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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Aloha Amy!
Tis your birthday today and you have turned the good ol' fifteen. You don't look that old to be quite honest. You're so lucky >< hehe we have one messed up family eh? You're my daughter, mariel is your...cousin? sister? ONe of the two but then I'm her sister. WEIRD O_O
Amy, my dear, you are a wonderful person and your birthday is just one of the days that I can fully acknowledge it. You are so talented with an awesome voice, and crazy dance skills. I'm telling you, you're gna go far:P You are so glamorous but not over the top with it, I love how you always manage ot look good no matter what the occasion.
You deserve all the love you get from your family, friends, schoolmates and everyone you interact with. I have valued every moment I have spent with you and I thankyou for giving me the opportunity to be in your company.
Camp of 08 was awesome. The failed setting up of the tent:P And then the WIND knocked it down...damn you wind ==" LOL Good times eh? You're trustworthy, sweet and have good morales. Oh yeah you're cool like that (H) Wow this card is written really badly. Ah well.
All I really wanted to say is that you are awesome! Never change because people love you exactly the way you are. You're intelligence is notable. Yearlies of last year, I remember you helped me cram for maths. Wow you explain things well. So amy, on your fifteenth birthday I want oyu to know that no matter what happens or is said, you're an awesome buddy who has blessed the lives of many just by being a great daughter friend. Have a wonderful birthday Amy, you deserve it :)
Love Kyleen


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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You know what ad pisses me off? The Kinder surprise one. The lyrics to it are so STUPID and yet, it's on so often that I know most of them. For those of you who don't, it is as follow:
To make lovely surprise
You take a day without a surprise
You become the surprise
kid says: papa!-
Then there's the milky chocolate taste
Nothing taste better than great surprise

Or SOMETHING like that. The lyrics are so LAME! And the tune is so eurgh. I think if you're going to make an ad, you should put CATCHY songs to sell whatever the hell you want to sell. Not lame-ass lyrics that Just say the tagline/name of product in EVERY FREAKING LINE. YOu know what this ad reminds me of? When lyou're being stupid with friends/siblings and you randomly sing words to a really crappy tune. Well, i;m not sure if anyone else does it , but me and my sister do.
Anyway, back to the stupid kinder surprise ad, the guy picks his kid up from school and THAT'S supposed to sell? I get what they're trying to say, that the best surprise is Kinder surprise but to back it up with lyrics like "you become the surprise?" justruins the idea of it.I mean, surely you would like to keep the attention on the product rather then the person?
This is my opinion and I am not an advertising expert but meh whatever.


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Sunday, July 26, 2009

You don't even realise that anything's changed.


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Who said it would be easy?
You said that we'd try to be
More than what we were
More than what we are
Maybe I don't want this to end


Day 2 of Mother Deprivation (yesterday): My sisters friends came over. We watched some crappy filo horror movie and I am legend. Omgsh I love the dog in I Am Legend. I love the movie actually. It is probably the ONLY good movie that has zombies and the end of civilisation in it. His daughter's really cute "sammy you take care of daddy" - shoves dog into Will Smith:P- "Look daddy, it's a butterfly!" LOL what a cuite. Her dadis about to go into a world of zombie mutants and all she cares about isa butterfly made from her own hands:P Good movie though

Day 3 of mother Deprivation (today...obviously): Things are going well but I need to start my damn english speech D: It's 1:53 so things could change. hmm...maybe I should make more of an effort and actually DO something productive. well off i go then....

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Friday, July 24, 2009

He said:I love you

She said: I love you too

I said: I hope you know how lucky you are.


He said:I love you

She said: I'm sorry but I don't. Not anymore. I
t just isn't working. I thought you were what I wanted but I guess I was wrong. I've seen better...

I said: I can't believe you're going to let him go.


She said:I'm sorry for ever letting you go. I was an IDIOT and I can't believe I hurt you as much as I did but I wish i didn't cause all I want is you and my life is so empty now and I just want you to know I love you.

He said:
I STILL love you.

I said: Why can't you say that to ME?


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Day 1 of mother deprivation. Wait a sec. did I even mention she was going anywhere? In case I haven't, she went to the Philippines with my Grandma for reasons I cannot be bothered explaining (: Now, my mum and grandma are the MAIN people who keep the house clean. Like me and my sister will do things when we are asked and my dad is at work a lot. yYOu'd THINK that with just mea nd my 18-year-old sister at home, we would be enjoying the freeom and partaying like there's no tomorrow etcetc. But no. Not me and MY sister.
We are actually doing the housework and I'd like to say we are doing a relatively good job:) The things are getting done but it's annoyingly time-consuming and boring =/ Let's see how the next 3-4 weeks go shall we? :)
Oh and i haven't had Appletiser for TWO WEEKS NOW. I NEED MY SUGAR BUZZ D:

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I got a hair cut today. It's a LOT shorter than I expected/wanted. My sister says I look a Japanese boy T_T isn't she sweet? It's alright though..I guess =/ but gah! when I bring it to the front it hardly reaches my collarbone>< Or maybe I'm over reacting but STILL! oh well it's the same cut but I think he added more layers it's choppier than I remember. Again: i could just be delusional. And omgsh I spent FOUR FRICKEN HOURS at the hairdresser getting it coloured, hot-oiled and whatever else JUST so she can look good tomorrow when she arrives in the Philippines==" Is that really NECCESSARY? It was so damn boring. We were in Fairfield and she goe to me and my sister " You girls can go roam around" and im thinking to myself:
1) I don't know my way around this place
2) There doesn't seem to be anything interesting nearby
3)What if i get rolled? D:
4) cute guy in hairdressers ;) (LOL im kidding ...or am I? ;P)

So yeah...all in all pretty boring day =/


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Monday, July 20, 2009

Ok. Still at Raelene's house and apparently one chilli wasn't enough fun for her so we asked Lawrence to suggest things to do. In the end we decided to make llike a cocktail of all this random CRAP! So in it we put: lemon juice, tomato sauce, Chinese spices, salt, cut up chilli (actual chilli with BIG chilli seeds><), whipped cream and water. And bits of it sorta solidified and yeah. Video was done on her camera so I can upload it now:)

Watch it here:)

Yes i chickened out. Im sorry folks. Not that brave and YES RAELENE YOU DO WIN!!
Ok, I had to eat ANOTHER chilli because she finished her drink. IM SUCH A WUSS ><

Watch THAT video here (:

Raelene says: there's vomit in my throat
I say: my hands are chilli infected so everything I touch burns and my face is burning ! D:

~five minutes later~
Ok, mouth is no longer burning but face still is ><

~another fifteenish minutes later~
ohmygosh. I attempted to get rid of the burn by washing my hands + face. All that did was spread the burn and now i think it's in my eye D: oh gosh kill me now D:
Edit: Wrote this on the night that we ate chilli but couldnt post till today.

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YAYAYAY! I have finished re-editing the HTML for the template so it SHOULD be all good. If there are any faults you notice (eg broken link etc) please tell me(:
OMGSH! i am at a family friends house right now (raelene) and i just came back from eating a whole chilli :) Here's the story: Earlier today Raelene told me about how people eat a spoonful of cinnamon and start dying from it. So we went looking for cinnamon but she didnt have any so we settled for chilli O_O If you know me well, you will know i am REALLY weak with spicy stuff! We were sitting in her sun room and i decided to record what was going on. I'll see if I can upload them in a sec. (lol she's watching the video and afterwards, i look so damn traumatised)
[insert video here]
Oh great, now she's thinking about looking for wasabi O_O
Anyway today, I went to an all-you-can-eat thing at Merrylands and who should I see there but Lisa :) Have fun stuffing yourself Lisa?:P Our reaction was like identical and it was so funny. It was a you-had-to-be-there moment. Sheesh Lisa now YOU are copying ME (inside joke there). I can't believe Julie won masterchef><
I mean she's good and everything but i liked Poh! anyway im going to spend time with my dear Raelene and see what else she feeds me (=

PS. omgsh i feel sick from that chilli and my mouth burns, wish me luck><

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

I accidentally rese my blog template so now i have to RE-edit everything so yeah..right nwo blog is under maintenance. But still..enjoy:)

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Masterchef last night was so cute:P Like the mood was all light and happy and everyone was there. Omgsh they did such good impersonations of each other! (judges and contestants I mean) I want Poh to win just because she's biased am i?:P But Julie's ideas are better. I like her cookbook idea. It's sweet ^_^
The judges were given a mystery box challenge. It was funny:P they had lamb brains (that sounds so gross) and Julie and Poh were like to George "What could go wrong with this dish?" and he was like "nothing cause im the best" and was just really fun and happy. I really liked yesterdays episode:)

It was So You Think You Can Dance after it and Asuka and her partner's routine was so pretty !!! I cant be bothered finding it and linking it but my gosh! i loved it:) and one of the hip hop routine's COULD have been good but they didnt perform it very well. But then again, who am i to say that? I cant dance for crap. Damn this uncoordination ! That's not a word but stuff it!

Wow i just noticed. My more recent posts have been about tv shows/movies. IM SUCH A COUCH POTATO :O lol meh watcha gna do. Well im off. Toodles!


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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Did any of you watch The Great Debate last night? It was so funny! The camel was so cute when the guy was trying to get him through the eye of a needle. hehe it bit him xD Lesson learnt: Dont mess with the camel:P

Oh an I watched Transformers one today so that if i ever watch Transformers 2 (SOMEONE TAKE ME!! ) I actually get what's going on. And i think I'm in love with bumblebee :D He's so cute and he talks through radio!! Megan Fox is cool cause she can fix cars:) Bt he seems a tad up herself don't you think. At this point im BETTING that the guys are like "so what? she's hot and she likes sex!" meh . Each to their own i guess:)

This sexy beast or....

This not-so-sexy, car-fixing, sex loving random?

I know which one I prefer:) (BUMBLEBEEEEEEEEEEEE!!)

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh Olivia,
It is your birthday today. You are now fifteen :O now you can LEGALLY enter MA15+ movies. Good on you:) You have been one of my friends since kindy and you were my very BEST friend at more than one stage. As the years continue to pass us by, the distance seems to be growing greater. And yet, i know that no matter what, there will never be an awkwardness between us. You're just one of those people i can talk to even if a million years have gone by and we havent talked.
We go waaaaaay back. All the way to *suspenseful music* the year 2000! We were friends right from the start and although we cant say we never fought, we CAN say that we always made up.
Year six was one of the best years of my life and there are still times when I miss 6K and honestly, one of the main reasons is because of you, Kristy and Kim. We were so different and yet we worked so well together. I loved how we could always back each other up and we automatically knew that we would rotate when it comes to pair work and whatnot. Dance fever! omgsh that was sooo fun man! You are so pro!
Last day of school sucked. It was really fun but it meant saying goodbye to everyone for like..ever =O Olivia, you have been one of my closest friends for ages and I am so glad that you still are. You have never changed in a bad way and you have never gotten a bighead because of your awesome dancing skill:P This is a really long and suck birthday card thingy but can you really sum up 10 years of friendship into a minute writing space? I DIDNT THINK SO! so instead let me say this:
Our friendship has been strengthened with time, distance and separation and I know that i can STILL rely on you to be there whenever i need you...right? I love how you are such a good friend, easy to trust and able to break any awkward silence. You are selfless and whoever can call you a friend has earned a really valuable jewel to add to their collection (dont you just love metaphors:P) You're a really good friend who deserves the best and I hope that the future can bring you all the happiness and blessings you deserve. Happy fifteenth Birthday Olivia. Never change because I love you just the way you are :)

Love Kyleen:)


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A short visual depiction of absolute fiction that occurs while you sleep. The averag dream lasts 20minutes. It lasts only a night, so don't get lost in them. =="

I need to learn to wake up from a dream without dwelling on it. Like maybe if that crazed maniac was chasing the other car, maybe I wouldnt have fallen and woken up. Maybe then I could keep watching the exciting scene and prove that a dream can last longer than 20minutes:)

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

omgsh i just got a counter and I just realised how UN-visited my blog is...what a fail><
Thats it..more advertising then==" To the science desks we go:)

Anyway I went to display homes today..just for the fun of it. ANd there was this house called Macarthur Manor (heehee it reminds me of Macarthur Magic:P) and it was soooo big! It was really pretty too! And the whole top floor was the master bedroom and you go into where the bed ir right then you turn right go up another small set of stairs and theres a wadrobe. IT WAS MASSIVE! it was like a room in a room and there was a sun roof and everything. IT was soo nice I wish I had my camera>< My sister's aloser and video-toured it with her phone:P

Anywho..enough of reaming about big houses I will never own, Toodles!


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Oh my gosh. Yesterday was the first couples performance of So You Think You can dance and the first one was sooo good! I swear American SYTYCD is so much better than Australia's ==" The first one was so woah! watch it here :)
edit: Don't bother clicking the link, the video got removed :S It was philip and jeanine dancing to Mad if you wna check it out =="...stupid copyright ><

There was another one that was really pro.It was to a song by Richard something or other. forgot the name of it so i cant link it :S if you find it report back to me stat! It was really nice and it made one of the judges cry. hehehe i laugh at people's pain D: arent i evil? >=] (lol that face reminds me of danica's text which led to her accidentally sending someone else a random text..hehe good times good times:P)

Yeah i just had to point out the pro-ness of SYTYCD.I watched Princess Diaries in between it too. I cant believe i still enjoy that movie im so childish its weird O_O i go toodles!

Edit: I found the video of the dance I liked:D Check It!



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Friday, July 10, 2009

Holidays ! woot!

Today was pretty awesome. 9M got split up into all the other classes and me, avi and Danica H got sent to 9O. First two periods, me, monica,surleen and Danica were contacting books for the English cottage people (child labour i say!)

Period three for 9O was science with some sub teacher because Mr Baxter left:( Danica was doing her Truong homework so me and avi went to socialise with the 9O people then Mr substitute was TOTALLY hitting on Danica. You could SEE the chemistry ;P The second me and Avi left the table BAM! he sits next to her and "helps her" leaning closer than was necessary:P ok im sorry Danica ill stop..>hehe<

Period 4 with Miss Pham was awesome! We played geography Charades and it was so funny. PLate-O :P Danica and her fail spot height and Stephen being a Platypus...good itmes good times:P GO TEAM BANANA!!!!!

Lunch Emily and Daniel got all these chocolate boxes to sell for the ridiculously expensive ski camp for PASS and i volunteered to sell some. I have now sold 23..GO ME:D (and yes emily it all goes to you) Then we had if Pollock would let us bludge so we just "researched" our assignment topics. Maths we watched some lame movie thingy on trigonometry..what a fail. the chick "took us for a boat ride" and she saw triangles everywhere which made her feel the need to measure them all using trig==" WHO DOES THAT?!

Yeah..went livo afer school for a bit, pretty uneventful. so off I go :) toodles!



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Saturday, July 4, 2009

You're the inspiration to my dedications.

You are the one that I
've wanted to say so many things to.

You make me smile just by being there.

I'm going to tell you how much you mean to me the only way I know how,

Anonymously and indirectly because I'm a coward and hate the thought of Rejection.

I Love every moment that I spend with you.

I'd do anything just to be closer to you.

You're always on my mind...


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