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Saturday, November 27, 2010

As much as I'd like to recount every single moment that happened at camp, I cannot be bothered and remembering it makes me sad that we're not there anymore. Yeah. I'm sentimental like that. Basically, the nights were fun and really pretty as most of the people there sat on the hill watching the stars. I don't know why but during camp my fear of awkward moments when talking to a person one on one disappears and I feel like I can talk to people more easily.
Group D was the best methinks. So fun and so awesome and so supportive ^^ Especially in caving. Macroman with his macroportal :P Caving was the best. Unco as I am, I managed to climb all the rocks and whatnot and Macroman took us to a second cave and it was so physically challenging but I did it ! Although, I can't really take all the credit because on many occasions I got help from Colin, Chung, Nicholas or Kabir. What tanks ;P So yes, Thank you kids, if it weren't for you I'd probably be lying dead in a ditch four metres below the rock I was trying to jump on. Or rolling down the hill. Yeah, I stacked it after the caves as well.
There is so much I want to say about camp and everything we did but all the events are jumbled in my head and I don't know when what happened. But waking up at 5am on Friday to watch the sunrise was awesome. It was so pretty. I didn't take any photos though because a) I couldn't be bothered and b) I didn't want to not watch the sunrise because I was taking photos. That's my mentality for everything. Which is why I hardly take photos of moments. I don't want to miss out on a moment while trying to capture it. Weeeird kid I am .
Oh and sorry Colin for holding you up in the caves cause my torch sucked and I needed your light/help. Thanks for being so supportive though^^ Love you little brother :P LOL when I first wrote brother I wrote little bother.. It means nothing ! Thanks Nicholas for looking out for me in the caves telling me where the holes were. Yeah I know that's what we were meant to be doing and I have no reason to be feeling special, LET ME HAVE MY GLORY! Thanks Chung & Kabir for walking behind me on the way down (I saw you and you saved me from myself(8) ) and holding me back every time I slipped on a rock or something. Troyboy, Kabir, Vincent and Rafi for the awesome talks. Vincent for helping me out of a tree and for giving me your hoodie :P My cabin for the awesome nights. Group D/Damacro for everything and omgsh this thank you list was meant to be kept short and I think I'm getting too sentimental. And lame O_O OK ILL STOP ! But yes, all in all, awesome four days :D I hope I get to go back there in January ><


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Sunday, November 21, 2010

So I was looking at the blogs that I follow and I love how many Harry Potter pictures and stuff. Yeah, I don't see any twilight photos anywhere... win? Anyway, I want to watch Harry Potter again. Seriously it was soo good ^^ I'm considering watching it again >=] Come with someone? :P
Today I went to livo and saw Anh's parents, Alan and Chung... who completely ignored my wave so I looked stupid waving at no one who waved back. Cut . I bought stuff for camp and apparently when people say that they mean clothes? But me, being childish as I am, bought a one kilo tub of gummi bears, other candy, 2 bottles of concentrated cordial, Winnie the Poo band-aids and a Buzz Lightyear torch (H). Yeah call me lame but when you fall over in the dark, I reserve all rights to direct my light at you and laugh.
Honestly, I had no intention of buying a torch. Or band-aids. BUT THEY WERE COOL! I stood at the band aid section trying to decide between all the cartoons. I really should grow up... :/
Oh wow I just watched a video by Ksicsfaces on Harry Potter 7 and generally, his movie reviews are liked But this one got 64 dislikes because he said the movie was too long and had unnecessary content. He then explained hadn't read the book. err... No comment :|

Dobby never meant to kill

Only maim or seriously injure♥

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Friday, November 19, 2010

I woke up from a nap today and was about to shower when my grandma said "Don't shower straight after you awake up, rest first." err... is that not what I just did for the past three hours? I DON'T GET IT ! On another note, Harry Potter yesterday was awesome. I really liked the animations for the Tale of the Three Brothers. And Holly, Oh my gosh you are amazing. Thank you soooo much for organising it all and making sure everyone was there complete with head count :P You're awesome :D
I'm so excited for camp ^^ At first I was pretty bummed out that we only had four people in a cabin cause to me, the more the merrier. So I'd have rathered all 8 of us cramped into one. But NO! 4 or 6 :( But I've spoken to Annag and Monica about what we're all bringing and I'm excited :D
Oh my gosh my internet keeps dying D: Ok before I go, I have a question. If you told someone to be stubborn, what would they do?

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Unicorns I love them
Unicorns I love them
uni uni coooorns I love them
uni unicorns I could pet one
if they were really real
and they are!
So I bought one so i could pet it.
Now it loves me and
I love it

Unicorns I love them
Unicorns I love them
Unicorns I love them
Unicorns I love them
Unicorns I love them
Unicorns I love them
Uni uni unicorns
I looove them

I've been living a lie. The lyrics my sister told me were wrong. I am now bowing my head in shame... Anywho why the unicorn song? I discovered (or Avi pointed out) we have a unicorn on our farm ! There's a cow about yay high (yeah that makes sense.. use your imagination.. point is it's small ! :P) and it's white and has just one small horn sticking out. It looks so cute ^^ Yes that is my news for today.
I can't wait til harry potter tomorrow ^^ Considering the book is split into two, they better follow it well. I'm not really sure what to expect because the last movie wasn't very memorable. I barely remember what happened and I haven't bought the dvd yet. And that's saying something ! Ah well I'll just cross my figners and hope it's good :P On that note, I bid you farewell.
Yay I have Pho for dinner !


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Monday, November 15, 2010

SO in the past 24 hours I have gotten three new games, both for my computer and ds. One of these games was bleach on DS. I thought it would be really cool and...more fighty i guess (don't oyu love my wording? :P) But it's so boring ! There wasn't much information on the cover so I decided to take a risk and buy it today anyway.
It's practically the same as fire emblem with the whole strategy thing. I like fire emblem. But I only want one of that kind of game D: Two is just... no. I reserve my ds for adventure games and stuff just because I find it funner than "YOU THERE !MOVE TO THAT PLACE AND I'LL JUST WATCH YOU DO THE FUN BITS !"
I should really leave the gaming reviews to Simon Chau.. This is so badly structured. Anywho, onto more pressing matters. Camp is soon ! yay ^^ I need to ask my sister where she put my memory card >.> I refuse to not bring a camera this time :P Or maybe I won't. Leave the memory capturing to people who are actually bothered or smth :P
I have a question; why do we still go to school? yeah... dwell on that. While you're at it, dwell on this too; How do we know Humpty Dumpty is an egg?


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Sunday, November 14, 2010

So here's some pretty pictures instead :)


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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As humans, we constantly seek reassurance. Trying to find a reason to stay or a reason to feel like our presence is wanted. Needed even. Or to make sure that we actually want what we have and that it is not a novelty one is so used to having.
We continuously look for the gaps in our relationships with the people who matter sealing them off as best we can and yet, more cracks show up once another one is sealed. We tire of the less than perfect relationships. The one with cracks. The one with the massive gap that you try to overlook. The mask of happiness you put over it.
And yet, these imperfections, these mistakes we all have in our lives are substantial proof that yes, you are worth it. The fact that you're putting up with it and still going proves that you're doing something right. The simple fact that you're still going strong should tell you something. So before you think that things aren't working and you're about to give up or you don't think that it's worth the trouble, think about what it would be like if you didn't have what you're about to throw away.
When someone says they want you, they do. Don't question it. Don't think that they're taking pity on you because you're worth a lot more than that. The impact one can make on a nother's life is hard to grasp when you're the one making the impact but believe someone when they say "I love you" or "You're awesome" because if you don't believe it, when can you ever be reassured? Realise that you're the kind of person someone would want to boast about being friends with. The kind of person that someone out there will run to or think about at the most random of times and crack up laughing because of one of your injokes. And the kind of person that people wish or aspire to be like in some small way.
Smile lots, frown less, love life.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

I am not going to go into detail about my experiences in the School Certificate, I have a feeling many other blogs have beaten me to it. However, i must point out the flawed system. WHAT ORDER WERE OUR SEATS? Yes I get it, they were in number order but how the heck did they give numbers? You'd think they were alphabetical. But Judith was in front of me O_O Weird....
Anywho, as many people know, I am rather OCD. I had already finished the exam and straightened out all my papers and put them exactly in the top right corner of my desk. Happy with the arrangement, I then proceeded to align my stationary from largest to smallest. When I ran out of things to straighten, I sat back and started singing the unicorn song in my head complete with nods when the supervisor came and asked if I'd been signed out. I said no and she took all my sheets, spread it across the table and destroyed the stack. I think I died a bit inside. When she left, the colour of each paper was showing and it was crooked. I was itching to put it back the way it was but I didn't want to interfere with what she was doing so I settled for equal spacing between colour and next paper. So everything was good enough when ANOTHER supervisor checks if I'd been signed out. NO ! NO I HAD NOT BEEN SIGNED OUT WHICH IS WHY THE FIRST PAGE IS UPSIDE DOWN AND THERE'S A BLUE MARK ON WHAT WAS ONCE A BLACK AND WHITE SHEET! :'(
Wow, I wasn't going to write about my experiences in the actual completion of the exam so as not to bore you and yet, here we are... 8-) My bad ^^"

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Did anyone have a toy dog as a kid that had long white fur with pink ears? The one that walked towards you if you called "come here fluffy my come here puppy"? I liked my one and i think it's still buried amongst the mess in my garage. I miss it. I only remember playing with it once but it was cool :P Except it wasn't cuddly enough. Cause most of it was like. .the mechanics of it. NO I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT AND IM SORRY IF IM MAKING AN IDIOT OF MYSELF.
On another note, Hi. School cert next week. Yay or nay? I wish science and history were on the second day. More time to study (Y). I mean I know people say School certificate is really easy and doesn't need any study. But ever since that stupid english mark, I've taken a massive blow to my self esteem and academic capabilities. <-- see that sentence doesn't even sound like it's worded right to me ! Well I'm only going over history and geography stuff cause i know absolutely nothing and they still can't find my Geo test ! Which i think is a good thing but meh :P Take your time Mr Gippel. I don't mind waiting :)

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

You know what I find awkward? When you're walking at a relatively fast pace behind someone who's dawdling. Naturally, you're going to catch up to them and, eventually, surpass them. So there's a point when you're walking so close behind them and it feels really awkward because a) you look like you're stalking them and b) the simple fact that you are so close to them. Enough about me being socially awkward... enough about me in general actually. Just thought you'd like to know about my life. heh. right 8-)

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dearest Ashley,

Happy 16th Birthday! Hope you had a fun today and based on certain... happening, I'm pretty sure you were happy :P To be honest, there's not much I can say right now that you don't already know from the past birthday cards and random thank yous from me. But I just hope you know that everything I've said before still applies.
I still think you're one of the sweetest friends I've had, and that you are also one of the best listeners. I'm still grateful for every piece of advice or reassurances you've given me. And I still love being your friend and you in general. You're so compassionate and selfless and I have so much respect for you and the kind of person you are.
Despite the fact that we don't talk as much as we used to (wow i practically quoted you:P), I'm sure we;ll have the opportunity to make more memorable moments. Even if they're not sitting and 'doing work' in maths or sitting at the train station eating fatty food :P Or even talking about mostly my problems cause I never shut up :P Thanks for being so tolerant though. I'm surprised you haven't thrown a shoe at me and told me to shut up with the complaints yet :P
All in all, Ashley Wu, I love you ! (say that in a singsong voice and pretend its a really cute little girl saying it :P). Take every moment of happiness in your life and make the most of it because you deserve it :)
Love lots, Kyleen

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yes I'm still alive.And no i have not abandoned this blog. I was capped mdear. Capped I say ! And its annoying because it happened earlier than usual and i have a week's worth of emails, facebook notifications, blogs and youtube subscriptions to look at D: But I've caught up now so it's all good !
Man I couldn't even birthday blog kabir :( sorry dear big twin of mine ! I'll get there eventually :D Sunday was awesome :D Thanks everyone who went ^^ and the speeches oh gosh the speeches :P Lisa, Mel, Avi, Kabir, Troy and Thai. You guys crack me up :P And everyone else with the whole memory thing ngaaaw I love you kids ^^
Oh and Joel, Kristine, Kristine and Jeremy, no you did not gatecrash thankyou for coming :P Man tehre are so many more thankyous I could give but that would mean everyone that was there. SO yes, once again thanks guys for such an awesome day :D
This is such an ugly post. THe paragraphs are all uneven and weird and poorly constructed. DON'T JUDGE ME ! Ok i'm gna cut it here before i humiliate myself even more :P


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