Day 9

Hello all, so school's over and it's a rather strange feeling. No more obligation to do work. Well, we still have holiday homework but I have adages for that (heh, wonder what I'll be saying in five and a half weeks). Man, I got a letter from centrelink a couple of weeks ago saying my card thingy was going to expire and to call some number to renew it if I was still at school etcetc BUT EVERY TIME I'VE TRIED, IT'S BEEN "OUTSIDE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS". ANd no, this is not a case of Kyleen was too lazy to call multiple times or called at ridiculous hours of the day. I'm talking 5 ish after school on several occasions. So I figured, huh, maybe they close really early. So I call at 10am BUT NO, THEY STILL DON'T HAVE THE TIEM FOR ME! And I need to make this call before the 21st or I am screwed D: I couldn't  call any earlier than 5 on weekdays because seriously, I don't remember the last time I got home from school at the normal time (3:30ish). This week alone, I've gotten home at 5-6. Speaking of which, quick recap of the week:

  • Monday, finalised roles for Swimming Carnival video and made Executive Student Journalist for Yearbook committee :D Sooo excited! And I think I'm the only one boasting about it but I'm happy so don't judge me :$ Had extension 2 after school today and I am still so lost as to how to carry out my idea :/ Same with art ><
  • Tuesday, Bio party as a farewell to Clement :D 
  • Filming after school for an hour and then Extension 1 where I actually fell asleep, woke up an hour earlier and almost knocked off the container of meringues... 
  • Wednesday: More filming periods one and two, crashed Robson's class to film me doing Chemistry Calculations.. SORRY FOR THE MULTIPLE STUFF UPS ^^" Alsoooo, I think I left my calculator in that room :( Went to livo after we finished all the filming. Man, so proud to be part of Lachlan, I think we worked really efficiently :) 
  • Thursday; got called up for truanting... oops 8) Probably should have told Mrs Davis I was going to be with Miss Fox. Oh my gosh, felt so out of things. Randomly gatecrashing the mock trial party. O_O
  • Friday: Last day of school! Such a bludge. Got annoyed that we didn't have early finish and oh my gosh stupid Mr Peck and his stupid leaving... Cried more than I thought I would. Pretty sure Qandeel, Priya, Monica and stuff can vouch for that but grisgfvdnfgd it was insane. Then after school, Nick and I were about to walk out of the school but decided to say bye to Fox, Peck and Singh and Miss Fox is so sweet and thgreigdg :( Going to miss those teachers so much
  • yesterday I went shopping with my sister for new clothes for Christmas and New Years. Decided to be different and bought two maxi dresses, a lace baby doll dress, two belts and a ring. Cost like $100 all up (H) 

Day 9: Least Favourite Male Character
Cormac McLaggen was annoying as heck. He was so up himself and all high and mighty. And he acted like he knew exactly what girls wanted and how he could woo them oh so easily. No, Just no! You're not that great. Arrogance annoys me so much. Which is probably hypocritical but that's not the point I'm making right now ! :P But yes, Cormac McLaggen irritated me ==

Also, I was reading through some of my older posts and it amuses me how, in some aspects, I have not changed at all. And I had more pictures in my old posts. I should start that again...


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