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Saturday, April 30, 2011

grr, so I wanted to blog yesterday but I couldn't cause my keyboard died on me and it didn't occur to me to change the battery. Well, it did but I didn't know if we had any and I had already moved to laptop by then. Anyway, what I would have liked to say has now increased as another day has gone past. So excuse what I can only suspect will be a long post. Why I am writing like this, I have no idea. Let's just say I'm practising story writing for English Extension shall we? Is it even going to be a short story ? D:
Speaking of short stories, did anyone draw a mind map for the story for English? No part of the question specified a need for a mind map and previous papers we were given last term had a space designated for a mind map. Also, short stories alone are generally worth 15 marks and that's what it said. No extra marks rewarded for any mind map that may or may not have been included. So if any deductions are done, UNFAIR XP Also with the English Exam, was use of the provided stimulus necessary? It say may help you. I used one just in case. I'm rather proud of my time management this time around. Generally, I have more than half of my story to finish and the resulting comment says "it's good..if only you finished it". Clearly not in those exact words, english teachers are much too eloquent for that... But you get my point. This time, I still didn't finish. But I finished MOST of it. I sacrificed the last question on section 1 for my story but still had time to write more stuff. Towards the end, I just wrote dot points cause I had no time. Ah well, let's hope they appreciate it. At the end of the exam, Thai turned around and was all "You wrote so much!". 9 pages. See, sounds impressive. But seriously, my writing is massive so in normal people writing it would have been like...6-7.
Art exam was ok. Hadn't studied in the holidays. See, my mentality with art is based on the fact that each question has images. Usually two and requires some sor tof comparison or development or judgement to be made. So you could get away with minimal study and just use the skills learned in class to analyse the images in front of you. Right? However, I am rather glad the art crew crammed in the library straight after English. And that we cornered Miss Ross while she was supervising a year 8 maths class trying to clarify a few things. Also, rather proud of us for being able to cram all the art periods into however many hours we had :) Yay art :P
Today, I went to livo to attend to some errands that had been continuously rescheduled since Wednesday. How annoying, I feel like I wasted so much... I desperately need to study for Legal. Oh hey look, legal book in front of me. with paper! See, I'm prepared to study. But here I am. Blogging. Procrastinating. Wasting time. Yeah ! Who was it that always told me to study...? Kabir, Vincent or Colin. One of them. Point is, Kabir, Colin or Vincent would be disappointed. So I should probably get cracking.


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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I have finished my art cabinet. I am so amazed and happy and I'm just waiting for the moment where I think OH WAIT I NEED TO ADD [insert object here] NOOOO! But I finished the painting, about to pick up something else to edit or add to it before I realised, I have nothing left to add. I'm rather proud of myself tbh :') I seriously did not think I was going to make it. I had to remake the mini Zeus cause the first one's limbs kept falling off. THE SECOND ONE LOOKS SO BAD! THE FIRST ONE WAS HEAPS BETTER! But oh well, if asked, it's Zeus in relief, no realism intended :) Of course, there are regrets with all the things I did, like the remake, the flattening of the candle and painting the background black. It's those moments where you start something, look at it and think I should not have done that... but it's too late to fix so you go with it anyway and you're just completely thrown off and annoyed but there really is nothing you can do so you just make the most of it. Yeah...
All my school stuff has scattered around the house and I have no idea how that happened cause I barely did any school work D: I need to hunt down or buy a fair few of my things. Tis sad. I have intentionally neglected revising or thinking up a storyline for English simply because the subject annoys me. Leadership is such a boring topic. I loooove the English Extension topic. It's so interesting. And fun to write. Speaking of which, has anyone from English Extension offline done their essay?
Also, last night I was texting and I was reading over it today, and as it got later and later, my texts made less sense and you could tell I was tired. There was something about a tick in a text about sleeping.. Yeah I'm confused too. I'm amazed the recipient was able to figure out what I was trying to say.. As far as I can tell, I don't think I was trying to say anything at all. I WAS SLEEPY OK?

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I have reason to believe I am the odd one out:
  1. While everyone seems to be bummed out about school starting in two days, I'm rather excited. Of course, I choose to ignore the fact that we have exams second day and that art is due first day back... ok now the hyperventilation begins. I probably shouldn't have acknowledged that fact...
  2. This morning, I woke up, went on twitter and saw a stack of people saying it was freezing. I thought the only reason I disagreed was cause I was in bed but I went cabra today and I didn't find it cold. The car was so stuffy ! But then again, that car is always so stuffy.
  3. Everyone seems to have studied enough
In conclusion, I am a strange strange person that should not be called human. How about humanoid? Reminds me of Danicap in year 7 and 8. Good times :P


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Monday, April 25, 2011

Man, more phantom scars keep popping up. Maybe phantom isn't the right word. Hm, well I keep getting random scars or bruises or scratches on my limbs and I have no idea where they come from ! AND MY EYE HURTS! LIKE STINGS! IS THAT EVEN NORMAL??? I think some voodoo stuff is going on. I'm kidding. I don't believe in voodoo so there XP
I was trying to think of something else to write to drag this post out a bit so it wouldn't seem completely random and pointless, but I can't think of anything ! So yes, with this paragraph of a post, I bid you farewell.


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who wanted to stalk Chris brown in the city. Now I'm ashamed to reveal that I am associated with this person but yes, Raelene and I (+family) went city yesterday and the whole time, Raelene was keeping an eye out for Chris Brown and dragging us to places he could be. It amused me. I refuse to let myself eat a lot today. Yesterday, I went overboard. Went pancakes on the rocks and most of htem couldn't finish theirs so I became the bin. No complaints but daaaamn, I'm such a fatty :P Ah well, twas nice.
This will contradict what I just said but, I CAN EAT SWEET THINGS TODAY SO I PLAN ON PIGGING OUT... tomorrow. I had a red velvet cupcake though and omgsh it is the best thing ever. I have no idea what red velvet is made of and if it's made out of something weird, don't tell me. I like to enjoy my food in peace :)
Quite clearly, I did not end up going to parra to watch Scream 4 and attack Max Brenner with Raelene. After last night's 14hour adventure, I am just not bothered and my favourite loser couldn't come anyway. Tragic. My tolerance for the cold has decreased and it makes me sad. I used to LOVE this weather. Still do. Cause I like cold. But I used to be able to sit in a singlet and shorts (not short shorts obviously...) and be fine. But no, I'm wearing a hoodie and I'm still cold. My nose always feels cold nowadays too. My dad keeps saying I'm a cat. ew. Cats.
Art is annoying me. I have like... two and a half things done for it and I have no idea what else I WANT to put in it. Candles are fun to carve though. My Minoan snake Goddess' head looks like an acorn. I don't know whats on her head so I kinda just put a blob there and now it looks like a damn acorn D: Oh well, here's to hoping Mrs Coombes appreciates effort (Y)


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Saturday, April 23, 2011

There was a girl who gave up sweets for 40 days. This girl can't be bothered speaking in third person and in storybook mode for an entire blog post so Hi. 1 more full day of not eating sweets. I am excited. On Monday, I will be going to Parra to watch Scream 4 with Raelene and since she gave up almost the same thing as me, we are going to attack Max Brenner >=] and if a certain favourite loser of mine decides to come, then that just makes things even better doesn't it?
Yesterday was Good Friday and my family and Raelene's family went to Berrima (not sure about the spelling of that) where they always have this massive mass and follow the stations of the cross cause they have like.. a grotto and stuff. And there's an alter set up there and on the way there are tiny buildings dedicated to different saints. I know there's a technical name for these buildings but I can't remember.
When we got there, and as the day progressed, mor eand more filos showed up. As expected. It's been like that every year. I saw Raymund and his cousins! But they're twins so I don't know which one's which so I decided not to say their names when I said hi...Go me. Before the mass, we went walking around looking at all the saints buildings and took photos in fron tof the ones that were significant to us (Saint of Marikina where we're from etc) and my mum made me take a photo in front of the saint of Vietnam... Go figure.
Every time I think abou tlegal or art, I get really really nervous. Legal cause I've barely studied and I don't knowhow to retain all that information seeing as the only way I seem to be able to study is using flash cards but all that info doesn't fit on a flash card D: And art because I have made practically zero progress. The realistic landscape I was trtying to do failed miserable and I need to think of something new to draw. The shellac is a funky colour so now my box looks a weird yellow and the mini clay zeus I made looks dodgy :( The only thing I actually like about my box is the false bottom I made for it. Cause it works. Ah well , tomorrow I shall think of more mini sculptures to carve cause those are the only things that seem to be semi presentable :P

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The many things I need to say are short and random. So much so that there would be less flow in this post than usual. So let's use dot points shall we?
  • I've watched Harry Potter three times since I bought it. Addict much? But I love it.
  • I want to go to Harry Potter Land. Seriously, I would give up all my other international ambitions to go there. If going there meant no acropolis museum, Guggenheim museum, the Louvre and everywhere else I want to go, I don't care. I WILL GET THERE DAMMIT
  • I remember saying on twitter that I get random bursts of motivation that make me want to study. I've figured out the pattern. I start studying when there are other things to be done that I don't feel like doing. It's my procrastination for other aspects of my life. Good job to me
  • I have a random scratch on my leg. I don't know where it came from but it hurts
  • I think my lack of girliness has just been proved. My sister was straightening her hair and asked for my help. I didn't know how to use it properly and she's like "you suck =='" I CAN'T HELP IT! I DON'T USE STRAIGHTENERS ><
  • Isn't my life interesting? :P


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Monday, April 18, 2011

Cause I hear the whispered words within. <--- That line started playing and I felt obliged to write it down, it sounded like it wanted to be written. Cause words have feelings yknow. In other news, I got my hair cut. It's different. Very different. The bangs are back and its shooort. Like above my collarbone short ! D: My mum keeps teasing me cause I apparently look like the Japanese dolls. I see her point I guess. But every time she sees me, she bows to me and speaks Japanese. Fun :P
I bought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One the other day ! I'm so happy. I've watched both discs twice now and the special features make me sad cause they keep talking about how it's the last time they'll be able to be all tight and whatever. It's so sad ! Daniel Radcliffe is hilarious and I love the Phelps twins ! They're so cute. And the relationship between Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe is so brother-sisterly. It's just so much fun to watch. ehe . I sound like I'm like full best friends with them 8-) Of course, those conclusions have been drawn from the behind the scenes discs for every movie !
Anywaaaaay, I am making progress with art! I have made a false bottom and I just need white foam. Which I will probably grab from the art room Thursday morning. Yes I am aware that that is cutting it close considering it's due that day. But I'm too cheap and lazy to buy my own foam :P I'm also broke so yeah... Art store room to the rescue >=] If there is no foam left, I'm going to cry. Oh boy that thought didn't occur to me before now... I should probably think of an alternative :S While I do that, you guys can ponder over this:
"If someone was always wearing armor around their torso (like Erza), didn't do anything but eat, would they get fat? Or would the metal restrict their stomach from growing? But then where would the fat go?"

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Lawrence ! Yeah I texted you earlier but I realised I didn't actually say Happy Birthday.. more addressed whether or not you want to go out for your birthday some time next week :P So yes, Happy Birthday You ! I don't think you read my blog though so that was a bit of a waste... :/
Speaking of which, I give up planning a massive group outing Henry. I'm sorry but everyone's busy on individual days with their little mini groups or other commitments. Meanwhile, here I am sitting at home like the loner I am with no life. But I need to go livo or cab on Sunday to give her clay. It will probably end up being livo cause my mum won't let me go Cab :/ Ah well. I don't know what I'll do there. Either stay in the library and study or watch scream or something. I don't know I'll figure it out eventually.
Gah I'm just not bothered to do anything. Although, I just spent an hour studying legal and bio .Yeah I know it's not that long to you intelligent people who do like.. more than that a day :P But I have a really short attention span so to me, that's an achievement. When all the exams are over and I don't excel in teh subjects I wanted to, I'll refer back to this moment and be all I SHOULD HAVE STUDIED MORE. It's been like that ever since year seven. Have I tried to break that cycle? Yes. But I fail miserably every time. I'll keep trying though :S
Last night I had a dream I ate chocolate. Yeah. That's how much I'm craving sweet things right now. It's kinda sad that I rely on them that much :P Ah well. Yesterday I went to Lisa's house and it was fun. Let's leave it at that. When my mum picked me up, she had prawn dumpling :D It made me happy ^^

You've fallen in love in the worst way
and if you don't go now then you'll stay
And if you're looking for heaven
Baby it sure as hell ain't me


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Monday, April 11, 2011


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That's you Colin. The amount of times I've said that to you... I don't even know why I said that half the time. Your intelligence is oh so superior to mine I probably say that more often than is necessary. Wow. The 'oh so' makes it sound I'm like being sarcastic. But I'm not. I promise :P
While trying to think of something to write for your birthday blog, I realised there is very little I can say because the reason I value your as a friend is for one very simple reason; you're awesome.
Yes, lame reason. But the thing is, with most other people, you can pinpoint what exactly it is you like about them. But with you, it's like... overall personality and attitude. I respect your views and opinions and your responses to my random scenarios :P btw the girl that was tied to the bomb is a-okay now.
I love how you seem to be unaffected by social pressures and while I can't say I know every intention behind your action, nor can I say I have witnessed all your actions (I don't stalk :P), I can say what I have seen of you gives me plenty of reasons to admire you. Like I saidm I don't even know why. Maybe it's cause you're so nice. Or so intelligent. Or so disciplined. Or always willing to listen to my pointless rants and make me laugh afterwards with minimal judging (out loud anyway...:P). Or maybe it's a mixture of all of that. Now I know that seems like I'm contradicting myself by pinpointing good qualities but honestly, there is still some unknown quality about you on top of all that.
I think I mentioned camp to you in your new year's text but in case I haven't, caving was mad and you were so supportive and encouraging. Even though I slowed you down. My bad D: But thanks for sharing your torch spider monkey ! ^^
So all in all, in this incredibly long blog post that I have spent almost an hour trying to perfect and ended up saying very little, I shall conclude by saying Happy Birthday Little Brother. Thank you for winning our bet. Even though I like to win. Winning this bet would have been very sad for me :P
Love Lots, Kyleen :)

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oh the irony of that blog post considering today is his birthday. Happy Birthday Colin! I will write you a proper birthday blog when I am not about to go out and I actually have time to think it over. So that will probably be tomorrow. Good luck with your story writing little brother :P
On a different note, yesterday sucked. Everything before period 5 was like.. therntgtfrhrtshmfhjrys Stupid English mark. Stupid bio rank. Stupid art supplies with lids that don't screw on properly. grr and Maths.. I just don't like maths so that's just stupid XP Well aren't I a cheerful person. Anyway, in legal, Mr Lynch gave us food ! Not that I could eat any of it. It was all chocolates and stuff. But then Lisa went into the staff room and took the last two pizzas. Which, sweet as she is, she shared with Avi, Luke and I. Good times :P Legal is so fun these days. grr. Quick interruption: My mum gets annoyed at my blog content... O_O
Back on topic: Last day of having Mr Geerling for Chem. I am so sad ! He was so cool and funny and gah :( Ah well. Miss Jackson is really cool too. She's so nice and she's an amazing teacher :) I think so anyway...
After school, Alan, Kabir, Nicholas, Rafi, Thai and I went to watch Limitless. And to be honest, the concept and the idea of it was good but it got a little boring. It's like... He can use his mind. Yay ! ahem... But yes, while watching that movie, I kept thinking "Damn, if I had that pill all the stupid subjects wouldn't be so bad." Especially art. Every time I think about the cabinet, my insides curl up and I get really irritated cause I have no idea what to do. Although, Vincent's advice in Chem has had some effect and I have a little more direction than I did before. One minor problem: I lack the skill and creativity to execute this concept which I shall not divulge to the public in case I fail and you all think it's something completely different. See with this degree of mystery, if you assume it's something else, I can just be all "Yeaaah! That's exactly what I was trying to do:D" And if you can't tell what it is at all, then the classic art excuse: It's abstract

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Victor Kim replied to my comment on youtube! Yeah I know it's just a reply to a comment. Not even a comment on a video but still! I feel all giggly fan girl like. Let me have my glory D:
Legal yesterday was really fun. It took us a while to find an interesting court case but we got there eventually. A gynecologist was getting sued for inappropriate touching. It was probably the same case the other group saw. I mean how often does a gynecologist get accused of that...? ehe .
I am currently going thorugh a friends obsession. The series not the people. Although people friends are good too :) But yes, Ross and Rachel are so cute together. And I think I get into the episode I'm watching. Like, what happens in the show affects me more than it should. I may have gotten annoyed at Thai for something Ross did before realising we they weren't the same person... I'm kidding. I'm not that weird. *cough**cough*
Also, biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Thank you to Thai for coming back to Glenfield yesterday :P You're the best. YOU COULD HAVE GONE HOME IF YOU WANTED TO YOU KNOW? I FEEL BAD! Silly Thai..
Anywho, I've gotten back into saying silly. Gone back? I don't remember if I had ever previously used the word silly. But it seems familiar. You know what doesn't sound familiar? THE LAND OF NOD! I don't get it and it bugs me :(


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Monday, April 4, 2011

Eurgh. Once again I have forgotten what I wanted to blog about. But I shall blog anyway just so you kids know I'm still alive. Pity isn't it? ehe . Anyway...
I can't wait til this term is over. I know I said earlier this year that I love my subjects and my classes and blahblahblah. I do. I still do. But I just need want a break from work D: Cause you know... holidays will mean a break not endless studying. Man oh man.
Legal excursion tomorrow ! Yay :D Watching mock trials today was really fun. It's so interesting to watch so I'm assuming actual court cases will be the same. If not more interesting. Luke and Avi are such good speakers. In terms of arguing and objections. Phwoar! And Emily and Wendy were so.. cool headed and composed. Those are the only people got to watch :/ We left just when it got interesting ! Ah well. They won so hooray Hurlstone :D
My sister said she cleaned her itunes list and took off all the bad songs. Thing is, we both have very different taste in music and now as I flick through the songs, I struggle to find one worth listening to. Now all I'm listening to is The Script :P
So I have now run out of words to say. So until next time kids


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Friday, April 1, 2011

Are terribly uncreative. Anyway, I AM BACK! Finally uncapped after like a eek or more of not blogging, I have missed it terribly. And now to read the week's worth of blogs. yaay !
Today, was taking photos of a crows for art and I swear the crow I was stalking was getting angry. I'm so scared of crows. I don't mind birds. But crows are freaky cause they're big and they don't move when you run after them. If anything, they stare you down until you back away. So this would probably be the first time I actually looked for a crow and tried to get close. I found on in the donut of the donut quad.. obviously. I got as close as I dared to go but then it moved and I freaked out and backed away a bit. With as much dignity as one could muster while running away from a bird...
I kept getting closer but I think it could tell I was following it because it kept running away! I am not a subtle bird watcher ok? It hid behind a tree at one point which makes me think it was camera shy. Why am I giving personality traits to a crow? But yeah, eventually i jumped on one of the green benches and I was like YES FINALLY A GOOD PHOTO! And I tried getting closer then it puffed out its chest and started screaming and talking to it's friends and its friends started talking back and aaargh it freaked me out so I went back to the art rooms. It was making loud noises and trying to look big. I THINK IT WAS ANGRY! Probably plotting my death with it's little crow buddies >.>
Wow, my first blog post in a week or so and it's about a crow... Aren't I interesting? :) Legal was fun today. Avi and I were both in a really good mood and being annoying together rather than the usual one person annoys the other. Twas a pleasant change :P


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