I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare

First of all
Happy Birthday Captain emu ! Late though this may be, I'm going to write it anyway, no matter what you say :P Thanks for being a continuous and never ending source of sarcastic remarks and random one liners that my simple mind finds oh so entertaining. Don't want to make this bit too long cause i have other, more importnat things to write about. I'm kidding Henry. You're very important :) Basically I'm glad that we got closer last year..ish :P

Happy Birthday Danicap! Also late but I hope you know I love you all the same :D I love being in your art class. It's so fun and I like having you for opinions on ideas. We seem to have the same taste in art. Well we seem to react similarly :P Enjoy being sixteen, thanks for the four years of friendship waaaay back in the era of 7I :) We shall continue this system of friendliness yes? :)

Now that's all dealt with. Valentine's day yesterday was good :) Cannot be bothered going into detail. But all in all probably one of the best valentine's day. Moving on to more recent topics, today was fun. Stressful for me because I did hardly any of my homework last night. Seriously, after the zone basketball tryouts, I got home at like 6 and just slept til 7:40ish. So I spent a lot of today doing homework. And recess in the uniform shop where oh so clever nichoals called victor martin. ehe . That amuses me more than it should....
ANYWAY, point of my story; hanging out with Holly and Nathan was the best :P And the people who came and went like Rafi, Annag and eventually the SRCians too :) Have not laughed that much with those people in a while :P
So in the conversation with Nathan and Holly, I mentioned going to church on Sunday and how I burst into fits of silent laughter for like five minutes after the peanut joke. I feel like an idiot saying it out loud so Holly, as promised, the peanut joke:
Four boys were at a police station after someone reported them being a nuisance ein the local zoo. The police officer asked the first boy what he did and the boy responded with "My name is Michael and I was throwing peanuts into the elephant enclosure". Thinking this wasn't that severe, the officer asked the next boy "what did you do?" and the boy replied "My name is George and I was also throwing peanuts into the elephant enclosure". The police officer was even more confused and went on to the third kid asking the same question. "I'm David and I was throwing peanuts into the elephant enclosure". The officer, still confused asked the last boy "What's your name and what did you do?" The fnial boy replied "I'm Peanuts"


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