Commercial television

You know what ad pisses me off? The Kinder surprise one. The lyrics to it are so STUPID and yet, it's on so often that I know most of them. For those of you who don't, it is as follow:
To make lovely surprise
You take a day without a surprise
You become the surprise
kid says: papa!-
Then there's the milky chocolate taste
Nothing taste better than great surprise

Or SOMETHING like that. The lyrics are so LAME! And the tune is so eurgh. I think if you're going to make an ad, you should put CATCHY songs to sell whatever the hell you want to sell. Not lame-ass lyrics that Just say the tagline/name of product in EVERY FREAKING LINE. YOu know what this ad reminds me of? When lyou're being stupid with friends/siblings and you randomly sing words to a really crappy tune. Well, i;m not sure if anyone else does it , but me and my sister do.
Anyway, back to the stupid kinder surprise ad, the guy picks his kid up from school and THAT'S supposed to sell? I get what they're trying to say, that the best surprise is Kinder surprise but to back it up with lyrics like "you become the surprise?" justruins the idea of it.I mean, surely you would like to keep the attention on the product rather then the person?
This is my opinion and I am not an advertising expert but meh whatever.


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