Once Upon A Time

There was a girl who gave up sweets for 40 days. This girl can't be bothered speaking in third person and in storybook mode for an entire blog post so Hi. 1 more full day of not eating sweets. I am excited. On Monday, I will be going to Parra to watch Scream 4 with Raelene and since she gave up almost the same thing as me, we are going to attack Max Brenner >=] and if a certain favourite loser of mine decides to come, then that just makes things even better doesn't it?
Yesterday was Good Friday and my family and Raelene's family went to Berrima (not sure about the spelling of that) where they always have this massive mass and follow the stations of the cross cause they have like.. a grotto and stuff. And there's an alter set up there and on the way there are tiny buildings dedicated to different saints. I know there's a technical name for these buildings but I can't remember.
When we got there, and as the day progressed, mor eand more filos showed up. As expected. It's been like that every year. I saw Raymund and his cousins! But they're twins so I don't know which one's which so I decided not to say their names when I said hi...Go me. Before the mass, we went walking around looking at all the saints buildings and took photos in fron tof the ones that were significant to us (Saint of Marikina where we're from etc) and my mum made me take a photo in front of the saint of Vietnam... Go figure.
Every time I think abou tlegal or art, I get really really nervous. Legal cause I've barely studied and I don't knowhow to retain all that information seeing as the only way I seem to be able to study is using flash cards but all that info doesn't fit on a flash card D: And art because I have made practically zero progress. The realistic landscape I was trtying to do failed miserable and I need to think of something new to draw. The shellac is a funky colour so now my box looks a weird yellow and the mini clay zeus I made looks dodgy :( The only thing I actually like about my box is the false bottom I made for it. Cause it works. Ah well , tomorrow I shall think of more mini sculptures to carve cause those are the only things that seem to be semi presentable :P


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