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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dearest Danielle,
Tis your birthday today:) Fourteen eh? Big number that is. Oh good, you've joined the old people side...although, you still look and sound incredibly young. DAMN YOU SMALL PERSON><
ehe . love you Danielle:P My grand niece (?) lol i love how we figured that out:P How was Peter Pan rehearsal? I was planning to spend the whole day with you but NO you weren't made me sad:(
OK now for mushy sweet stuff...(not really) Danielle you are getting oh so old now:P But I love you for who you are. You are an awesome buddy and I love being around my little ball of sunshine^^ We've gossiped together, admired apples together (well i have anyway ;P) and camp last year was just our bonding time. I will always remember the days on the bus or in the tent looking up at the stars through the peg-closed flap because the zipper was BROKEN! ehe . good times good times:P You are a sweet kid who sticks up for her friends and I know I can rely on you to be there even if I'm not (hehe get it?:P). And you now what? I'm going to go to your Peter Pan play thingy (i hope:S), cheer you on and let everyone know that the little girl on stage is my friend because i am so glad that I can actually be known as that. It's like..flattering to have such a *cough* beautiful friend:P lol im kidding you are INCREDIBLY beautiful:P In this incredibly long card/blog thingy, all I really wanted to say was thankyou. For blessing me with your frienddship, giving me a reason to laugh at not particularly amusing things and guess away at your gossipy yet cryptic stories:P So in short: Thanks for being such an awesome ...(cant think of another word for friend LOL be creative and report back to me! In the meantime...) friend. Stay sweet and never change because i love you just the way you are.

Love Kyleeny!


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Monday, June 29, 2009

That we were in the same class so I could see you more often than I do.

Cause right now, I'm not with you enough...


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Sunday, June 28, 2009

My gosh! I a so friggen bored atm and my keyboard is stuffing up and italy...SEE WHAT I MEAN?! italy<---that was the result of trying to say its really ==" ANYWAY its really annoying and im capped so watching bleach like i normally would be doing is not an option..i should have gotten someone to put SOMETHING on my usb to entertain me over the weekend..damn this stupidity=="

Anywho im going to wallow in my boredom and maybe find SOMETHING of importance to do...hmm maybe i should start my history assignment or me PE..hmm we'll see what happens. Till then toodles!



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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The days are getting shorter. It gets dark at 5.00. Makes it seem so late when its really pretty damn early. This means my mum will be even MORE protective><


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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ok so im at livo with my sister today right, and we're in Big W on the way to look at shoes. We walk past the toy section and waht do we see? A FRIGGEN EDWARD CULLEN DOLL!

There are SO many things wrong with that.

  2. It was in the barbie doll section which MEANS it was for little kids. WHY WOULD YOU GIVE A LITTLE KID EDWARD CULLEN?! Do they even understand what the hell he is? he's a bloodsucking monster!
  3. It just stands there. It doesnt move (well it didnt look like it could..psh so much for the incredible hulk strength and superhuman abilities) You can't dress it up. It just stands there and looks "pretty" WHICH IT DOESNT EVEN DO WELL!
  4. It doesnt look like edward cullen .The eyes arent right (yes i know what they SHOULD be sad i know...)
  6. Why poison the minds of little kids when they are still oh so innocent?
  7. Does twilight REALLY need any more publicity?
  8. Sharp objects are unsuitable for children below the age of 3
  9. Twilight merchandise is unsuitable for children below the age of 100 D:
  10. Edward Cullen is stupid =="
  11. Why put it in the Barbie doll section? He's a guy and its a complete OUTCAST form the pink girly "dress-me-up" barbie dolls
  12. Do we really need to make little girls delusional and think that such imperfection is reachable?
  13. Edward Cullen is a stalking freak. So this doll could be sitting on some childs bed/shelf and watching them sleep O_O
  14. Beware: Doll has tendency to unintentionally crush bones..yeah have fun with that=="
  15. ITS TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah ill stop there==" Ranting makes me thirsty:) so bye for now



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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When you stay up rehearsing what to say because you want everything to go perfectly smooth but all your efforts go to waste because you stuffed up and things didnt turn out t
o be the fairytale dream you wanted so badly.

I failed miserably...

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Faaaaaaar! So much freaking work to do today. I am too damn last minute><>
  1. English Practise Essay..I NEED THE NOTIFICATION FOR TUESDAY!! And i cannot be bothered doing practise essays for freaking grumpy English teachers==" Gah I suck at writing essays! I got friggen 8/15 for Half freaking Yearlies!!
  2. Science Big Bang Theory thingy. Why the freak do we care about the origin of the universe? It ALREADY HAPPENED!! Learning about it isnt going to change anything! And the big bang is just a theory with so many holes and imperfections in it. Like I asked Mr Peck what triggered the Big Bang Theory and he said no one knows. WHAT THE HELL?! WHat kind of theory is that?! YEs theories arent always perfect with all this evidence blahblahblah but to not know what MIGHT have triggered it? GAH WHY DO WE EVEN CARE?!
  3. History Minor Speech. Deary me. Smithy's disappearence. I am friggen lost! I don't know what to do about it><>

So thats my rant adn im still stressing. See, I could have been doing some of that work while typing all this but NO! i am a PROCASTINATOR and blogged instead. aiyaah=="
Well im going to TRY and do work so of I go!



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Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm afraid I've ruined the relationship with the words i said. I'm afraid that I've lost you forever because I feel the way I do. I'm afraid that nownothing can be the way it was. But I cant' help myself.
I can't help it if I love you as much as I do. Even if it way too much. To me you are and always have been this perfect image that I have aspired to be with since the moment i met you. You've been the one that I compare all else to, noticing all the mistakes and impurities of everyone else. I've been hurt once, loved twice and now for a third, I've fallen into the trap. I lied to myself every time someone said that maybe, my feelings for you go beyond friendship. I tried to convince myself that it would be too weird and unwanted but honestly? It was just a cover-up so you wouldn't know the truth. So we could continue to exist in this perfect relationship with no obligations.But it's getting harder and harder to live with just this. I want more.
And now the words have been said, the feelings hurt, the misinterpretations placed. And now after all that..I regret. Because now there is nothing left but an awkward silence. There is no longer that happy, light mood that was always there before, now its just gone. Learned from my mistakes and never again will I dwell on this event that is slowly becoming a distant memory.

Maybe one day. In the future I can. When I know for sure I can look back on the smiles, laughter and photos without shedding a tear. When I know I can look forward to the future and be excited by what it might bring. When I know for sure i can look back at the past and not have to put it away before it results in countless sleepless nights thinking about what might have happened if I did things differently. Until then...

I'm dying inside


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I FREAKING HATE NETBALL!! Today was sport right and like it was our first game against the other Hurlstone team. I am used to BASKETBALL not fricken netball so I was continuously contacting and obstructing and GAH its a stupid sport==" But a pretty suck goal keeper:P ah well, watcha gna do? must train if im bothered to train for netball=="

On a happier note, Art was so fun today! we brought in our map assignments today and we used silkscreens to add photocopies of text and scientific diagrams and it looked so cool! Like there was a sheet of plastic and you run it through a screen thingy with the picture/text on it and where the black ink is, it will burn through the plastic so when you run white paint through it it leaves a really precise mark. It was awesome (Y) and my major work is beginning to look like something other than a blank canvas! its good its good:D

Oh and social yesterday was awesome! but this morning my voice was soooo dead! THe bands were pretty good but there wasnt much of a turnout and they had like a dance circle going on nd some of the people were such pro dancers man! Mariel is so pro too. Like a song would come on and she's be like full popping and looking pro while me and monica would just be kinda jumping around cause we're cool like that (H) The theme was pretty cool too like it was so easy to get into..i shall post up pictures later when i am able to upload them:) till then farewell!


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Monday, June 15, 2009

Ok as you may have noticed, I have a new layout:D YES I LIKE BLEACH!! The writing is a bit too small for my liking but DEAL WITH IT! please comment and tell me what you think! Big thanks to Holly for doing this for me:) Lol i am such anoob its CRAZY! I couldnt figure out how to do it:P So enough about the layout...

Omgsh today in ag the funniest thing happened and im sorry lisa for mentioning it but man i have to! So we're on that road near the Dairy shed thats really muddy and crap-covered right? and this is what happened:
Mr McAlpin: Down by the gate, you can see the massive puddle and it would be impossible to walk through.
Lisa: Sir, wouldnt it be less muddy on the other side of the puddle rather than going through the dairy shed path?
Mr McAlpin: I wouldn't try going that way
Lisa: Can we (meaning me and her) try going that way?

Mr McAlpin: I don't care which way you go.
So me and Lisa venture off to the murky waters which we thought would be easier than going through the mud. I mean you just had to inch your way around the puddle onto dry land and up an easy slope right? hehe Wrong! When we get to the puddle im like lets go to the right so we have the wooden post to hold on to but she says to go on the left so we have the gate to hold on to. So we debate about it for a bit and decide to go our seperate ways.
My side was really squishy so im like " err lisa i think your way was better" (she was having no trouble at all) and she starts laughing and when i make it to the other side, she shrieks and when I turn around, i see her with her foot in the mud. As in her entire foot and a bit of her leg was submerged and when she lifted it up, it was like a ball of mud on her leg. So she's freaking out right? Meanwhile, i'm standing there cracking up (arent I such a good friend) and she has to like, climb over the fence to avoid anymore mud that she could fall into. Turns out that a lot of our chosen path was blocked off by either barbed wire or locked gates so we had a hell of a lot of climbing to do and i got heaps of scratches and a gash on my leg that may or may not have bled. So that was ag...

The rest of the day was kind of uneventful, Art we worked on our major work, HSIE: pfft boring, Science: Tormenting Mr Peck is fun and we stared at pretty lights O_O and English:watched an interview on this guy that was in KKK, was alright.

Omgsh social tomorrow! can't wait! was experimenting with purple eyeliner (which AShley gave me LOVE YOU SO MUCH MAN!) and looked disturbing:) but now i wonder what my mums gna say when she sees me walk out of the house with so much eyeliner :S oh well:)
Yeah thats about as interesting as my life gets, toodles!'


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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ok..People have been doing this on their blog so i am too( i am such a follower==")
Ten letters to ten different people. Oh and im not gna tell you who they are no matter how close you are to me:P

ONE: Omgsh.. i love you i really do. You are so awesome and you know how to have a good time:P I know i havent been around you for a while but i want oyu to know that i still love being your friend and being with you. You are an awesome buddy and we shall continue having competitions on who can get the highest score on that game...;P should know who you are:L

TWO: UNEXPECTED!! Seriously.. i never knew that i would get so close to you. Same class...doesnt necessarily mean closeness and yet here we are. I trust you heaps..i hope that was a good decision:P You know how to make me laugh and forget my problems and you help me face reality when its something i'd rather turn my back on. You stick by me and I know you will always have my back no matter what insults people chuck at us. We can be sporting, luvo buddies exciting

THREE: You annoy me. You talk about things i dont really care about. You say things that sound insensitive. You never shut up about yourself. You interrupt me when i talk and never listen. You nag and boss me around. You criticise nearly everything you do. You learn the songs i try to learn on guitar and when i try learning the songs you learn you think im trying to beat or copy you as if that song was yours. but despite all this.. I do love you. I dont really have a choice actually =="

FOUR: You are such a good listener. I love talking to you cause i know that whatever i tell you will be kept a secret and that whatever i say wont make you judge me. You give great advice too (Y) well done child:D And it is so hard NOT to like you. I love confiding in you cause even if you dont know what to say, you manage to make the situation better or more bearable. Cause you're awesome like that (H)

FIVE: You crack me up:P You are so entertaining to talk to. seriously. There is not an awkward moment with you:P The only bad thing bout you is that you lack confidence. YOu always think you're not good enough or whatever but really, you are more than capable of being entertaining.

SIX: Ok. not sure about. Sometimes you are the awesomest person ever, but then there are moments when you could be slightly meaner than usual and i just think that maybe all your niceness is an act. But then i can't stay mad at you because the next time i see you or talk to you on msn, You say something that makes me smile and everything is forgotten. You are an awesome buddy who i can never hate and I love being around you because it's just fun, I can talk to you and about anything and you say the right things without sugarcoating it as most people do. You say it how it is and thats what i love about you, you know when to be serious and you show you care. You are one of the most RANDOM people i trust and i dont think you really care. I also doubt whether or not you actually keep my secrets but i still tell you almost everything. Almost.
Edit: The mean things you do are all part of the rivalry that is expected in a relationship like ours:P

SEVEN: hmmm..You are so happy all the time its contagious:P you're like a little ball of energy:D I love being around you and i love your music. Enough said:P

EIGHT: You annoy me too. But this time i don't love you. You are so shallow and annoyingly obsessed with certain people and it just IRRITATES ME. Sometimes the things you say are so annoyingly based on a person's looks that i just wanna slap you. Im sorry but this is just the way i think. hmph .

NINE: LOL! You always say these random hysterical lines that I keep thinking about for days and everytime i do, i crack up laughing. So when im on the bus and i think of one..sheesh i must look weird :S You are one of the few people who are still innocent (LOL) and you're nice too:P Thats all ican be bothered saying. LOL

TEN: omgsh what happened? You used to be so sweet and nice and gentle. But you've changed. And I agree with some people that mabe it was because you thought you would be more accepted. But honestly? I miss the old you. Sometimes when there arent that many people, you tend to be your old self again and its those moments that i try to remember and pull back from the past. Yes you are still rather likeable but not as much as you used to be. I'm not even that close to you and even I've seen the change. I'm not sure if i have a right to tell you off about it because im not close to you but i do hope you change back....

Wow i sound like a cow in some of these. you ten people can probably guess who you are. Its kinda obvious well anywho im off. Toodles



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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Second day of painting Peter Pan sets and i am SICK of all this painting ! O_O
Not really, its heaps of fun, just really...repetitive and sometimes you're not even sure if what you're doing is right. So anyway, we finished the panels we were doing yesterday and painted two more. It was cool cause while we were painting the forests, Africa (who had brought her ipod and speakers) put on music and it got to a song and when the chorus came EVERYONE started singing! it was so cool:) Art Major bonding time i say:D After we finished painting all five panels, we lined them up side by side to see where we needed to connect them and stuff and there was this MASSIVE root that was on the canvas i was painting and me and danica spent AAAGES perfecting the colour so it matched the tree it was coming froim, then when we saw them side by side, it didnt match up. aiyaah=="

Today was also supposed to be tryouts for session two sports (i STILL don't know what im doing) but everythingw as wet so it got cancelled. We watched Night at the Museum in the hall instead and me, Lisa, Aldrich and Lawrence were at the back lying down on some bags. Lisa fell asleep and, using his epic ninja skill, Lawrence took her phone out of her pocket and he looked at her music and clicked on one.It woke her up:L She looks so dazed and confused when she wakes up :P

After school, me, Ashley, Danica, Annie and Anna O went to visit Mitchell:D He seemed pretty good then i went to buy my dad a birthday present. IT IS SO FRIGGEN HARD TO SHOP FOR DADS! I ended up buying him a Rod Stewart CD cause he always says he needs good music...i dont even know if he LIKES that guy==" well yeah thats about was good:DD


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Monday, June 1, 2009

So cold yet so awesome! 100m race and i made into finals for the first time in my whole entire life! but i think thats just cause my age group is lazy. While i was in the race though something happened with my leg and it started hurting heaps but i tried high jump and long jump anyway cause i'm stupid like that...not a smart idea==" yeah..didnt end up running for finals.

Me, Carissa and Lisa had this little step thing going when we would all jump and click our heels together..was so funny we were gna do it at the 100m race but then LISA got ahead and when i slowed down for Carissa, SHE WENT AND TRIED TO BEAT ME >.>
hmph .

Oh and when Mitchell tried to high jump he dislocated his knee or something. POOR THING!! ANd it was cold and riny and he didnt have his jumper or hat because Wendy and Danica had them and the teachers wouldnt let us near him. GET WELL SOON MITCHELL!!



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