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Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh my gosh Blogger is different ! So that's the maintenance they were talking about yesterday which prevented me from uploading a picture. I'm guessing. Every time a website tells me they can't do what I want them to do because they are under maintenance, I think they're lying to me and that they have a problem with my computer. Yes. In my mind, my computer gets picked on by the cyberworld.
Today was rather refreshing. First time in a while that I had a conversation with those girls. Anne, Anh, Ashley, Diem and Vronca (and Amy later on) plus the boys that were there too (I talk to you guys all the time anyway :P) make for an awesome conversation group (Y). Let us make this more consistent shall we? I always say that :/ Tut tut inconsistency. Not a good thing. Hmm, ooh we self marked the Trial School Certificate for English today :D I'm pretty happy with my mark. It's good. But I was hoping it would be like... Perfect just so I could make up for my maths yearly mark. I NEED COMFORT DAMMIT :'(
Ok ok ok. Happy thoughts :) Formal + camp soon ! well Formal isn't really soon but omgsh everyone's asking and getting asked and ngaw ^^ It's so wow :P It sorta reminds me of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. When everyone was getting all worked up about the Yule Ball. I never thought Formal would be that big a deal but ehe . I guess it is :P
Oh and that picture up there ^ am I the only one that finds it annoying to look at because there seems to be no set pattern? It's pretty. I like that photo cause it looks really neat :) But the colours are all random and disorganised. OR maybe there is a pattern that I'm just too stupid to pick up on :P and that one square in the bottom row that's out of place... I just want to reach in and tap it up. Please tell em I'm not alone :P

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today was a very very sad day. I discovered my maths mark from a -ahem- reliable source :P And I knew I was going to do bad. Like below what I usually get (which is already JUST average) but you know, hearing that you were right about doing bad doesn't make it better... if that makes sense. Ah well, I've always known I was bad at maths. Let's hope I make up for it in English? :S Although, my performance when it comes to english fluctuates a lot. There is no consistency so I never really know where I go wrong cause I don't change my style of writing... ever .
Science tomorrow and I swear, I tried to study. I had notes up for science and everything ! They were stuck on my wall so they would never escape my view. That sounds rather impressive if not for the sad sad fact that I only got up to the Origin of the Universe. I blame my sister's return ! She took over my room and the notes just wouldn't come off the wall so I couldn't study even if I tried. Time to cram... Let's hope moodle is actually accurate :P

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today, I was talking to someone online. They said that they had cookies and I told them how I wanted one. The person said, " Aww. I'd offer some of the ones I baked last night, but I don't think they'll fit through the USB port." I looked at my USB port just to make sure that they weren't lying to me just to keep the cookie to themselves. MLIA.

Today I was baking and read a recipe that said to use four and a half eggs. Would someone like to tell me how to use half of an egg? MLIA.

Today, my friend was jumping off her porch trying to reach an icicle. She ended up slipping and falling. Her mom comes bolting and asks, "is your phone okay?!" MLIA.

A few weeks ago, I was showing my friends the great acoustics in my dorm room by singing Jasmine's part in "A Whole New World." I stopped to ask what they thought when a random guy walking by in the hallway continued with Aladin's part. It made our day. MLIA

Today, as the art teacher at my school walked by me, he shouted, "Can you do this?!" and proceeded to do a cartwheel. He then walked away as if nothing ever happened. MLIA.

Today, my mom came home to find me staring at the wall from the couch. She asked how long I'd been doing that, and I replied that it had been around an hour or so. I'm not crazy. I just decided to watch TV today from the mirror on the wall reflecting it. MLIA.


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For those I haven't told, my exciting weekend included getting some weird allergic reaction to dumplings at yum cha in cabra and having to go hospital cause I couldn't breathe. They shoved so many needles in my arm :( It was only three but whatever... And now the place where the needle went has this big bruise around it and I look like a drug addict. So yes, that's my story. Tell me yours :) Oh and my 5 hours in the hospital meant I didn't get to see my sister off at the airport as she flew back to Singapore and she was considering extending her stay so she could make sure I was ok. Ngaw what a sweetie :P I love that girl ^^
So I've tried recording covers with my webcam, but I think my computer's trying to tell me I have a bad voice :( The first time, the sound quality was weird and it kept buzzing so I deleted the video. I tried again a few days later and after a few tries, tweaking the volume and whatnot, the sound quality was ok. But mid-recording, my computer crashed. It just wasn't meant to be :( And that kids, is why I don't like singing on my own ! I need someone to mask my voice and hopefully mix in with it so it sounds better :D
On another note, why do they waste 2 hours of our life per subject on trials when they count towards nothing (excluding HSIE and Science). I didn't even care about English, which is weird coming from me.... IT MEANS NOTHING ! Also, I have a question! What was ironic? D:

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Monday, October 18, 2010

It's a little annoying when someone older says "year ten isn't important". Maybe they're right. They probably are. But they've already finished it ! When we finish year ten, then we'll agree with you and say it isn't important. But right now, the yearly is as important to us as it has been every other year. The School Certificate... pointless and yet, we still want to do well. So until we're where you are, stop saying that we're studying for nothing >< I CARE ABOUT MY YEARLY MARK D:
On another, completely unrelated note, I haven't blogged in a while. Tragic isn't it... I've run out of things to say. Yes that is possible. Don't smirk at me like that >.> I think I'm going crazy... Must be all this -ahem- "studying" I'm doing. I cannot wait until this week is over. No more exams ! And it's my birthday next week :D I'm not actually that excited... I just want my license :P
Ooh ! Fun fact of the day ! I was in hospital yesterday ! Just thought I'd publicise my health.. like the attention seeking prick I am 8-) But yes. Three needles :( Ah well, I'm not scared of needles. They hurt like hell but meh. I feel immune after vaccinations. There's a voice in my head screaming "hell yeah ! TRY AND GET ME NOW DISEASE!" Please tell me I'm not alone O_O I'm going to stop rambling now... farewell kids !


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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ok, so there's one letter left in the 30 day letter challenge and I'm scared to do it :P But I WILL get there ! eventually.... On a different note, I was thinking about how Daniel and Troy were planning to MC the next year assembly and it reminded me of that time in year seven when Lisa and I (getting ready for proper grammar in the exam tomorrow ! ;D) were the MCs for one of the year assemblies... damn that was bad. It was either Mr Watt or some other teacher that's part of the gippel-watt-[insertnamehere] lookalike trio that was coordinating it and he's like "if you have any questions, come see me". And this was back when Lisa and I hung out on the balcony thing of the library and we see him walk past and we're Lisa walks up to him and say "MR WATTS (or other.. ROBSON! THAT'S THE ONE)! For the year assembly, when are we going to get the list of things that we need to introduce ? and blahblah more questions etcetc" and his reply? "Ok, first thing is, I'm not Mr Watts/Robson. I''m Mr Gippel". I didn't do the talking, Lisa did so i could laugh at her while she was all :$:$:$:$ Aren't I such a good friend? :P
The assembly itself was terrible because back then I was timid and shy. What's that I hear? Cries of disagreements? A quiet Kyleen? Such a thing existed? If you're thinking that I was never quiet or timid, you would be mistaken. I was quiet. Very quiet. And shy. So why did I agree to MCing? Peer pressure I tell you ! Anyway, point of my story.. is there even one? DOES IT MATTER? anywho... yeah I ended up talking really quietly and no one could hear me apparently? Weeeeell, in my defense, my primary school microphones were sensitive and I was used to stepping back so you weren't screaming at the church. So there .

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Saturday, October 9, 2010


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's there to say when you won't even listen?


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Sunday, October 3, 2010

IT'S OK PEOPLE !I AM STILL HERE. lol . as if any of you cared that much :P But I must admit, it has been a while and as much as I'd like to be able to say that I was busy studyoing, unfortunately studying has taken up about 30% of my time. Well, to be honest, I have been spending all day studying but not all that study time is actually studying.. if that makes sense. Like I'd be writing commerce notes when I'd randomly get up and look up serial killers. I am not even kidding... As morbid as that sounds, it's all good natured I swear :P It's for art and omgsh I found the perfect murder case to use. The Zodiac Killer Seriously messed up guy and I won't go into detail cause it might scare the little ones ! But he leaves notes and stuff like "She had to die there will be more". And ciphers and stuff. Scary guy but good art source (Y)
Can I just say... WHAT IS WITH THIS WEATHER? It's meant to be spring :( Ah well I like the cold but it's SPRING. And yes... messed up weather patterns make Kyleeny get sick :( hehe talking in third person amuses me :P I'm craving papaya... random thought. Ok I'm gna go and um 'study' or be productive or something.
Ooohh but first off; shout out to my newest go-to (colin !) hehe... bet you didn't see that one coming >=] Sucks to be you ;D


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