The Company of Absence

The Company Of Absence

Deary me. Cowardice and isolation do not mix. I am currently home alone and its a tad freaky. I'm in the study room righ and the study room is on the opposite side of everything else (except my parents room) and to get anywhere else, you have to walk through a hallway that is REALLY dark and then you get to where the kitchen is and EVERYTHING'S dark and yeah..I recently watched the unborn (ok it was last week..maybe not that recently) and I'm thinking about that which makes me even more freaked out. But I have the precious internet to distract me. Although...even THAT'S getting a tad boring. SOMEBODY CALL ME PLEASE!

Now, I've heard people say before "oh woah! Japan is so cool and technologically advanced. They're FUTURISTIC!" But think about this, Can it really be futuristic if its happening in now? And if not, then what WOULD be futuristic? Because if we label something as futuristic, then it cant be of the future because its being labelled NOW in the present. I move to abolish the word futuristic!

I shall leave you to ponder on that childrens!


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