Little people have birthdays too !

Dearest Danielle,
Tis your birthday today:) Fourteen eh? Big number that is. Oh good, you've joined the old people side...although, you still look and sound incredibly young. DAMN YOU SMALL PERSON><
ehe . love you Danielle:P My grand niece (?) lol i love how we figured that out:P How was Peter Pan rehearsal? I was planning to spend the whole day with you but NO you weren't made me sad:(
OK now for mushy sweet stuff...(not really) Danielle you are getting oh so old now:P But I love you for who you are. You are an awesome buddy and I love being around my little ball of sunshine^^ We've gossiped together, admired apples together (well i have anyway ;P) and camp last year was just our bonding time. I will always remember the days on the bus or in the tent looking up at the stars through the peg-closed flap because the zipper was BROKEN! ehe . good times good times:P You are a sweet kid who sticks up for her friends and I know I can rely on you to be there even if I'm not (hehe get it?:P). And you now what? I'm going to go to your Peter Pan play thingy (i hope:S), cheer you on and let everyone know that the little girl on stage is my friend because i am so glad that I can actually be known as that. It's like..flattering to have such a *cough* beautiful friend:P lol im kidding you are INCREDIBLY beautiful:P In this incredibly long card/blog thingy, all I really wanted to say was thankyou. For blessing me with your frienddship, giving me a reason to laugh at not particularly amusing things and guess away at your gossipy yet cryptic stories:P So in short: Thanks for being such an awesome ...(cant think of another word for friend LOL be creative and report back to me! In the meantime...) friend. Stay sweet and never change because i love you just the way you are.

Love Kyleeny!


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