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Monday, August 31, 2009

Class is so quiet and empty without PASS people. MEL, AVI, TROY, GEORGE, COHEN, KENNY AND ALL THE REST!!! I MISS YOOOOOOOOOOOU! You guys left bushy and Joseph on their own. They're the only guys in the class atm :P I'm HOPING that the next few days are going to be a bludge though.
So I brought my guitar to school today and in science/english, me, lisa, carmen, xenni, Danica and a few others were jamming(H) Oh yeah 9M bonding time. Art too. Me, Mariel, lisa and Grace. YAYAY! Pretty fun. WE were meant to practise for talent quest today but we didn't make much progress cause Grace wants to change the song again I think =/ Speaking of which, Grace, I don't think Thai is aware of the change. Meh we shall see what happens. I'm up for anything !

To not-quite-the-apple of my eye: I am so happy to see you happy these days. I love seeing you smile when you're doing the things you love. Circumstances have changed and it seems to have been a good thing for you. It really does make me happy because, after all you've been through, you deserve it. yeah you do get annyoing sometimes but overall you're a pretty great guy. Keep smiling !

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

I have reached the end of my procrastination time. I have officially run out of things to do. Now I dont have a choice but to finish the painfully long history assignment. Wish me luck childrens:)

3:25 ahha it's been like two hours(?) Since I posted this and I have done hardly anything. I have 604 words out of the necessary 2000. Lisa just called and asked me something really weird >hehe< LOL@YOU LISA!! Love you deary:)

6:20 MAX PROCRASTINATION!!! Now I have 710 words. What the hell am I doing with my time? How come I have only 106 more words than before?! ...I ask while blogging. Hmm maybe that could explain a few things =/ I WILL finish this. I really need someone to be my mental pusher. again: That was YOUR job Thai:P OK I shall go now and get at least 1000 words done by 7...if I can :S

7:00 So. It's 700 and have I gotten 1000 words? No. How many words have I gotten? 744. What was I doing since 6:20? How the hell am i meant to know? I have one serious procrastination problem. See, if I started this assignment when I got it (last term) I could work at this pace quite happily and have it done by tuesday. But I didn,t so i can't. Instead I HAVE TO QUICKEN MY PACE. I will do it...eventually.


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Saturday, August 29, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICHOLAS!! That's right. I beat you all this morning saying happy birthday to him. I came first. BOOYAH!! LOL anyway.. Today was country fair and if you didn't go, shame on you. Where's your sense of school spirit? Oh and before I continue, NO ONE GOT MY SHIRT! For those of you who didn't see it, it said "Oh I get it, Like humour but different". Now for those of you who don't get it, say someone tells you a really lame joke, you say "Oh, I get it, likehumour but different" It's an insult to the person. Get it? anyway...

I got there at 9:30ish saw avi and stuck to him for a bit. His shift started at 10 with Nicholas so we waited for him in front of the hall and he takes so. freaking. long. By the time he got there, it was 10:30 and they didn't even know which stall they were meant to be at because they didn't go to the meeting. FAIL!

At 11 I had to go to work for the art people thingy and I turned up ten minutes late. I feel kinda bad cause I skipped out ten minutes early to watch Troy, Jenny and Danica. They were pro!! I have recorded them BETTER THAN NIBRAAS MIGHT I ADD! and i will be getting it up on facebook ASAP :)When I find the camera cable that is =="

Met up with Mariel after I finished my shift (ahha that sounds so pro!) and we ate with carissa, tamara(I thin kthat's how you spell it), anna and annie on the hill. WE are going to make that Counrty Fair tradition yeah?:P THey went rock climbing so I went to visit Danielle at the chip stall where Thai was helping out...trying to. Picking up the chips one by one doesnt make much progress though:P Took photos there and omgsh I love one of the photos^^ Again, I WILL post them up. Thai and Danielle had to leave to go tutor so i went over to Danica and mel and stuff.

Went walking around with Danica P and then joined up with Genevieve, Danica H, Nicholas, Anh, Veronica, Grace and someone else I think...(sorry for forgetting :S) and went art rooms...again. and sheesh nicholas, you are so judgemental:P Giving nicholas birthday punches is like trying to punch a brick wall. Grace you tank! You owe him thirteen more:P

Everyone left pretty soon after that and it was just me, grace, holly and mariel sitting int he middle of the food place. ahha . Mariel andHolly were giving out free chips cause it was closing time:) And omgsh I love terence's hat! I think I am going to steal it. hehe. People were packing up and me and mariel just sat there. We left pretty late. I was supposed to leave at four thirty but raymond asked me to help out with some packing up so I left even later..ish like ten minutes:P But was good fun (Y) and the dog tackled me!! LOL Best part about having a friend who's parents run international foodstall? Free food (H) Lovin' it!

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Friday, August 28, 2009

In history minor, we are learning about Adolf Hitler and all the terrible things he has done. While learning, I have noticed quite a few things about him First of all, there is a possiblity that he might have once been a...drum roll please...GIRL!
Exhibit A:

I know I know, not htat big a deal. But THEN when you zoom out, you see this:

Bit blurry but you get the general idea.

Exibit B:

Look closely at the second last grade he has:P

OK, enough of the Hitler humiliation. Time to get serious. So, we all know hitler didn't like Jew right? He believed in racial purity, thinking that Germans were the superior race. He killed off any other races when he could (thats a bit of an exaggeration) and discouraged interracial..mating so to speak. Does this sound familiar? You know, discouraging MIXED races, killing off those who weren't PURE? No? What about the oh so famous VOLDEMORT? Hitler really was an inspiration :) I bet, JKRowling took the voldemort idea from history. It's possible don't you think?


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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Omgsh it is so annyoing to sit in front of Michael and Jimmy in Maths==" Emily, I think I'm going to have to ask you to get your homies to roll them :P

Anyway, weed assignment due soon!! lol. When people complain about the weed assignment and whatever, I always wonder what an outsider who has no idea what we are on about thinks when they hear things like "omgsh I NEED weeds!", "My weeds are gone" and "Do you have any spare weeds?" They must think we're up to something. . .which obviously we're not *shiftylook*

And to mr you, I have a message for you!! For the last three freaking days you have had to put up with my complaining, but the next time I talk to you, I PROMISE I'll shut up and listen for once. Sorry for not y'know, being very good with that stuff lately, I've been wallowing in self pity and when it comes to other people I don't e ven listen. Man I'm a jerk. So yes. Next time we have one of our 'little talks' I'll listen and NOT make it all about me ok? :)


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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

toberunningintoeachother? Or that they get
more spaced out because your
smile leaves me breathless
and at a
loss of
what to say next?
I've tried and tried to tell you the truth but then I think of the consequences and I realise I like where we're at and don't want things to change. No. I just don't want to hear that you're sorry.

And if told you I loved you? Would you run away screaming? Would you take my hand and tell me you felt the same way? Or would oyu hug me and tell me it's ok but you just want to stay friends? Whatever you do, please oh please don't say it's cause of her.

"I know your favourite song
Annd you tell me all your dreams
Think I know where you belong
Think I know it's with me"

-You belong with me

Does she know you as well as I do? Does she know that when you laugh, your eyes crinkle at the edge? Does she know that when you;re upset, you try to put on a brave face but your smile doesn't quite reach your eyes? Or thatyou hate the sight of blood? No? Then maybe you should consider someone who does.


YOU SAID: We should have met up this weekend
I SAID: yeah we should have.
YOU SAID: Why didn't we?
I SAID: Cause dammit I got tired of waiting for you.


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Monday, August 24, 2009

YAYAYAY! I finally finished my big art piece. Not that I had to do much==" I walked into the classroom at lunch and Miss Ross was like "be careful you don't overdo it ok?" SO I asked her for suggestions and she said to leave it. Not that bad right? Well it wouldn't have been if there was more on mine than a tree and a skeletal bird ==" Seriously. That's ALL there was on it. I mean, I couldn't just LEAVE it like that. The leaves on the tree weren't even finished. SO me (being rebel as I am (H)) finished the leaves and added a lizard. that's IT. Unfortunately, miss walked in halfway through :S woops.

Oh and WELCOME BACK KABIR! Yes indeedy. Kabir's back:D Recess, he started giving out souvenirs and kabir, thankyou for elephant necklace love it :DDD Not quite the live baby elephant that I asked for but it will do:P heehee It's funny how many of your friends turn up when you start giving out gifts. Tis funny :) Gah my finger hurts for some reason O_o It feels jarred but I didn't do anything>< What is this?! THis is black magic !!!

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MITCHELL AND KAREN! And Thanks again for the elephant! Feel so specil now cause I was specified :P LOVE YOU LOTS KEBABBAGE!!



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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I am currently doing the 40hour (food) famine and it is A LOT harder than last year and the year before. WHAT'S CHANGED? It's been approximately 16hours since I started and i am dying!

My mum and grandma came back from Philippines today:) It's about freaking time I say. I was just about ready to shoot someone ==" Downside to them coming back is that they have returned with an assortment of filo food. Including Goldilocks. If you haven't had it before (which I am guessing most of you haven't)then
you wouldn't get me. But fellow filos, you know what I'm talking about right? This is making the 40 hour Famine THAT much harder to do. Damn this >< Hmm..might be watching My Sister's Keeper tomorrow. Should be fun (Y)

Oh and A few days ago, Emily of her and her sister on her blog and everyone was like "omgsh you guys look so alike" and Emily kept denying it. So I said I'd post photos of me and my sisters up to compare. So, as promised Emily...(about a week later LOL)
Yeah I put two cause you did:)

What do you think? Similar or not?


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Friday, August 21, 2009

LOL@MARIEL! omgsh me and her have epic hi fives. We dont stop till we get enough (H) Seriously. At lunch, Thai was filming Monica for an IPT assignment, and omgsh Mariel you crack me up:P Ok so it was like:
Thai: How do you make friends?
You have to be nice to people and
Mariel: B***H (this is strictly a non-swearing blog!)
Monica: AHH F**K YOU!! And that's how you make friends :)

THAT was followed by a painful hi five between me and mariel :) There's some unneccessary and rather boring information for you:)

On a more entertaining note, I watched Coraline with Israaq, Ashley and Diem today :D In 3D! oh yeah (H) but the 3D glasses arent multi coloured! This is blasphemy I tell you!!!!! It was good. They followed the book well(Y) When Diem left, we walked her to the carpark to make sure she wouldn't get rolled and we saw a teletubby ride near breadtop and LALA AND DIPSY HAD NO ANTENNA!!!!! WHAT IS THIS?! more blasphemy I tell you >.> NTS: post up photos when bothered :D


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No. I couldn't let you go just like that. Yeah, it will hurt to see that I didn't do anything to try and keep you. Yeah, I've been holding on way too tightly. And yes, It would kill me to see you smiling with her. But it would kill me even more if I had to see that you aren't as happy as you could have been because I was being too selfish to let you.


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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Okay, so we've all experienced it. We go to some big family dinner or whatever and you exhibit some form of anger or other personality traits (obviously. It's not like we sit there, stunned like a catatonic freak right?). Now MOST of you would probably also have been told that "you got your temper from your uncle/grandma/grandpa/some other family member" Now, the question I'd like to ask is this: Do we inherit these personality traits from relatives because of some gene or other (nature) or because of influence (nurture)?

To those of you who are sitting there thinking "well duh personality OBVIOUSLY comes from the gene pool" then think about this, If this were true, then that would probably mean that DNA had something to do with the way you act right? We all know that Identical twins have identical DNA so if this nature IS responsible for our personality, then that would mean that twins should have the exact same personality. and yet, they don't.

AND to those of you who are thinking "well then in that case, it MUST be nurture right?" then YOU should all ask yourselves this: how can we be influenced by relatives far far away? Let's go back to the dinner party scene for a moment shall we? Your great aunt has just said that you talk like your uncle Dominic. First of all, who the hell is that? and second of all, Are they even in the country? Now if these two questions come to mind, then that probably means you haven't been around them that much. and if they haven't been around you that much, then you can't possibly have been influenced by them so much that you begin talking like them right?

SO! Is our personality based on nature vs nurture? Go figure :)
(yes I just made you think without actually having an answer to it:P)

Edit: Oh I'd also like to mention that my sister has done a cover of some song or other. She has forbidden me to link it but she never said that I couldn't tell you guys to check it out. Her channel is stutterflykEzz. You should check it out if you're bothered. She's pretty good (:


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Monday, August 17, 2009

And after all this, I can't believe you're giving up so easily.

You're just going to let them walk away.

You're just going to give them away like that?

Without even the slightest hint of a fight?

Do you really want them as much as you say you do?

And when it comes to the final battle, are you going to hand the prize over to the enemy just like that? Or are you going to rise up and fight with everything you've got for what you know is yours?

Cause in the end, it's all up to what you're willing to do. In the end, it all comes down to the hold you have on them because, no matter how much you tell them, no matter how little you actually own them, you feel that you have some degree of ownership


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This really should have a picture. But I dont have one so deal with it. Omgsh I had the awesomest apple yesterday. and yes, weird as it is to be blogging about an apple, i must say, Danica, I totally understand why you eat so mch into the core. ITS JUST SO EPIC!

Anyway...onto more INTERESTING topics. EMILY HAS A SECRET. Click to enlarge (:


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Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's funny the
way things
work out .

Of all days to

it shows today .


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One&Only KUYA!

To Thai,

wow. I just realised I start all these off with "tis your birthday today". So I'm not going to say that. Instead: You're old today ! See, isn't that so much nicer? I promise I will TRY to make this as normal as possible. note, i say TRY.
So, we both know what our first impressions of each other were and I don't think it's necessary to repeat it:P Obviously, I was wrong. You made me do my homework last year! That is one big achievement. and you got a sticker for it==" you and your obsession with stickers :P and miss Arriola's obsession with YOU.
Last week of school last year..epic! Music rooms with Chung and Holly, basketball with Anne and Veronica and your role as Mitchell's Edward Cullen. lol good times they were:P Maths last year as well, you taught me *cough* everything I know :) Ok, seriously, you tutored me for yearlies and I STILL managed to fail=="
Ah well if you didnt. I would have done even worse. While we're on the topic of teaching, Thanks for all the guitar tips you gave me. SPEAKING OF WHICH! Guitar hunting please?

This is hard to write while keeping out the mushy so im SORRY but i am breaking my promise. Thai, you agreed to be my "older brother" end of last yearish but im not sure you had any idea what that actually meant. You have had to put up with my constant whining, complaining and mood swings. Bet you didnt see THAT one coming:P But to be perfectly honest, I couldn't have picked a better guy tobe such a good older brother (cept TROY!!!, Kabir and Nicholas of course ;P..but you know, you being the original and all..:S). Because, despite the many things you have heard me say, bad or not, you're still there to talk to. Clich├Ęd though it may sound, you are my rock and you manage to make people happy when they're at an all time low. Good job (Y)
So Thai, have an awesome day and be as happy as you make everyone else. LOVE YOU KUYA!!!
(see, i didnt make it THAT mushy oh and again: "THIS ISNT THE FIRST TIME")

L O V E, K Y L E E N!


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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kyleen: 66% of Australia is made up of desert and......some other percentage is tropical?
Mel: half of 66% is 33%. So 33% of Australia is MADE UP OF TROPICAL CLIMATES...
Kyleen: How the hell do you work that one out?


Mr Peck: If you rub them the right way it feels smooth but if you rub it the other way, it's a lot rougher...
(that's what she said)


CohEn ( or someone): What is the densest material?
Mr Peck: George


Mr Peck: Andrew, get on top of Troy... Youngest one goes on top
Lisa/Me/George (not really sure which one :S): That's what she said


Mr Wilson: something something....sexual intercourse
Luke: We'll try it at recess
I should probably mention, he was replying to someone else...

Mr Wilson: Who wants to share their list of words for the first one?
CohEn: Sexual intercourse? I'LL DO IT!


(This happened ages ago)
Lisa: Miss! you have a nice Rak (points to Rakshitha)
next day when everything is explained...

Man I love this class :'D

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Seriously. Today, the teachers were on a comeback roll! Well maybe just three or so of them but still! since when did teachers have enough life to be able to chop down there students?

Example 1:
MR. Peck: A tsunami that's half a metre is like a brick wall half a metre high travelling towards you at 800km an hour. You would die.
George: Then you jump over it.
MR. Peck: George, you couldn't even see over it.


Example 2:
Ms. Sayed: They're trying to say that there's more to the Aboriginals then meets the eye. Kinda like Avi. There's more to him then meets the eye.


Bit later on...
Ms. Sayed: Avi, you know I was kidding right
Avi: yeah sure miss
Ms Sayed: Oh cause I saw a tear earlier


Oh this has nothing to do with teacehrs' ownage but I thought I should include this:
Ms. Sayed: Does anyone know what a vector is?
It's the giant crocodile in Sonic :)
lol Daniel is so cute ^_^

I swear there were more teacher-beat-student scenarios but I cant remember them :S

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Monday, August 10, 2009

She's staring at you. This is your last afternoon together. Alone. You're staring back at her and remember the 9 years you shared. Best friends. You know everything there is to know about her. but now that you are about to swear yourself to a girl you met only 2 months ago, things are definitely going to change. The moment is PERFECT. You stand with her on a boat gliding along a river framed by a bridge. The bridge is slowly coming closer and closer. Until then, this moment is yours to capture forever. This one last moment to spend with the girl who has always been the woman in you life. You look at her. Registering everything about her, noticing how it all seems so wonderfully familiar. This object of beauty and perfection that you've loved for all these years and say,
"You've always been the woman in my life. Even though I'm getting married to Kimmy."
She whispers back "You've always been the man of mine."
For a second that lasted an e t e r n i t y, you stare at each other. What you don't know is that the way she's looking at you is filled with more love than you know. More than you can imagine. More than you can ever return.
You break the silence that with the most unwanted subject,
"It's funny isn't it," you start "When we were together, we never used the word love. Kimmy always says that if you love someone, you should just admit it. Say it. SCREAM it. Or else the moment just..."
You look up to see that the two of you are being embraced by the shadow of the bridge. The darkness is enough to break it.
End it. -

"...passes you by" she finishes for you.
The boat emerges on the other sunlit side. The moments gone. You know you still love Kimmy but there was so much more in those few moments between you and your best friend. Now you will never get those moments back. Again, like the stupid man you are, you break the silence with yet another unwanted topic.
"Kimmy and I don't even have a song, is that a bad sign?"
"No. but you know, the sad thing is, it feels like I'm losing the best friend i ever had" and from that moment you knew. You felt the same way. Yes you loved Kimmy, but you will always have the woman standing before you on a pedestal
"someday" you begin to sing "when I'm awfully low, when the world is cold. I will feel the glow just thinking of you and the way you look tonight"
"it's our song" she whispers and closes her eyes. You take her hand and start to dance with her. Right there. On a boat full of people. Her head on your shoulder is a pleasant weight. You see this as the official parting unspoken promise. You wrap her in your arms and smile. Glad to know that your best friend of almost 10 years is with you right now.
But what you don't know is that behind your head, the tears are beginning to fall. Because what you said, pierced her heart like an icy knife. Shattering the very w.a.r.m.t.h that keeps her alive. These words will hurt her

More than you will ever know.


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Saturday, August 8, 2009

yes I am blogging twice in a row but you HAVE to see this dog (keep it quite though...not sure my sister wants these photos to be available to the public eye O_o)

Remember...keep this a secret :-#


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The Adventures Of Kayelle!

LOL I was playing Adventure Quest (lame as it sounds) and came across this. Its hard to see but that creature is called St Elmo's fire and it's elmo from sesame street gone bad....

Click to enlarge :)


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The Company Of Absence

Deary me. Cowardice and isolation do not mix. I am currently home alone and its a tad freaky. I'm in the study room righ and the study room is on the opposite side of everything else (except my parents room) and to get anywhere else, you have to walk through a hallway that is REALLY dark and then you get to where the kitchen is and EVERYTHING'S dark and yeah..I recently watched the unborn (ok it was last week..maybe not that recently) and I'm thinking about that which makes me even more freaked out. But I have the precious internet to distract me. Although...even THAT'S getting a tad boring. SOMEBODY CALL ME PLEASE!

Now, I've heard people say before "oh woah! Japan is so cool and technologically advanced. They're FUTURISTIC!" But think about this, Can it really be futuristic if its happening in now? And if not, then what WOULD be futuristic? Because if we label something as futuristic, then it cant be of the future because its being labelled NOW in the present. I move to abolish the word futuristic!

I shall leave you to ponder on that childrens!

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Friday, August 7, 2009


I love this photo. It's so cool! I NEED to work on my big artwork ASAP. It's not exactly due anytime soon but its going to be exhibited at country fair:S And im so lazy! Everyday I say to myself "i'll go today I promise. Lunch time" then come lunch time and I just cant be bothered! SOMEONE MAKE ME GO (Thai, that was YOUR job>.>)
Today was so awesome. I was playing Truth or Dare with veronica, diem, jennifer, Israaq and Anh. Nathan, Kristina and Kabir came a bit later. And Im sorry to the people I violated got dared to do somewhat awkward stuff. and LOL@Clement's reaction. I would elaborate but #1 i cbb and #2 not sure if such information should be disclosed:P

On that note, Off I go!

Edit: I have been watching this TV show every morning for the past twoish weeks and I loved it but i STILL don't know what its called :S Anyone care to help?. This morning, I PLANNED to watch it again but it wasnt on D:


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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The predicted end of the world.
See also: Rapture, TROY'S COUNTDOWN (lies)

Sometimes I wish the armageddon would begin soon, just so that I can tell you..everything without fearing rejection. Too bad it would also mean the end of humanity as we know it.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Can I just start by saying: YAYAYAY! We get Pinno back! omgsh I am so happy. A whole fretaking term without sad :( Yes I know it sounds unnaturally clingy to want a teacher back so bad, but if you had her you would agree and if you don't there is something wrong with you:P The lessons to come sure seem to be promising, 'specially the last few weeks ;P

Boarders stop reading NOW

Another thing, I don't really care when the boarders ask for money. I really don't but it's when they become persistent that it bothers me. Like take tis scenario as an example
boarder: 'do you have any spare change'
you (while eating a chocolate): 'no, sorry'
ok when they stop here and move on to the next group, I'm completely fine with that. But when it progresses to:
Boarder: But you're eating a chocolate. You HAVE to have money. Come on donate to the chocolate fund blahblahblah
etcetc THATS when it gets annoying. First of all, why are you so persistent? It's kinda demeaning and undiginified to beg so much. Secondly, just because the person has a chocolate, doesnt mean they're rich. A chocolate costs $1.20. You dont really have to be a millionaire to afford one. And LASTLY, using the "you have chocolate" thing as a way of getting money by PROVING that they have money, is stupid because did it ever occur to you that MAYBE that's why they DONT have any spare change? i shall leave you to think about it :)

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

THis is not good. I think it might be in the geography room cause I know I had it after art and at lunch it just sat on the floor and at the end of lunch was when I realised it was missing so yeah...PLEASE BE IN THE GEOGRAPHY ROOM >< that lino is so freaking hard to cut and I dont m ind getting a new one but the skeleton is going to take FOREVER to re cut damn this... meh It will turn up eventually..I hope S:

Anyway, Iwatched the Unborn today and i HATE it! well it isnt actually that scary but bits of it scare the hell outta me O_O Like the mutilation and stuff ok I'm going to stop talking about it before I get scared again. Yes I AM a wuss. Its so damn boring at hoome. IT's just me and my sister and I have nothing to do. I dont remember how many days of the mother-deprivation have gone by and I cant be bothered calculating so yeah..lets just say its day 10:) Tenth day in and things are STILL running smoothly. Let's see how long this can last shall we? :D

Well I'm going to find some entertainment either by ewatching bleach or playing Big Canvas :)

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The Light Is Where?;

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