The way our conversations are so pleasantly effortless the way you trust me and I know I can trust you just as much. How much of a laugh you are and how you always know how to boost my confidence when I need it or make me feel so much more loved or whatever. I love how everything we do together is worth remembering and cherishing. YOu are such an awesme friend never change cause I love you now :) I love you and your awesome hectic dancing skills and how oyu're always up to be part of my gangstah homie entourage. You are such a sweet adorable bubbly loveable person who always makes me smile and I love it. I love how cool calm and composed you always are. And I love the cuppycake you made me :9 You're a really cool person that I love talking to cause we have the most random conversations and enjoy our catch up times :) You live your life well and you're outspoken. I love how I can count on you to be my dictionary/calculator/text book :)

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tomorrow shall be awesome. Lisa and Mel: I'm bringing bubblegum cordial for us (H) and Mariel and Lisa: I'll try bringing my guitar so I can play you that song I was talking about:) 9M: We have PE in the morning HELL YEAH!!! Ok put me, Lisa and mel with Double PE in the moning, Pink cordial and a guitar and you get ultimate highs! I am anticipatinga fun day tomorrow. But man I'm gna be lonerised tomorrow morning cause my mum has physio and I'll have to be dropped at school at 7:40ish... how sad. Anyone wanna keep me company? :)

Dear L:
I love you. You are such an awesoem friedn with your martial artianways and your hyperactivity. You are my luvo, basketball and so many other things- buddy and i'm so glad that we have so many memorable moments. I love how you attempt to talk filo with that baby accent of yours and as much has I hate to admit it, I love how much oyu tease me,..its amusing :L You are always there to talk to and you give great advice:) I love how you remind me of bleach characters. Brings back many bleach fight scenes to mind [byakuya and hisagi especially!]. You're really sweet and I like your morales and the way you approach certain situations. You are a really happy, guy who is so open and friendly and you crack me up with your random one liners :P

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Ok, people who are lost (troy and mel) I am going to Re- explain Alphabet love :P At the end of each blog post, I am going to write a short letter to someone who's name starts with that days letter teling them what I love about them. Each letter can have more than one person (so don't worry troyboy:P) and each time the colour or font changes means it's a different person . Follow?

Dear K:
I love how you're such a happychappy person :) You're awesome, I love you. And how you seem to go to any lengths just to make the people you love happy :) Oh and no matter what, you'll always be a part of me ;P I love oyu and your randomness :) I love how far back we go and the way you shower me with gifts and I want oyu to know that even though we hardly talk, I still remember our closeness and hope that we stay friends for a long time :) I love oyur random moments of perverted thinking. It's weird true, but its amusing. You're so wonderfully random ^^ I love how tight we are y'know? You sleep in my bed and I've seen you in the bathroom. On your own ;) I love the way you go about your daily habits and processes it's fun to watch:) Getting freaked out? YOu should be >hehe< I love how sweet, cute and innocent you are ^^ I quote:
M.S: Okay so there is no such thing as a perfect woman
K: Yes there is <----you're such a cutie :P


6:34 PM ; smile'

[insertgreetingstartingwithK]Konichiwa Kabir,
Happy Birthday Boy ! Sorry for waking you up at 12 this morning but i just wanted to be the first to say happy birthday:P Yeah that's right thai, I BEAT YOU THAT TIME!! Kabir my dear brother, I just want you to know that you have made me laugh so much this year and I'm glad that we got a lot closer.
Seriously, you are probably the happiest person I know and it is extremely contagious:P You always manage another way to do something really unco-ly in a way that none of us would ever have thought possible, which is good for us cause it's really amusing but bad for you :P you know, every time I hear a certain song, I get reminded of you..I wonder why 8-) It's a good song though :P Anyway, for you to enjoy :L :
Yeah feel special, you're the only one who got a video embedded into their birthday blog :) You are such a nice, approachable person who doesn't mind talking to randoms and always manages to make an awkward situation fine again. It's the way you roll (H) History Minor with Mulligan is sooo fun cause it means we can actually talk ==" But I don't think you sitting next to you benefits you in any way:P SOmething makes me think that I distract you big time :L Sorry! But you're just so damn entertaining :) See, told you I could sweet talk my way out of insults ;D
ALl in all Kababbage/Kabib/Kabbage etc you are an awesome guy who deserves to be as happy as you make others. Have an awesome day cause you deserve it :)
Love lots, Kyleen :)


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Sunday, October 25, 2009

I just want to let you know that I didn't want to say goodbye. Didn't want to leave you alone. Didn't want things to end the way they did. What I wanted was for you to call out my name and never let me go. I didn't have enough time to tell you this. There was no way I could, but I want you to know that I fell in love with you the day you looked at me with that beautiful smile of yours.
I can't believe it took me so long to realise what I had.
You were such a blessing I never r
eally deserved.
The only thing on my mind right now is
Why didn't I realise how special you were when I could've had you ?

You told me that you hoped for the best. That my "perfect guy" would notice me and sweep me off my feet. That he would be everything I wanted and more. What you didn't tell me that I so wanted to hear was that it would be you noticing me. I want you to look at me with those familiar brown eyes. Smile the smile that I know so well. Run your hands up and down your guitar. Play the song that makes me fall in love with you again.
Cause you're the only one that makes me smile when no one else can
You're the reason that I want to be the person that I am
I love the way I can sing the words to your song
But I know...
This is taking way too long
and quite honestly,
I'm sick of waiting.


7:16 PM ; smile'

I bought Kabir's birthday present today:) And Thai, I shotgun giving it to him before you do >.> blahblahblahblah and LOL@CHUNG:

- (^aLvIn^) the cherrypicker =) says (5:51 PM):
*looks like were going to have to use the calculator technique to pass this exam
(*)kyleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen :
- (^aLvIn^) the cherrypicker =) says :
*its so awesome, it wil wow you with its wowness


- (^aLvIn^) the cherrypicker =):
*i know that fact as a fellow stalker
(*)kyleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen :
*thought you knew me better than that
*and sif oyu didnt know :P
Thai says:
*can you believe
*my 27 year old sis
*wants to play handball with me :D
- (^aLvIn^) the cherrypicker =):
**making people feel special...but scared*

Dear J:
I can't really pinpoint what I love about you but I know that the rare moments that I'm around you is super fun :) I love truth or dare with you ;) and you're shared love for Hitsugaya. I love how nice you can be and you're computer geniusness(?) And how most of the things we talk about, we never agree on but that's ok cause that's usually what keeps the conversation flowing :L and I still say BLEACH IS BETTER THAN NARUTO ANY DAY! I love our past conversations..disturbing though they may be, I have to admit, you made me laugh :) I love your hyperactivity and your dancing skills and how funny it is to prank you: open hand on forehead with palm facing away from you, three fingers down :L

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

I was experimenting with my camera today (as the title would imply) and I was fiddling around with all the modes and I realised, photos look really good in black and white text. I don't know if that's what it's called but that's what I'm calling it so there ! I'll post some of the photos I took in black and white text when im bothered but seriously it looks WAAAY better than just black and white for some reason...I love my camera. Sometimes . It has cool functions :)

Dear I:
I love the way we have/had certain..similarities. There were moments when we could relate to each others problems and I love staying up on the rare occasions that my sister is out and I can stay on msn later and spending it talking to you till 12am. I love how entertaining you are and how you are always truthful and voice your opinions. Our conversations are so random and amusing and feel special, you probably broke my longest phone call record. Well you and Ley :P There is so much more I could say to you but these are meant to be short =/

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Friday, October 23, 2009

There's something about the atmoshpere that's changed. I dno if it's the smell, the weather or just the...aura/mood of everything but it feels like the end of the year. As in last week of the year. I can't wait till then because the last week is always fun :) But I kinda don't want this year to end because This year has been so fun =/ SO I dno what I want anymore.

Oh and Chung, you know how earlier I said I'd try learning something by Dragonforce for you? Most likely "Through the Fire and The Flames"? Yeah..I knew it would be hard, but today, I looked at the tabs and seriously, nothing doing . I CANNOT learn it. I am not pro enough ok? Like I opened it up right? and the first thing I see is just a massive list of symbols that appear n the tabs and im like "hmm ok...I guess I can work it out" But then when I get to the actual tabs, I crack up laughing cause I couldn't even try it:P Yeah I'm a negative thinker that way :PBut seriously. I can't do it I'm sorry ><

Dear H:
I love the way you are easy to talk to and although you have gotten taller than me (>.>) remember I used to tower over you MWAHAHAHAHA Bow down before me I say >=] ehe . YOu are so funny and kinda weird sometimes but you're cool :) You're entertaining and ninja..I like you :) I love how awesome, loud and funny oyu are. You are such a great person who has so much love for her friedns and I appreciate you every singlke day. I am honestly really glad that I can call you a friend cause I know that means a lifetime of trust and love :)

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I have art yearly tomorrow but I really cbb studying. I have to though or else I'll fail. I'll get around to it... And Chung THANKYOU for making me go library with oyu to study today. One of the questions in the science exam I only knew the answer to cause I remembered you and Thai debating over what the right answer was/not being sure about it :P Thankyou. You guys may have just gotten me another mark:) And Chung I don't have split I?

Dear G:

I love the way you love the people I love :) You're a really nice guy and I'm so glad that she found someone like you cause we both know how much she deserves to be happy. All i'm going to ask of you is that you keep being as nice and sweet as you are to her cause I don't want to see her sad because of you WOMAN :P I love the way we are so...alike to some degree. I listen to you and your problems just like you do to me. I love how you support every decision I make and yet tell me when you disagree. It's good :)

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I hate when you're in the room/shower or somewhere where it's ok to sing randomly so you do...only to realise you have unexpected guests when you get out to get a drink or something ==" That's happened to me before. IT was embarassing..sorta. I was kinda close to the person so it didn't matter much. Wow so many people are sending me their practise essays to read over O_o hell yeah I get answers (H) kidding!! I would never do such a thing (A) mmmm melted chocolate :)
ALl I'm going to say about today is: Maths is a B***H .

Dear F:
I love your eyes, your smile and your hands. The way you're so considerate and sweet. You're really funny and always manage to make me laugh but you know when to be serious. I love how selfless and patient you are and considering how much I talk, you probably need to be :P I love so much about you but I don't think you;re ever going to relaise how much you're worth but I want you to know that I appreciate you sooo much :)

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I hate the post-exam talk that usually happens the second the teacher says "pens down". I don't mean it's annoying but when everyone's like "oh yeah for this question I got this answer" and you realise you don't have that answer it's like...oops 8-) My prediction for yearlies is: Geography: pass at least :S Ag: Below average..65%? Maths: Average-70% English: I REALLY don't know. I have a really inconsistent performance in English...its weird =/ Science: erm a bit above average? (sorry if that sounds big headed :S) i WANT to get over 90 so I can beat nicholas but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. Art: Average 70%? PE: Idk and that's all I can remember :S
I studied for a whole one and a half hours just then :P Yeah that isn't much I know cause you smart kids probably study like 3hours or smth but for me, that's one hell of an achievement. My usual study time consists of five minutes opening the book and reading it only to realise that I was daydreaming the whole time and having to reread the whole thing. After about 10 minutes of that I just give up cause it's too damn boring and watch tv or blog or play guitar or something=/ Yes I am a very productive diligent student you see :) Today was different. My maths cover only distracted me AFTER I looked through it all :P As weird as that sounds, if you saw my maths book cover, you'd know what I mean its hypnotising .
Oh and Veronica, I forgot to thank you for yesterday:) and I'm sorry if I brag too much or never shut up and never listen to you but thanks for putting up with me anyway. You made my day :)

Dear E
I love how easy it is to talk to you and even though we arent that close, I stiill have fun when I'm around you. In maths, you're always the one that shuts Jimmy up and THANKYOU so much for that :L

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Monday, October 19, 2009

First day of Term 4 eh? How did everyone find it? omgsh Mr Peck was paying out our uniforms...stupid son of a beeping beep. He's got a point though. I mean, what were they thinking?! That we'd ENJOY looking like wheat? Oh yeah sure I'm a proud Hurlstonian who stands in a row and looks like WHEAT. Yeah damn straight, I'm freaking cool like that! NO! JUST NO!! Ok I'm done ranting :P To be honest, it IS a lot more comfortable but they look terrible. There we go its halfway between good and bad:)
Today I discovered that my birthday is not on the first day we don't have exams cause we don't have exams on the tuesday =/ I'm so cut now :( I was full talking about how my birthday was on the first day we didn't have exams so its like..double celebrations but NO. Exams finish on Monday. But I guess that's good. Shorter exam peroiod :D I like I like. I also discovered that Chapters 1&2 of science won't be included in the exam. And I've only studied those two chapters==" Just my freaking luck. Yeah I don't think I'm going to beat Pernickety at this rate :P Well yearlies are tomorrow and I have barely studied for geo OR Ag so im pretty much screwed :)
Well good luck year nine!!
(Oh for Alphabet Love, I'm trying to keep each person short even though I have a habit of writing really long dedications so it doesnt get boring. If I do write a long one then im sorry, I like long cards/letters ><)
Dear D:

I love your voice and how much fun you are. We have our moments when we catch up and plan to go somewhere with Kimmy but NEVER end up going :P And I'll always be up to go dress shopping with you :) You are such a good guitarist even though you are terrified of performing in public. We have so much fun in art together and you make me laugh so much and I love how you (mostly) listen and enjoy my stories :) You're awesome(Y) I love you my Grandniece :) When I see you, the phrase "I'm not short, I'm funsized!" comes to mind. You are such a bubbly person and I love the usual "KYLEENY!" then up-downhug (How am I meant to describe it?) I love your jokes. Even though most of them are only funny cause they're so lame :P You're knowledge of Pokemon is admirable and I salute you! Oh and I love how you're such a good kid:) I love how sweet you are. You are also one of the people who keep me grounded and make sure I remember my virtues. Visiting All Saints with you(first time around when we actually found people) was awkward but fun because it was the first time in a long time that I spent time with you :) I can talk to you about anything and I love the continuous support you give me :)

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

She always wanted you to be there for her. And when it mattered to her most, you were gone. All she wanted was to know that you cared for her and cared about what she was feeling. That you always wanted her to be happy. But no. All she has to hold on to are her dreams and imagination.
In her mind, what she wants sees is you with her while she cries. In her mind she's sitting with you. Your arms are wrapped around her waist from behind as she sheds tear after tear. The constant warmth of your arms keeping her safe. Your body in such close proximity that she can feel your heart beating.
As her tears begin to dry and her sadness slowly ebbs away, all she needs is to be close to you. You pull her back, her cheek is pressed against yours and she's lying on your chest. Yes. This is the way it should be. A swift peck on the cheek and everything is as it should be.

But she had to snap out of this fantasy because it would never come true. She would never mean that much to you And you will never know how much you mean to her. All she has are her dreams, and even then, she has to wake up .


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Friday, October 16, 2009

I can't be bothered with the parra blog any more so consider it erased. My sisters friends are currently over but they can't access teh internet. What the come NO ONE can ever get into our internet thingy? It's so annoying ==" The password works for us but when they try, it's a whole different story. Also, I have discovered that I have stolen Troy's Blog send out thingy. NTS: Find new blog ending :S

So Flash forward is this new awesome show about how everyone blacked out and saw their lives six months from that moment right? Now, the vision of the main guy is of him solving the whole blackout thingy. From here, my mind gets a loittle confusing and hard for me to follow :S THis is what I'm thinking:

He had a vision of him solving the blackout but if the blackout never happened, then he wouldn't have anything to solve. SO the blackout has caused the future right? SO far, I have accepted that the blackout and vision caused what they see in the visions. but THEN, the main guy puts things on his brainstorm board because of the things he saw placed on it in his vision. SO what if they were only on there because he saw it in a vision and it doesn't really have any significance? Because right now, he's only putting it on because it was on it six months later. There's no solid evidence behind his decisions. SUre, they HAVE found them useful and w/e but hypothetically, if everyone's actions are going to be based on what they saw in the vision then the only reason those things are going ot happen is because of the blackout. SO basically the vision has caused the vision to come true. MAkes sense? Not really. Which is exaclty my point! It's confusing....
Dear C:
I love the way you always manage to make me laugh. YOu are so fun to be around and no matter how long it's been since we last had a proper conversation, it is never awkward. I love the way you are so freaking cute and you give the nicest hugs ^^ I love the way you draw and your ninja-like ways. I love your awesome soccer skills :)

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yes indeedy, I don't like dreaming about long black haired people in white dresses with faces that are a cross between Samara from the ring and the Excorcist ghost persony thing. Basically, I had a dream that someoen died and that's what they looked like. NOt only that, but they were lying in my Grandma's bed>< IN MY FREAKING HOUSE. So everyone was mourning her even though we had no idea who she was and I went into the room and she was lying there really peacefully and Iheard my sister calling me to come outside. I tell her to wait a bit and I touch the girl's hand and then I see like a vision? and the setting changes and it looks like a medieval kinda village with a ruin of a castle and the girl is just walking in her white dress really slowly up some stairs and everyone is just minding their own business when she starts to..crumble into dust. LIke Voldemort at the end of Harry Potter. And no one's paying attention to the fact that a woman is disintegrating right in front of their eyes. Then she starts screaming. Really loudly and it was terrible. Like really bone-chiloling and..scary? And she looks up and its just gah creepy. Her face was all...scarred and ok this is getting scary to think about. But basically, she just kept reappearing where I was and when I woke up, I was scared as hell...

Dear B:
I love how we can tease you about anything, and you wouldn't even get it cause you're slow:P I'm totally kidding, I love you to bits and I hope you know that even if sometimes I don't show it :)

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Omgsh these last two daays I have felt so...not good. Not bad but I feel so lazy and irritated. Maybe its the Teen Angst kicking in :P I need to get out though D: I feel so imprisoned here. Not saying I hate my family or anything but you know, I'm so cut off from the outside world... hehe thats a bit melodramatic but yeah...

Anyway...I like anonymous letters. I've decided, every post, I shall right an anonymous letter thingy to people starting with A certain letter of the alphabet. One letter per post :) And no, it will not be filled with thing I dislike about people. Quite Frankly, I dont really like anonymous letters like that. I know I've done that before but since then, I realised, it's stupid and mean so yeah...I shall call this ALPHABET LOVE. A lot of people are like "what's the point of an anonymous letter if you're going to tell them GOOD things that you wouldnt mind telling them anyway? Well, when does normal conversation ever allow for someone to say "I like you're sense of humour"? Usually, it doesn't cause that would be random. So, to start off (oh and each colour, font, boldness etc is a different person) :

Dear A:
I am so mean to you, but I hope you know, that even though I am mean, I do really love the way you're always there for me and I appreciate your constant readiness to talk no matter how mean I was to you two seconds earlier. I love how you are so sweet and religious and you keep me grounded. As in, your virtues and stuff rub off on me and I remember to stay a nice little girl (A). Oh and I love the way you dance ;) I love your hugs ^^ I love your walking hugs. I love our random conversations that end up with one of us lost xD and the way you're so faithful to your friends. I love your outgoingness :P I love your SKILLALICIOUSNESS (H) I love our teamwork and even though you made me run into a pole you make me laugh so it all balances out :) I love your piano skills and your innocence LOL I love everything about you. You're so sweet and understanding and everything that makes a friend so friggen awesome. I love your cute manner and how you're always up for anythign and the way we never get awkward, no matter how long its been since we last had a D&M You are so adorable and mysterious..I love it^^ You are a funny funny person and I love your sarcastic tone and your performance as Don Pedro ;P

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Monday, October 12, 2009

I hate when people say Happy 100th Post and that's their entire blog. LIke their 100th post is just saying "happy 100th post" because then its completely pointless and if you didnt post that well wishing, then there wouldnt BE a 100th post so train of thought broke. Ignore me.

Anyway...congratulate me I have FINALLY begun to study. Even if it is to a minimum I have begun! English, interpreting the question and post it noting all the important pages (I don't actually have post it notes). That makes no sense. I'm slipping bits of paper into important pages..there we go:) Now it makes sense :) Ok I'm rambling now but BASICALLY, I was forced to study because someone (Thai) started asking questions about the essay and w/e and to answer his questions, I actually had to start reading it as well. So i thought "eh might as well tab the pages" and that turned into ok lets interpret some of this and yeah, Vincent, Minimal study ftw yeah? :P

I dno why i''ve left studying so late, I actually NEED to study or I might fail and mother dearest will not be very happy :S NTS: Get rid of distractions and stop procrastinating >< ...I say while on blogger... hm I think I have discovered the way my mind works. I study when people ask me questions and I have to study to answer them, like right now, Lisa just asked me about art so off I go to my ARt sheets =/ Is THIS what it takes to get me to study? ==" Lame! So when the next exams come, ask me questions so I study D: ...and so we come to the conclusion of my not-so-epic tale.

This was a really pointless post...Kyleeny out!


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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ok, I know I did this not that long ago but I like filling out questionnaires and I saw this on Danica P's Tumblr blog and well, this blog is in need of an update so what the hell right? If it gets boring you don't have to read it:)

1.What is your name?
2.How old are you?
3.Who are your best friends?
erm...I really don't know who to put here but probably Mel, Lisa, Mariel etc ? Oh and of course, everyone needs their Portable ocean :)
4.Do you have a bf/gf?
5.Are you happy with your life?
Extremely!! [hehe Mariel ;) ]
6.And your love life?
ehe . You mean the non existent one?
7.What’s one thing you want right now?
A life D:
8.Are you currently missing anyone?
Yep =/
9. Have you had a gf/bf in the past month?
10.Have you had a gf/bf in the past 6 months?
11.When was the last time you went shopping?
Oh wow...aaages ago. Last day of school and that wasnt even proper shopping ! NTS: Must go on spending spree :P
12.What’s your msn screenname?
Very long :)
13.What’s your blogger username?
14.What phone have you got?
A really old crappy Nokia
15.What time was your last text message received?
16.When time was your last text message sent?
17.What does the 5th message in your inbox say?
Yeh bring in those flaws
18.Who is the 10th contact in your phonebook?
ANdrew Formica
19.Do you get along with your parents?
erm Yeah, I guess
20.How many siblings do you have?
2 sisters
21.Who makes you happy?
A lot of people ^^
22.Are your family close?
We have our moments :)
23.Are you in love?
I doubt is a very strong word don't you think :)
24.How many times have you gotten drunk?
I haven't >hehe<
25.Ever tried drugs?
Does panadol count?
26.Do you want children?
Yessum :)
27.Do you believe in yourself?
er occasionally
28.What age do you want to get married?

24 but according to facebook 15 :P
29.How do you want to die?
I haven't really given my cause of death enough thought to have an ideal one in mind O_o
30.What are your fears?
Sharks and cockroaches O_O
31.What’s your favorite place to go shopping?
Parra or city
32.Do you think you have ever been in love?
I doubt it. Love is such a strong word don't you think?
33.Answer truthfully, do you care what people think of you?
Hrmmm I think I do..I try not to but I can't help it ><
34.Have you ever punched someone in the face?
errr not that I remember ?
35.What are your views on abortion?
I dno, kinda against it but i guess it's their choice and it could be justified in some cases =/
36.Do you smoke?
37.Who in your close family smokes?
Dear old dad
38.Which do you prefer, pink or purple?
39.How many pets do you own?
one dog :)
40.Do you prefer touch-screen or button phones?
41.iPod or iTunes?
42.Do you own an MP3?
43.Do you own an iPod?
44.If you do, what type of iPod?
4gb silver iPod nano
45.Who do you get along with most, boys or girls?
46.And finally, have you enjoyed this quiz?
Not particularly actually


12:49 PM ; smile'

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ok, so you know how a few posts back I said that me and Raelene tried to prank Nicholas? Well last night, I was on the phone to Mariel and my mobile rings and when I pick it up I hear a really weird screaming thingy then they hang up. They kept calling throughout the night like 5 times and I later discovered that it was Aldrich Yeah that's right, it took me like 5 calls to realise who it was. The funniest phone call was probably:
K: Hello?
A: Hello, I'm going to come to your house and rape you tonight
K: erm.....
A: Are you scared?
K: Not really
A: Do you know who this is?
K: No...
A: Did yo uget excited or scared when I said I'd rape you?
K: erm...creeped out ? O_o
A: Ok, would you like to guess who it is?
K: Am I meant to know who this is?
A: Are oyu going to blog about this?
K: Most likely.

Ok..I forgot where this was going so let's just end it there shall we ?

So, TODAY, Lisa and ALdrich crashed at my house for a bit :) Twas fun. Can't be bothered blogging in detail but a few things I must say:
  1. Aldrisa, thankyou for the cuppycakes. I finished them and they are very tasty :9 Would you like your container back ALdrich?
  2. Lisa: I suggest we keep Aldrich away from LOL drinks :P
  3. Lisa: Improve your cooking mama skills :L
  4. ALdrich, you are an awesome dancer and you will probably see your face up on youtube soon :P
  5. Lisa: You too
  6. Both of you: You guys boxing each other on Wii is the funniest thing ever .
  7. Aldrich: Hope you didn't get into too much trouble :S
  8. Aldrich: SCORE! I got texted (H)
  9. ALdrich: My gosh you kids spam like crazy but Lisa: We so won that in the end (H)
  10. Lisa: What the hell was that bus driver's problem ?!
Edit: Lisa: You know, when the keyboard wasnt working, we could have used onscreen keyboard rather than copying and pasting EVERY SINGLE LETTER? and YAY it works now :)


6:40 PM ; smile'

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Doubt it.

You move too fast.
Gotta make this moment last.

Take a second to look around and see that everything's fine.

Cause baby, we're in the same boat
and sometimes I think I'm tired of waiting
For the fish to bite .
But you keep waiting.
And I have to believe that you will get something
Keep telling you that you can do it
Cause if I don't,

Where does that leave me?

I love every moment I spend with you
because you manage to make me smile .
Just know that whatever happens,

I'll be here

Because you mean that much to me. . .


5:20 PM ; smile'

The Best Of GMH and Hatepost

Yesterday my little brother's friend came to spend the night.
I was on my way to my room after playing Trouble with them when the little boy says "Your sister is awesome!" my brother responds with "I know". His friend says "I thought you hated her" and he responds with "I thought I did". This GMH

I hate it when I go to open a door, but there's no sign so I just try to push it. Then the idiot next to me say's its "pull". Really? The next thing I was going to try was to lift it from the bottom.

I hate when you pour yourself a really big bowl of cereal, only to go to the refrigerator and realize there is no milk left.

Today, my 18 year old brother came home with a new bicycle. Curious, I asked about it. "Donnie's old bike finally broke. The front tire went flat and the chain busted. I bought this one for him so he can get around." Donnie is a homeless man my brother talks to everyday at lunch and his bike is his only mode of transportation.

Today, my friend gave me a piggy back ride and ran up and down my street with me on his back. I was born with spina bifida and he wanted me to know what running felt like. GMH!

I hate when people leave random amounts of time on the microwave after they are done cooking.

I hate it when girls take pictures with friends, make them black and white, put text on them that say, 'Friendzzzz' and then think they know how to Photoshop.

I hate it when you say "you too" at the times you're not supposed to. For example, at the movie theatre "Enjoy the show" and you're like "you too" and then you think to yourself "what an idiot I am."

I hate it when I try to suck my own dick but my third chin keeps choking me unconscious.
What the hell.... O_o

I hate it when people Tweet or update their Facebooks at horrible times. "John Smith: is pooping." Thanks, John.

I hate when people say "Do you see what I'm saying?" I feel like saying "No, but do you hear what I'm smelling?"

I hate it when Kanye West interrupts me.

I hate it when you ask someone if they can hear you, and they say "No". Oh, did you just read my mind then?

I hate when people use the word "literally" wrong, saying things like "I'm literally on fire!" If you were literally on fire, you would know...dead and all.

I hate it when you miss a call by half a second, and when you try to call them back, they don't answer. Where the hell did you go?

I hate when you're in class and everyone is being noisy, then suddenly you say something really suggestive or strange and it gets quiet. "AND HER MOUTH WAS OPEN THE WHOLE TI---" Dammit.
ahha I remember last year this used to always happen to Danica/Monica/Carissa xD

I hate it when you're eating milk and cookies, and you dunk the cookie in the milk for too long and it gets all weak and falls into the milk.

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2:14 PM ; smile'

Monday, October 5, 2009

So Raelene just left and now im bored and sleepy =/ Last night was pretty funny. Called Nicholas for a bit :P OK this is the story, we were going to play Wii/watch My Bestfriends Wedding but my grandma was watching filo TV so we had to wait for her to finish. We just sat in the empty room that has a mini trampoline and pink exercise ball randomly talking and she goes "hmm lets prank someone" We decide to prank Nicholas because...I don't really know the reasoning behind it, we just did. SO the conversation went something like this:
-phone rings-
-gets picked up-
N: Hello?
R: Hi
N: Who is this?
R: -cracks up laughing- erm....its a cat
N: huh? WHo is this?
R: erm...-asksme- Think of a name...erm its CAT!
N: err...ok
R: -turns to me again- Oh crap..did I even put my numer on private?
K: ROFLMAO -mouths- ask him
R: errr Is my number on private?
N: No
R: oops...-accidentallyhangsup-

At this point im like "ok that was fun..let's stop now" But NO she calls him AGAIN. Conversation:
N: Hello? Who is this?
R: erm....Kyleen says hi
K: -facepalm- Hi Pernikety ! -deathstaringRaelene-

Yeah...eventually we just talked to him properly because SOMEONE told him who it was :@ was still pretty funny :P and Pernickety, if we/she botehred you in anyway i am terribly sorry xD
...For taking up what? 30minutes of your time or w/e it was? yeah..hope you had fun :P
ALSO, we tried calling Genevieve at one point and go like three way convo or something but she hung up on us :( Probably because we didnt know what was going on and Raelene kept putting people on hold O_o Good Job Raelene :P And sorry Genevieve xD

We watched My Bestfriends wedding (finally), talked for a bit then decided to wathc ANastasia ad eventually nodded off to sleep :)



4:26 PM ; smile'

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Raelene is over :) so people on msn/facebook, things that sound weird or unlike me, it's probably her. She thinks she's so cool taking random photos of me. Yes Raelene I am aware of what you are doing :P anyone that she/we might offend tonight, I am honestly sorry !

On that note, Kyleeny out!


9:05 PM ; smile'

hmmm...tell me, am I Obsessive-Compulsive or do you guys also colour code your fruit loops? Like, do you eat it colour by colour? Or just eat it? Cause when I eat fruit loops, I each colour seperately froom Green to blue and between each transition of colour, I eat the ones that are like...haldway between two colours. Am I making sense here? I don't think just rambling.

I'm sleepy. Really sleepy. I have a messed up body clock man! I sleep at 10/11ish and wake up around 4, sleep again and wake up at 8ish. But then I get really sleepy around this time. It's weird O_o and I can't nap now because Raelene is coming over...I wonder what mischief we will get up to this time :P Only time will tell...

I love Airto. He does like heaps of covers but he never finishes them. He has a really deep voice whoich suits, because I have a deep voice cause I'm manly like that (H) I'm not sure if I should br proud of that but meh...

This is a really boring, pointless post. I don't know why I even bothered in the first place. Oh wait, now I remember, I was curious about the Fruit Loop thing:P But considering I didn't even make much sense trying to explain myself, that was a fail 8-)

till next time, Kyleeny out!

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7:02 PM ; smile'

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today, the first day of the holidays, i woke up at 8:04. That is a disgrace!!!! What a waste of a school-free day. Anyway, I stayed in the room and watched TV for a bit and there was a show on called The Fox and The Hound or something? and it was a cartoon movie for KIDS right? But I swear some of the scenes were not suitable for kids!

Ok, first let's give you a basic synopsis: There's a fox (Tod) and a dog (Copper) who became friends when they were really young. THey looked so young when they were babies and they had the cutest voices^^. ANYWAY, Copper's owner makes him a hunting dog and he leaves Tod for a while and Tod gets all sad and confides in an owl named Big Momma (LOL) and the meanie of an owl tells Tod to not get his hopes up.

Then when Copper comes back, he's like a pro hunting dog and is trained to hunt foxes so that means he and TOd can't be friends anymore. And yeah its pretty sad. But like I said before, some of the scenes are NOT for kids. THere were birds getting shot, dog fights, bear traps, hunting grounds, dogs getting hit by a train and falling (almost to their death) A dog being pwned by a bear. Little things like that...
I have nothing interesting left so until next time, Kyleeny Out!

To My Portable Ocean I have things i would like to tell you:

#1 Man up :P

#2 Good luck ;)

#3 There was a line in that movie that reminded me of you:
Tod: Big Momma, promise me you'll be my friend forever?
BM: Tod, Forever is a long time and time has a way of
changing things

#4 Fair exchange?

#5 Goodbye (:

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11:05 AM ; smile'

Friday, October 2, 2009

I like point form...don't you? :)

Friggen Holidays man!! Oh Freaking yeah (H)

Ugh...Yearlies right after the holidays, need to study ><

: Can't wait to crash at your place ;)

Kimmy&DanicaH:We. Must. Go. Out.

Yesterday night, I was wtching Narnia and it is so friggen awesome!! Someone get me the movie for my birthday:P No don't do that. I might get sick of it after a while. Peter is so freaking cute man! Cuter than EDMUND. Yeah that's right Anne, Peter is coollerer:P and the battle seen is epic/awesome. Epically awesome? Awesomely epic? hmm you get the idea :P

Omgsh, today, when I came back from livo, I went running for a bit to see how long I can run for and I look at my ipod and it says 5:34. So I start running, feeling all tank and whtever cause I'm running for so long. Then I stop, look at my ipod again and its...5:40 ==" 6minute run :P FAIL!

Umm....I think that's about it...?

Oh and Avi, Carissa, Israaq, Ashley, Diem, Rak, Mel, Lisa, Monica, Pernickety, Ukel, Anh, Veronica, Mariel and Georgie ( I think that's about it): You know that thing you guys have in common? Yeah about that... Leave me alone >< :P


6:22 PM ; smile'

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Today was so awesome. SPent the entire day in the hall for Final Year assembly (after which I said goodbye to Vincent, Nick and Dylan and got teary because of you people >=[), SRC induction Ceremony (congrats Thai, Kabir, Ukel, Mariel, Danielle and Vronca and BIG thankyou to Thai, Mariel, Veronica and Danielle for putting their blazers back on outside to take photos with me in the 34-degree with weather. LOVE YOU KIDS LOTS AND LOTS!!!) then movie arvo which was pretty good...kinda uncomfortable and we didn't even finish the movie!!

Anyway...A very Talented friend of mine wrote a really sweet song and I think their talent should be appreciated. Don't you? So yeah...this is what they wrote. Please comment and tell me what you think cause I think this person is PRO!

Forever Mine .

What are you meant to do
When your girl is with the other guy
What are you meant to say
When she walks by

Stop getting nervous and stand up
Be the one you know you can be
The guy of her dreams
But to be the one in reality

Even though you are with him
Basically all the time
I will always and forever
Call you mine
Even though you love him and kiss him and your with him
We still have that stronger connection
Because I've always got one thing ahead of him
Your forever mine ..

He doesn't like me, he almost hates me
He always hates when I'm around you
But what if i cant handle it, what if your just my addiction
Then i cant back away, cant ran away
Not gonna make another mistake ..

Cause even though you are with him
Even though you are with him
Basically all the time
I will always and forever
Call you mine
Even though you love him and kiss him and your with him
We still have that stronger connection
Because I've always got one thing ahead of him
Your forever mine ..
*Cause even though you are with him
Even though you are with him
Basically all the time
I will always and forever
Call you mine
Even though you love him and kiss him and your with him
We still have that stronger connection
Because I've always got one thing ahead of him
Your forever mine ..

I can treat you better, I can make you feel better
At the worst times .
I can love you better, I can have fun with you
For the best times
I can be the better one, the one you truly deserve, even if you dont think it right
I'm gonna show you the choice right

But even though you are with him
Basically all the time
I will always and forever
Call you mine
Even though you love him and kiss him and your with him
We still have that stronger connection
Because I've always got one thing ahead of him
Your forever mine ..

Your forever mine ..
Always and will be ..
Forever mine .

Love it man :P also, can i just say, Diem: On Tuesday, you made my day thank you so much :DDD


6:18 PM ; smile'

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