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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My sister has finally arrived! Which probably means I will be posting less cause I'll spend practically every day for the next almost two weeks with her. Should be fun :) We still have not thought of a solution for Christmas Eve :/ But we WILL!
So it has come to my attention that we are coming to the conclusion of another year. The past two or so years (however many it's been since I started this blog), I've written a bit of a reflection at the end of the year, evaluating the year and whatnot. Usually in response to the New Year's Resolutions I made at the beginning. But screw that, I'm pretty sure I didn't make any at the beginning of this year and if you asked me now, I seriously would not be able to effectively talk about this year in terms of the good/bad times, what I've learned etcetc. But maybe things will change when we get closer to the end of the year. Or maybe even in the first week of next, I might decide to do one and set new new years resolutions. ALthough, I vaguely recall saying last year that I would stop with the resolutions and just learn lessons as they come/make myself new promises when I see they are necessary. So that's one less thing for you people to look forward too.. heh 8)

Day 12: Favourite ship
I don't really know tbh. I don't think Harry Potter was the kind of series for you to have a clear favourite. I guess in terms of who seemed to have the most chemistry, I'd say Harry and Ginny? There was a fair bit of tension there. Also, I don't know why, but I really really really liked Dean. Wow, why didn't I list him as my favourite? My bad... :P But yeah, I loved him .'. I loved him and Ginny. So there. Deal with it

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

  • Parents should have come today but stuff happened and they extended to the 24th D:
  • Had to clean my room today to make it habitable. Well, it was fine for me. And probably for my sister when she gets here too but meh, it's about time I cleaned it :/
  • So excited for Christmas! Well, I want to be and I kinda am but then I remember that my parents are coming back on Christmas eve. AT NIGHT TIME! And every year for as long as I can remember, we've spent Christmas eve with my cousins, had an awesome dinner and counted down til it was Christmas. Like new years but not :P Then we'd go home, sleep then go back to their house for another dinner. Filo gatherings few (H) 
  • STill don't know what I'm doing for New Years day though :(
  • Seriously, my sister(s) better not change their mind about hp exhibition. I rejected the group outing thing because my sister told me to. if things change, I will not be a happy chappy >=( 
Day 11: What character would you say you're most like?
Oooh that is a difficult one. Hm, I'd say;
  • Hermione from the first few books cause she seemed to like to be in control and was afraid to break the rules. 
  • Luna's weirdness... Obviously not to that extent
  • Ron's clumsiness
  • Fred and George's immaturity/cheekiness
  • James Potter's arrogance (lol...)
  • Lily's and Molly's motherly..ness 
  • Voldemort's selfishness and lack of nobility/ability to think of others
  • Cho's incredibly emotional self 
HAHA! That didn't even answer the question :P But yeah, I don't think there is any one character that encompasses all my qualities or even most of them all at the same time. Mainly because I have very contradictory personality traits. By which I mean I'm either really really immature and childish (Fred and George) or really really motherly (Lily/Molly) etcetc 

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Today was such a brilliant day. Hanging out with the girls for the first time in aaaages. Perfect send off for my beloved Maimai :) Hope you have fun in the Philippines ! Take plenty of photos and be inspired :) The new water park in Darling Harbour is friggen awesome man. I didn't even care that I put a little bit of effort to get dressed up (come on man, we were having lunch and it was the city with the girls, I FELT LIKE BEING A LITTLE BIT FANCY OKAY?) I went insaaaaane! I always do when Maimai is there. And plus, Melanie and I hadn't gone that high together in a while. Today was just an awesome day to reconnect :)
Today was also my first day of caps! I mean, I've been to the place once before with Annie, Anna O and Danicap but we didn't take photos. So yeah today was my first time of doing that one :P I think it's about time I did it because High School is probably the only time Caps is acceptable :P (No offence to uni kids who still do caps.. O_O)
Lunch was awesome too. Lol, I blogged this out of order. Pretend this paragraph was before the one above this. I could just reformat this but I've been trying this thing where I don't use backspace unless I'm fixing up a spelling mistake or something. Raw thoughts ftw! Although, that could be dangerous too.. We'll see :P But yeah, nice pick Danielle :D I love asian food. And no matter how short the time frame is since I last had asian food, I'm almost always craving it. If someone mentions asian food, Instant Cravings ! Yeah... I love food :')
My sister's coming back in two days and I am soooo excited! :D

Day 10: Horcruxes or Hallows
HALLOWS! What kind of question is that? I'd never be able to kill! And beside, Horcruxes just split your soul up, hallows have their own power which I find pretty cool. If you haven't noticed yet, I love magic :P When I was little, my best friend and I used to play a game where we were sisters who also had magic powers. Honestly, that game went from year 1 to year 5/early year 6. Different variations of it but y'know, still had powers. This is getting off topic in terms of answering this day's challenge but I've already answered but it seems too short, so allow me to ramble for a bit :P
SO! My favourite kind of magic type thing is when each person has their own specialty. Like xmen. I don't know why. I just looove that concept! Especially when it comes to elements. Like Avatar. Controlling elements and stuff, (as in wind earth fire water not the periodic table...) just seems really cool and I think it's a brilliant idea for a power. In aforementioned game with best friend, I started off being some chick who could control nature (kinda like Ferngully/winx club style thing). SO like plants and vines and my magic source was a special vine stick LOL omgsh Can't believe I still remember all this ! This was like... 2 months ago. Jokes, it was... oh wow. Ten years ago! :O
That was probably our most epic magic era cause after that, our imagination wasn't that great and we ended up being genie type witches where we just said we wanted something and it happened if we made a few lines that rhymed. Like Sabrina! From that, we became the charmed sisters :D looool. COme on, how many of you girls did that? Don't remember what came after that. That might have been the last one :P But yeah, that is my story. Thank you for listening/reading. Now you have another reason to find me weird. Heh . O_O

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hello all, so school's over and it's a rather strange feeling. No more obligation to do work. Well, we still have holiday homework but I have adages for that (heh, wonder what I'll be saying in five and a half weeks). Man, I got a letter from centrelink a couple of weeks ago saying my card thingy was going to expire and to call some number to renew it if I was still at school etcetc BUT EVERY TIME I'VE TRIED, IT'S BEEN "OUTSIDE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS". ANd no, this is not a case of Kyleen was too lazy to call multiple times or called at ridiculous hours of the day. I'm talking 5 ish after school on several occasions. So I figured, huh, maybe they close really early. So I call at 10am BUT NO, THEY STILL DON'T HAVE THE TIEM FOR ME! And I need to make this call before the 21st or I am screwed D: I couldn't  call any earlier than 5 on weekdays because seriously, I don't remember the last time I got home from school at the normal time (3:30ish). This week alone, I've gotten home at 5-6. Speaking of which, quick recap of the week:

  • Monday, finalised roles for Swimming Carnival video and made Executive Student Journalist for Yearbook committee :D Sooo excited! And I think I'm the only one boasting about it but I'm happy so don't judge me :$ Had extension 2 after school today and I am still so lost as to how to carry out my idea :/ Same with art ><
  • Tuesday, Bio party as a farewell to Clement :D 
  • Filming after school for an hour and then Extension 1 where I actually fell asleep, woke up an hour earlier and almost knocked off the container of meringues... 
  • Wednesday: More filming periods one and two, crashed Robson's class to film me doing Chemistry Calculations.. SORRY FOR THE MULTIPLE STUFF UPS ^^" Alsoooo, I think I left my calculator in that room :( Went to livo after we finished all the filming. Man, so proud to be part of Lachlan, I think we worked really efficiently :) 
  • Thursday; got called up for truanting... oops 8) Probably should have told Mrs Davis I was going to be with Miss Fox. Oh my gosh, felt so out of things. Randomly gatecrashing the mock trial party. O_O
  • Friday: Last day of school! Such a bludge. Got annoyed that we didn't have early finish and oh my gosh stupid Mr Peck and his stupid leaving... Cried more than I thought I would. Pretty sure Qandeel, Priya, Monica and stuff can vouch for that but grisgfvdnfgd it was insane. Then after school, Nick and I were about to walk out of the school but decided to say bye to Fox, Peck and Singh and Miss Fox is so sweet and thgreigdg :( Going to miss those teachers so much
  • yesterday I went shopping with my sister for new clothes for Christmas and New Years. Decided to be different and bought two maxi dresses, a lace baby doll dress, two belts and a ring. Cost like $100 all up (H) 

Day 9: Least Favourite Male Character
Cormac McLaggen was annoying as heck. He was so up himself and all high and mighty. And he acted like he knew exactly what girls wanted and how he could woo them oh so easily. No, Just no! You're not that great. Arrogance annoys me so much. Which is probably hypocritical but that's not the point I'm making right now ! :P But yes, Cormac McLaggen irritated me ==

Also, I was reading through some of my older posts and it amuses me how, in some aspects, I have not changed at all. And I had more pictures in my old posts. I should start that again...

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 8: What do you think would be your favourite lesson?

Defence Against the Dark Arts cause I like being able to defend myself. I swear I have some weird cynical side to me that is capable of murder. I was looking for my School Certificate the other night, trying to get a hold of my Student Number and when I looked into a basket under my bed, there was a knife. I don't know what it's still doing there. I mean.. it shouldn't be there in the first place *shifty look* But yes, Defence Against the Dark Arts sounds fun and I love Lupin's last exam with the obstacle course. I thought that was pretty cool. And when i play with my HP wand, I usually say those kinda spells... you know the ones that one would learn in a DADA lesson.
I think I'd really like potions too. I mean, I like it on Pottermore and I'd feel really accomplished if I did it properly. aaand I like following a set of instructions like that... It's a weird interest of mine but when there is a list of objectives in front of me and outlines exactly what I need to/should do, I feel so efficient when I cross it off the list one by one and it's just so satisfying!

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

I am so excited for everything! Swimming carnival, swimming carnival video making, end of the year, christmas, new years, tomorrow, year book. Everything is beginning to happen and be planned and now, after looking at the year tens' formal photos on Facebook, I am not also looking forward to ours. Oh my gosh I am going to make the most of this year. So ready to just have a ton of fun at all the school events and go nuts and omgsh this year will be the first year I go finals night. And i can't not be allowed. I have to be there! So yes, I am very excited.
Alsoooo... Carissa is the best and I love her very very much :) I also miss her. A lot ! :D

Day 7: Favourite female character and why

Toss up between Hermione and Luna. Yes I know, it might be a bit typical to pick Hermione but she is a brilliant character. She is almost exactly what (I'm sorry for the reference) Atwood was talking about. A multidimensional character who doesn't just sit down and be a loyal lady friend. Yes she is that, but we've all seen that that girl can kick ass. She's intelligent and while that annoys some people (Ron), she is in no way subservient and she won't sacrifice her intelligence to make herself accepted. She's true to herself and never acts dumb to get attention, nor does she rely on her femininity/sexuality to appeal to other characters. And she doesn't define herself as the damsel in distress as one would expect of the only girl in a trio. Often, she is the one coming up with solutions. In saying that though, there are her moments of emotional weakness that are seen in the books. She does get sad and scared, which just makes her realistic. She isn't perfect and she doesn't pretend to be. Nor does JK Rowling expect people to think she is. To me, Hermione is just absolutely brilliant.
Now Luna is probably the only person in both real life and novels that doesn't give a damn what anyone else thinks (If you've watched the latest Harry Potter special features on dvd, you'd realise that that is a quote from JK Rowling :P). She's so interesting and a bit out of it and odd. I love odd. And I love hwo Luna is a bit strange and a bit far fetched but you know there's some wisdom in her and she is a really clever person - she's in Ravenclaw. Of course she's smart.
It's a bit weird that these two characters are my favourites because they're like.. complete opposites :P Oh well

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

For English Extension 2, we have to hand in a journal but it can't have anything in it that has our name so Miss Young told us to come up with a nom de plume. So like.. an alias type thing and I couldn't think of anything to write without sounding like a loser so I just used my pottermore name :P I shall now be known as bloodpatronus in my Ext2 works ! YEEEEEAH BOY!
I really need to get my fringe cut. For me, I know my fringe is long when I can tuck it behind my ear and not have it fall out. Then it's not even a fringe anymore and it's really annoying because my neck gets sore from tilting my head to the right :/ <-- The tragedy that is  my life :P I am so pumped for the end of the year man. I am just so not bothered with school anymore and I've not been doing that well in terms of assessments.
In other news, I FINALLY GOT HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 ON DVD AND I AM SO HAPPY! Well this happened about a week ago so that excitement isn't as... big as it was when I first took it home :P I watched the special features and oh my gosh I cried! The women of Harry Potter are amazing and I was watching JK Rowling talk about them and I was just filled with amazement. JK Rowling, to me, you did exactly what Atwood said people should do ! :O Man, English has me analysing everything critically. I've been analytsing movies I watch for fun, light reading books, even emails. I'm kidding about the last one. I don't send emails. But seriously, it's insane D: And a little irritating. Can't enjoy some of the thing I watch/read anymore :(
Also good job to the mock trial team for their competition at the grand final :D Love watching you guys ! Thanks for taking Hurlstone so far! :D

Day 6: What house would you want to be in and why?
Ravenclaw. Hands down. Without a doubt. Ravenclaw. Because the sorting hat says they're clever. And I like to be thought as clever! Slytherin seem a bit full of themselves, Gryffindor is admirable but a little arrogant and Hufflepuff.. psh what is Hufflepuff? :P But yes, I'd love to be in Ravenclaw and I love how their common room entrance security thing is more than just a code the students have to remember. So many people would know that I love puzzles, codes and riddles. It's just so much fun to me ! :D

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 5: Fave male character and why

This is actually quite a hard one. First person that came into my head was Fred/George (for the sake of this, let's keep them as the same person) because they are so happy-go-lucky and cheeky. And I love cheeky! Then of course, Snape popped into my head. And James. I love James! He may be arrogant and stuff but I dno, I just love him! Draco definitely has enough mystery to keep me interested and you can see that there's some gentleness in him too and it's just really intriguing. Sirius and Lupin are pretty epic too... Do you see where I'm going with this?

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Hi all! I'm sorry, I know it's been two week since I last blogged. Well, more than two weeks. And as much as I'd like to say I was busy studying or whatever, you and I both know that I wasn't. In all honesty, the only reason I haven't been blogging lately is because I was capped. Yeah I got capped after like two weeks! How ridicurous ! Anyway, quick update on my life (cause you know... you're all oh so interested):
  1. Parents are in the Philippines for a month. Party at Kyleen's house! I'm kidding
  2. Because parents are in the Philippines, I can't ask them about SYC which probably means I won't be going D:
  3. I hate maths. 
  4. I feel abandoned by my teachers. 
  5. Love being House captain and I am so pumped for the filming week :D
  6. I can't think of anything else...
Wow, I go missing for two weeks and that's all I have to say? Now you know how eventful my life is.. ehe . ^^ 


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