I'm A Wonder

So Raelene just left and now im bored and sleepy =/ Last night was pretty funny. Called Nicholas for a bit :P OK this is the story, we were going to play Wii/watch My Bestfriends Wedding but my grandma was watching filo TV so we had to wait for her to finish. We just sat in the empty room that has a mini trampoline and pink exercise ball randomly talking and she goes "hmm lets prank someone" We decide to prank Nicholas because...I don't really know the reasoning behind it, we just did. SO the conversation went something like this:
-phone rings-
-gets picked up-
N: Hello?
R: Hi
N: Who is this?
R: -cracks up laughing- erm....its a cat
N: huh? WHo is this?
R: erm...-asksme- Think of a name...erm its CAT!
N: err...ok
R: -turns to me again- Oh crap..did I even put my numer on private?
K: ROFLMAO -mouths- ask him
R: errr Is my number on private?
N: No
R: oops...-accidentallyhangsup-

At this point im like "ok that was fun..let's stop now" But NO she calls him AGAIN. Conversation:
N: Hello? Who is this?
R: erm....Kyleen says hi
K: -facepalm- Hi Pernikety ! -deathstaringRaelene-

Yeah...eventually we just talked to him properly because SOMEONE told him who it was :@ meh...it was still pretty funny :P and Pernickety, if we/she botehred you in anyway i am terribly sorry xD
...For taking up what? 30minutes of your time or w/e it was? yeah..hope you had fun :P
ALSO, we tried calling Genevieve at one point and go like three way convo or something but she hung up on us :( Probably because we didnt know what was going on and Raelene kept putting people on hold O_o Good Job Raelene :P And sorry Genevieve xD

We watched My Bestfriends wedding (finally), talked for a bit then decided to wathc ANastasia ad eventually nodded off to sleep :)



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