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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ok so I had no intention to blog today, but I saw on Nathan's blog the Harry Potter horoscope thing. And I am proud to say
I'm Hermione Granger. And you are...?

If you don't get that reference, then shame on you. Get off this site XP I'm kidding. You're a valued reader, pothead or not. And by pothead I mean HP fan not..yeah anyway, just felt like sharing with the cyber world that little fun fact of the day. My Harry POtter horoscope thingy tells me I'm Hermione. Oh yeah :D
Is it sad that I only blogged cause of that HP reference? I'm going to say no just to save my self esteem :P
That is all.


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Friday, February 25, 2011

So while everyone's out partying the afternoon away, I'm at home. Doing nothing. For the first closed weekend ever, I went home early. Yes, I am still bitter about that. I BROKE A TRADITION MAN. Anyway...reason for my staying at homeness? Le mama came back from the Philippines. She came bearing food :9 So I am a happy chappy.
Well half happy chappy considering I found out that the powerpoint I spent three days practically non stop making, editing photos, enhancing the older ones that were barely visible, resizing it, ordering them from oldest to youngest and perfecting the photo transition to match the beat of the music was practically completely rearranged and edited. DID I NOT MAKE IT CLEAR THAT IT NEEDED NO EDITING? THAT IT WAS FINE AND TIMED AND THAT THE SONG WAS ALREADY THERE? BUT NO! YOU JUST WENT AND EDITED ANYWAY! NOT ONLY THAT BUT YOU SCREWED UP WITH THE TECHNICALITIES AND NO ONE COULD SEE IT! GRRRRR

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

oh my gosh. Basketball training is freaking intense. Soo much running and I am so unfit D: Stupid Lisa and her tankness XP also, do we only have periods 5&6 tomorrow cause of study skills? Cause that's what I heard but I don't want to rock up to school without books when I actually have subjects. Especially since one of those subjects is bio with mahfouz... I don't want to miss out on art again :(
Friday is closed weekend ! yaaay ! SOMEONE WATCH BLACK SWAN WITH ME! Or take me to eat somewhere:P Although, I'm not sure if I'll be allowed out cause my mum comes back from the Philippines that day. I shall ask and hope that I can !


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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am sooo in love with english extension. But first off, LET ME RANT! Not really.. BUT COME ON! TWO SUBJECTS WORTH OF SEART STERALING? REALLY REALLY? YOU REALLY WANT TO DO THIS? YEAH WELL ITS WAR. Well to be honest I like the spot I was in today better because it's like a warm little group of friendliness where we can passionately discuss ideas :) But I WILL go back to my old spot juts to declare whose territory it is >.> Yeah and after a few weeks, I'll move back to where I sat today CAUSE I WANT TO NOT CAUSE YOU MADE ME XP Yeah, that's right I'm taking an immature response to this.
Anyway... on a different note, McDonald's apple ties taste like barbecue sauce O_O It's weeeeird... Thanks Johnny btw :P It made me happy in english :3 Joel is hilarious and so easy to talk to. He just always has something to say and can talk for ages and ages non stop. It amuses me :P
Sport tomorrow yaaay ! Zone tomorrow boo .


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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Everything in this room is eatable, even I'm eatable! But that is called "cannibalism," my dear children, and is in fact frowned upon in most societies.

So you know what really annoys me? When people make you curious but then don't finish their story. Random side thought; I wish I was vlogging this instead of writing and that I had a british accent because in my head as I'm typing all this up, my thoughts are putting on a British accent and I just think it's a waste of mental accent-putting-on...ness 8-)
Anyway, back on topic. Secrets. Now I'd like to think I'm one of those people who respect people's privacy and if a friend of mine were to say "[name] told me a secret", I wouldn't pester them to tell me because yknow, it's not their place to say. And I know that I'd never want them to and they probably wouldn't divulge the secret to me anyway but it just irritates me when people continue to talk about it and give minute details that give you a general idea of what it's about but not enough for you to know. It makes you more curious than you should be and it takes so much self control to just not ask the person what the hell they're on about. I think I'm making me sound nosy.. No I do not want to know everyone's secrets. Let's just clarify that shall we? (seriously.. British accented vlog idea keeps popping up...).
Basically I just don't like when people are really vague about something and refuse to tell you because it's a secret. Like I get it, fair enough you can't tell me so why do you keep dropping little hints? Are you trying to annoy me by making me super super curious and trying to figure out something I can never know? Cause that's just mean.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

I love his voice. It's so pretty ^^ Totally forgot what I was going to blog about when I first clicked on the new post option. So in other news, I finished my ghost patrol/miso paste up for art ! I feel bad cause I missed hcf D: I thought I was closer to finishing than that... my bad .

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First of all
Happy Birthday Captain emu ! Late though this may be, I'm going to write it anyway, no matter what you say :P Thanks for being a continuous and never ending source of sarcastic remarks and random one liners that my simple mind finds oh so entertaining. Don't want to make this bit too long cause i have other, more importnat things to write about. I'm kidding Henry. You're very important :) Basically I'm glad that we got closer last year..ish :P

Happy Birthday Danicap! Also late but I hope you know I love you all the same :D I love being in your art class. It's so fun and I like having you for opinions on ideas. We seem to have the same taste in art. Well we seem to react similarly :P Enjoy being sixteen, thanks for the four years of friendship waaaay back in the era of 7I :) We shall continue this system of friendliness yes? :)

Now that's all dealt with. Valentine's day yesterday was good :) Cannot be bothered going into detail. But all in all probably one of the best valentine's day. Moving on to more recent topics, today was fun. Stressful for me because I did hardly any of my homework last night. Seriously, after the zone basketball tryouts, I got home at like 6 and just slept til 7:40ish. So I spent a lot of today doing homework. And recess in the uniform shop where oh so clever nichoals called victor martin. ehe . That amuses me more than it should....
ANYWAY, point of my story; hanging out with Holly and Nathan was the best :P And the people who came and went like Rafi, Annag and eventually the SRCians too :) Have not laughed that much with those people in a while :P
So in the conversation with Nathan and Holly, I mentioned going to church on Sunday and how I burst into fits of silent laughter for like five minutes after the peanut joke. I feel like an idiot saying it out loud so Holly, as promised, the peanut joke:
Four boys were at a police station after someone reported them being a nuisance ein the local zoo. The police officer asked the first boy what he did and the boy responded with "My name is Michael and I was throwing peanuts into the elephant enclosure". Thinking this wasn't that severe, the officer asked the next boy "what did you do?" and the boy replied "My name is George and I was also throwing peanuts into the elephant enclosure". The police officer was even more confused and went on to the third kid asking the same question. "I'm David and I was throwing peanuts into the elephant enclosure". The officer, still confused asked the last boy "What's your name and what did you do?" The fnial boy replied "I'm Peanuts"


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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VRONCA! HOPE YOU HAD AN AMAZING DAY! You deserve it and enjoy the camera without guilt please :P We love you heaps !

So it's been a while since I've blogged and what's happened in the last five days? Nothing worth mentioning to be honest other then a red pen that drew with black ink... weird O_O :Althoooough, first english extension lesson yesterday. From 3-5. Fun. Actually it was. I think it's a good thing Miss Schultz is our teacher because she's really enthusiastic and passionate about it. She's like the Mrs Coombes of the English faculty :D
Other than that, sport today was pretty fun. I love basketball and I like our team. I just wish we had Anh, Anne and Danielle there too :/ Then we can have our old team back ! :D Oh well I shall create new memories with our new team. Cheeeeeeeeeesy.
Today, Hurlstonians were crowding around spotlight and all the two dollar stores for tomorrow. Ashley, Avi, Lisa, Nicholas and I were in hot dollar and Nicholas will look hot ;D BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh that kid amuses me :P I'm wearing stuff that has nothing to do with any of the themes. I just like it ok?
Also, Kabir and Nathan; SO WHAT IF I HAVE A BABY TOWEL HUH?
Michael Dinh and Nathan; I DO NOT HAVE A BABY VOICE D:
Why do people keep suggesting I'm a baby? =='
Anywho, I shall see all you loons, workers, miami beach goers and Fairytale creatures tomorrow at Swimming Carnival :D

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Friday, February 4, 2011

So I wrote the title of this post about half an hour ago with the intention of writing abotu a particular topic. But now I have completely forgotten... As Joseph said, Memory of a fish I have.
Mock Trial sign up today. I put my name down but I'm considering pulling out :P I'm not a good speaker -cue laughter- YEAH SHUT UP! I TALK A LOT I KNOW BUT I'M BAD AT PUBLIC SPEAKING D: but according to Mariel and Monica, I run on nervous energy? Maybe that's a good thing in this situation... :P
A lot of people seem to be complaining about either their subjects or their classes but I think I'm one of the lucky ones that got really good classes :D I can just hear Monica's voice in my head saying "you like everything you're a part of.. your grade, your class, your school" I feel the need to apologise but I think it's a compliment... Yes no maybe? :P
Completely unrelated topic, Swimming carnival. Yay ! Lachlan Macquarie.. zero house spirit ==' Yeah yeah I should be proud blahbbityblahblah I'M NOT OK?


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Thursday, February 3, 2011

I always feel that much more invincible when I'm wearing gloves while cleaning. It's like COme get menow bacteria >=] I am so lame...
Anywho, art was so fun today. We had scones and tea :D Yes it was incerdibly hot and tea was probably a stupid idea. But she Mrs Coombes brought it in so I felt obliged to drink it. I don't even like tea unless there's honey. Much less when there's milk. But we improvised and put cream instead >=] muahahahaha
At the moment, when things are still a little slow (for me anyway), I am absolutely loving year 11. Both the subjects and the classes :D Mahfouz isn't as bad as people made him out to be. As long as you stay on his good side at least...


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So first of the month means I am no longer capped. But I'm bored of tumblr so I think I might delete it. (sorry Mel :$) Also, first of the month means the first day of school. Yay ! I have been looking forward to today for like a week now. Ever since I got my books. Although, the fact that I haven't really given much thought to the work load means I probably don't have a realistic view or opinion of the year to come.
THe morning was so full of OMGSH HI!s and OMGSH NEW KID! For me anyway... I was so hyper this morning, as Mariel predicted... BUT I WAS EXCITED OK? I DON'T LIKE THE NEW SHELTER OVER THE CHESS AREA! THEY TOOK AWAY MY RUNNING IN THE RAIN SPACE :(
I'm so sad I don't have Geerlo or Peck for Chem. Even though most people don't like Peck as a teacher, I think he's good :/ Also overlooking the fact that his reason for not dressing up today was because of.. I dno he said something about not being able to share the luxury girls have in that guys don't have air circulation or something... ANYWAY, Art sounds like it's going to be intense O_O
I am so slow... Only after reading Wendy's and Nathan's blogs did I realise that we'd be on chairs in assembly now :P woaaaah ! Yeah.. Big woop 8-) Beginning of every year I have said that I'll do my homework everyday as consistently as I can... Let's hope this year I actually keep that promise to myself? :P
I hope tomorrow is tryouts. I'm not bothered to swim D:


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