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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Vincent,
Happy 16th Birthday ! Aww everyone's growing up so fast :') So. Vincent, I only met you this year when you came to Hurlstone and you became/i forced you to be my older brother pretty quickly. You were and are so fun to talk to and you never fail to amuse me.
I remember in the first few weeks that I knew you, we had that DnM at lunch and I was all weirded out that we were having such deep conversations so soon :P But it was cool. ANd then we had that conversation in maths when the class was really empty so we were forced decided to sit together. Damn... I humiliated myself in that conversation. Maybe I should stop bringing that up in the hopes that you will forget it :P
Ooh last sport session when you did netball and I did basketball, a bunch of us stayed back and play basketball. I was so unco but you were pretty nice about it :P and and and (woah constant reminscing!) watching you guys play netball, you were always so hard on yourself.
Anyway, Vincent, you are such a nice guy and your athleticism continuously amazes me. You've helped me out of ahem... 'tough' situations (by tough I mean that problem that i bothered you about constantly) and you are one of the best huggers I know :P You manage to notice when im upset (not so much lately cause I dont talk to you that much anymore.. WHATS UP WITH THAT?). So Vincent, make the most of your day andI hope you receive the best cause you honestly deserve it. Smile lots, frown less and remember that no matter how hard you are on yourself, no matter how much you think you aren't as good as you can be, I think that there's very little you can do to be any better :) (oh damn thats cheesy...)
Love Lots, Kyleen (I hope your favourite colour is green..)

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear Pernickety,
Happy 16th birthday ! Thanks for being such an awesome older brother for the past however many years you've been my older brother. You are such a gentleman and I love how you tell the truth not some sugar coated version of the truth. I honestly think you're a really nice guy and you deserve to be happy.
Despite the numerous times I tease you or say really mean things, I hope you know that I love the relationship we have. When I think about the times we've had, it's mostly playful bickering (or I hope its playful...) but I hope you don't hold that against me :P
I love the DnMs we have at random times that end up lasting longer than I thought. I love that you trust me and I can trust you just as much (again.. I hope !) And I know that we haven't talked properly for a while and that maybe we aren't as close as we used to be so these things may not seem applicable to you but I seriously still do trust you.
You're an awesome friend and your ability to make me laugh is admirable... why did I make it sound so.. posh? :P lol You're probably one of the most tolerant guys I know, constantly putting up with me annoying you and stuff and I'm glad you are otherwise we'd be enemies by now :P Seriously, I am such a pest.. to you anyway. Oh that must make you feel better :L
I better wrap this up now before it gets too long :S But yeah, Happy birthday Nicholas. Thanks for all the good times. Smile lots, frown less and remember your intelligence surpasses mine so PLEASE STOP COMPETING D: haha love you lots big kid :P
Love Lots, Kyleeny


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Friday, August 27, 2010

When the opposite gender had cooties
When teachers used to put us in boy-girl order for assembly and that was meant to be a form of discipline.
When we thought our arm span was wide enough to describe how far love actually goes
When it was kool 2 ryt lyk dis.
When we'd have to hear that annoying dial up sound before connecting to the internet
When $3 was a lot to us
When movie tickets weren't so damn expensive
When it took so little to amuse our simple minds
When the world seemed so big and bright
When we sang lyrics to somewhat vulgar without realising the meaning of what we were singing
When it was ok to make mistakes because it was all part of the learning process.
Do you remember when life was simple?

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Yesterday was so awesome. I cant be bothered blogging about it. Mitchell has most of the details on his blog anyway. But yes, happy birthday Thai, hope you had an awesome day. Santosh and Henry, you guys should make your own reality TV show or smth :P

So you know what really bugs me? When people constantly remind you what you're doing wrong or they tell you to do something while you're on your way to do whatever they're telling you to do. It just puts you off the task. I don't know about you guys, but I hate being told what to do as if I don't know what I'm meant to do. Like simple chores like fixing the place mat. I KNOW! I WAS ABOUT TO I WAS JUST PUTTING M DISHES IN THE SINK. LEAVE ME ALONE WOMAN! Yeah... I'll stop with the cyber screaming now.

On another note, Jimmy gave me Zelda the other day (about time) and I hate it. Nah I love it but it's annoying me cause I don't know where I'm going or what I'm meant to be doing. I even looked at a walk through (*sob* I am bowing my head in shame) and it says to do what I thought I was meant to do. BUT IT DOESN'T WORK. THE SPINNY THING DOESN'T FRICKEN FIT. Ok I was meant to stop with the cyber screaming. My bad...

Things to look forward to:
  • Talent quest soon :D
  • Country fair
  • Birthday dinner
  • Birthday party
  • Birthday party 2
I just hope I'm allowed :S

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dear SD.
You were a good friend. You were a good brother. You were a good person to talk to when I was bored. But some of the things you said were a bit... weird. And I guess I was a bit quick to judge. I stopped it all too early and now I wish I hadnt. I dont want to talk about you in past tense. I want you to be a part of my life now.
Love Lots, Kyleen


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Thursday, August 19, 2010

You know what I've noticed? People tend to wrap their words and intentions in fancy sentences and words so much that the entire text needs to be analyzed and decoded before we get the actual message. And I know this is pretty hypocritical considering the countless cheesy posts I've done, but sometimes it's just easier to hear and say the things we actually want to say rather than layer it, bubble wrap it and tie a bow around it so that the recipient has to unravel it all. It' like a one-person, many-layered verbal form of pass the parcel. (lo.. speaking of complicated layering...) yeah.. excuse the hypocrisy, but seriously just say what you want to say and don't bother thinking about how to say it because that can lead to misunderstandings. We should all just shut up and let the thoughts and actions speak for themselves


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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Commerce today was so fun. Miss Fox didn't show up so we just walked into the class and sat around for the whole period. Wendy was playing guitar andsinging and I heard her sing good songs so I slid along the carpet and got carpet burns on my leg :/ But it was fun. I love jamming :D Especially with Wendy and Thai cause together they know practically every song i like :P Good times... Oh and NICHOLAS OYU LOOK DIFFERENT WITHOUT BRACES! I know I said it to your face but I felt I should blog it to... yeah 8-)
Happy late birthday to nikkida and Thai. Hope you like your Uke Thai and the dodgy drawing on your card :P Nikkida, ENJOY THAT AWESOME TONKA TRUCK !


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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today, I had one of the most stupidest moments of my life... well I have many but today was a clear standout. My sport Jersey and shirt now have a circle where the material is stiff and it smells funky D:
OK so I was trying to finish art in the morning. I brought a container of PVA glue to stick newspaper articles on this big-ass piece of cardboard cause the art room glue ran out. The bell went, I was stressing roll call and then we were off to English. My arms were full of newspapers with the glue container sitting on top, the roll of cardboard and Henry's laptop. I walk into class and I sit at the back right so I'm and when I get to my row, I drop the glue container and I'm thinking to myself CRAP THERE'S GOING TO BE GLUE ALL OVER THE FLOOR! But there isn't so I'm like oh I'm lucky so i pick it up only to realise that the container is empty...
So I dump all the stuff on the table and the newspaper is drenched in glue and I'm like "oh crap the newspapers!" Then I look down at myself and there is glue all over my jersey and dripping down. An entire container full of glue on my jersey.. great 8-) One of the stupidest moments of my life and it looked so bad. Like eurgh... Lisa was making dirty jokes =='
On another, less stupid note (or not...) How to be Indie isn't on anymore and now I'm sad :( I loved that show ! It was so childishly good :P It kinda reminded me of Lizzie McGuire but not... ? And the guy was so cute :P Like baby cute I mean...
Oh and Wendy and Kabir Can we talk please??


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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dearest anon,
I can't rememebr what I thought of people at first impression and what judgements i made THIS POST IS COMPLETELY POINTLESS I TELL YOU !
Love lots Kyleen


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Friday, August 6, 2010

Dear MC.
Heh. This is so childish cause you were just a crush but I dont think I've actually had my heart broken.. Not like OMGSH WHY? :'( But yeah... ON TO THE LETTER! Hi. Allow me to introduce myself. My name's Kyleen. You may know me as... ex best friend.
Primary school crushes were so.. trivial and insignificant. We were so close and I guess we still could be but I remember that time in year 6 you were like "I think I like [insert name here]" and I was all :( But meh i was dramatic and now that I think about it, it was kinda ridiculous but that's a 12year old kid for you. Actually, even at the time it wasn't that big a deal cause I liked being your go to and being closer to you than she was and yeah.. I preferred being your best friend and being able to hang out with you rather than have you be all nervous around me on the off chance that you did like me :P hehe This sounds so dramatic and too.. petty to be put nder the title of a 'heartbreak' but seriously, I cannot think of another heart-breaking scenario cause before Ihad the chance to get all cut up over a guy, I'd get over them altogether... weird O_O Ok, yeah.. Here's to a dodgy letter !
Love Lots, Kyleen

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So it was like 8.15ish in the morning and me and Ashley were taking a walk around the practically empty school. We enter the chess quad to see a group of guys standing under a tree, throwing Nicholas' basketball really high into the air. We stood there and watched them for a bit and we saw Henry chuck it really high up... and no ball came down. How you manage to get a basketball stuck in a tree with such thin (sorta not really) branches, is beyond me :P
So the entire group just start cracking up laughing and then Chung walks past and all you hear is "CHUNG! CAN WE BORROW YOUR BALL?" Chung looks up, sees the ball stuck and asks how they got it up there.... Turns out they were trying to get another ball down. Oh the irony... So Chung joins in the ball throwing and... gets his ball stuck as well 8-) Miss Smith stood there watching and laughing as well.. it was kinda weird O_O
SO there are three balls stuck in a tree, more people are coming and they get keene's ball and someone else's to try and get them all down. By this time, the main train had arrived and there was a massive circle of year tens around a single tree watching people chuck a basketball at a tree to get three other balls down, two of which got stuck up there trying to get other balls down... oh gosh I love our grade :P


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don't put opinions in my head thinking I'm going to fall for it so easily and automatically take your side. Don't turn me against your enemy in a desperate attempt to obtain an ally. I can make up my own mind and make my own judgements. So stop trying to turn everyone around you into an army against your enemy. It isn't right.
Don't tell me what I want or what's going to benefit me more. I knew this would happen one day. I just never thought it would be so soon or that it would feel so real all of a sudden. But if it has to happen then let it happen. But if you do what you said you would, I guess the final question is, are you prepared to pick up the pieces when I fall apart or are you just going to walk away and let someone else do your dirty work?


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Monday, August 2, 2010

Dear le pest,
Ok, maybe you don't pester my mind but hell, you pester me. DONT STAND SO CLOSE TO ME! You pop my comfort bubble on a regular basis and you're so in my face it frustrates me. I've said before that when people are overly clingy as in, annoyingly clingy 24/7 thing going on (that might be a tad hypocritical... o_O) it annoys me. seriously, just ONCE give me space please.
Love Lots, Kyleen

Dear Sick Dog (aka) Cheese and Tomato Sandwich's Friend),
You worry me. You really do. I never know whats going on in you head cause half the time you sound really tragic and then we lose contact for ages and I worry but then it turns out that you just didnt have time? It's kinda hard to keep up with tbh :S I try so hard to help without intruding but it's hard cause im not sure how far my obligations go and all these possibilities and circumstances and the things you've said fill my head and I just explode to someone and... gah. I can't say anything. And it's like... you assume this person needs help with no idea how you're going to help them. It eats at my conscience and I don't even know if I'm doing the right thing. If I should be doing more or if I should stop interfering and trying to help or even if I have a reason to worry. But hey, since when did not having a reason to worry ever stop me worrying before? Hoping you are well and will be fine without my interference,

(hehe I think only Kabir will get this :P)

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