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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Write continuously for 30 minutes:
decided to try something new with my blog. Seeing as its hardly updated.. randomly i mean. Patheticism. Is that even a word? I highly doubt it :P it should be. It sounds cool. Congruency. Screws me over big time. gah msn thingy lighting up. Must leave conversation hanging.Nananananananananana batmaaaaaaaan. Raw thoguhts. Not sure if its safe to put these raw thoughts of mine up publicly :P Ahw ell.. we'll see what ahppens. Not using backsapce. Means a billion typos cause i have uco typing skills. hehe uco. UNCO DAMMIT! how long has it ben? damn i forgot to check the time i started. LOL! fail 8-) Mind block.. how weird. This is rather therapeautic (someone check the spelling of that :P) I recommend you try this one day. It's relieving. my tuna and cracker snack thingy didnt give me a fork :( Or so i thought. AHA! it has been found. Dlickering orange light ont he bottom of my screen. Must attend to it . Ok so this wasnt half an hour. But it'll do pig. It'll do. Until next time I try this , Farewell


10:13 PM ; smile'

Dear le mama and le papa,

Ok, I'll admit, I've been putting this letter off for a while cause I'm not quite sure how to approach it. But I guess I should start by saying that I know I haven't been the best daughter and that there are things I could/should have done better. I know that you guys did a good job raising me and my sisters and that we turned out pretty good. At one (pretty recent) point in my life, I disobeyed you big time and since then I've been on this downhill path getting more and more rebellious. But I hope you never find out abotu that cause i'm a coward and I hate how wrong I went. So yes, I took a walk on the wild side, but I'm back now. Not entirely. But I'm beginning to cross the line back into the person that i used to be. At least I'm trying to.
I know that I can be such a smartass sometimes and that it annoys the heck out of both of you and it doesn't really end up benefitting either of us. You guys have done so much for me, making so many sacrifices and trusting my decisions and letting me make my own choices (sometimes...) cause you want me to learn from my mistakes if I go wrong. Like when you sent me to All Saints in year 4 but I hated it so you sent me back to St Francis after a week. A lot of family friends were questioning your authority, thinking that I was the bossiest daughter out, but you stood up for me and I guess I never thanked you properly for that. SO thankyou. I did well in the end right? I mean, moving back was better than staying right??? D: I kinda miss that blind trust the whole "I have faith in you and what you're doing" and I don't get how you could trust a ten year old that much but now, you think I am no longer capable of doing things for myself.
Mum: I guess one of the main reasons I talk back and making smart ass remarks is cause I feel like your trust is wavering and it annoys me that you think I'm jigging every time we have mufti day or that I want work experience in a place that my 'loverboy' lives and that's the only reason I want to go. And I hate that you don't acknowledge my achievements anymore. I mean, when I get a good mark for a test you're response is either "oh tahts nice..." or "But you failed maths".
A lot of people think that me and you are pretty close. We are. At least we used to be. Sure we're close now but I know for sure we've drifted. These days, it's mostly you and Kathleen togetehr somewhere in the hosue with me in my room on the computer. I'm not quite sure how that happened. It was proabbly my fault but everytime I try to fix things and join you guys, it's out of the ordinairy and it feels unnatural.
But oyu know, you're pretty lenient and I'm grateful for that because it means I can go to practially every party and outing if I have a way of getting there. You always say "it's ok. I want you to have a life. Have fun and don't leave until the music ends" Wow. Writing that up makes me feel like an ungrateful cow. Which I probably am. But seriously, thanks for giving me the opportunity to be happy and sacrificing your sleep to pick me up from a party at canley vale. I raelly do appreciate it, even though I don't show it. I guess that's cause I don't know how to show it.
Thankyou for not pressuring me academically. that's really contradictory to what I said earlier but I mean subject selection-wise, you say "Do what you want". I love that you're letting me do this but I wish you had more interest in my decisions. Cause I really needed guidance. Thankyou for believing in me, saying things like "Why would I send you tutoring? So that you have no life and end up eing all about school? Why would I do that? That's so boring. And anyway, I know you'll be fine without it, I mean look how far you've gone now". So yeah, contradictory though it may be sometimes, thanks for having that much faith in me. :)
Dad: I don't talk back to you and I would be crazy to. I hate that we don't really have a solid relationship anymore and a lot of the times you take me places, it's silent. Once again, that's probably my fault cause I know that you know how it feels to emotionally lose a daughter. I think you have been able to accept the fact taht I'm growing up more than mum has because she seems to want to hold on to this baby-like image of me for as long as she can, me being the youngest and all, I guess it must hurt for you to see all three of your daughters growing up and possibly growing away. But I hope you know that I'm grateful for everytime you've driven me to and from school or to a party or to the station.
I love how you always offer gentle guidance when I didn't do that well in a test rather than blame it ont he computer. Especially maths. You always say "hey, if you don't get something, just let me know and I'll help you." Thankyou for having so much interest in my guitaring. I think you've been waiting for a while to see one of your daughter pick up the hobby you once loved. You encourage us a lot, giving us helpful criticism when you watch us play and standing back to admire how far we've come. You buy us new strings and picks... even though I keep losing them. (yes. ALL of them.)
you know, both of you have really childlike moments where we can laugh and joke around like crazy. I like those times. It makes me feel so close to you again. So I guess I wanted to say sorry for not beinga s affectionate with you guys as I used to be and not saying "I love you" as much as I should. Thankyou for accepting me back everytime I went wrong and looking at me with that proud smile every time I talk about my future and what I want to do with my life rather than pressuring me into a career you want me to do. I've learnt that you guys just want the best for me and I know I should have known that my entire life but, like most other teenagers, I felt misunderstood. Thankyou for the neverending patience and giving me a consistent amount of money so i can go out when i want. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to show you this letter. Until then, I'm going to slowly inch my way back into the relationship I once had with you guys and hope for the best.
Love lots, your daughter.
P.s You're not going to lose me to some guy anytime soon so relax :P

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dear Mr Man,
Applaud yourself. You are by far the longest standing crush in my life:P There's something about you that i respect, appreciate and adore. You have this aura of likeability and charisma that never fails to make me happy. You are one of the sweetest guys i've met despite the fact that we didn't really get along at first. Actually, yes we did. Sorta. I mean, we were ok. We just had.. odd opinions of each other :P
I remember you used to race me to finish maths homework in year 8 so that I would actually do it. It was around here that I started thinking you were a really nice guy. But then you were like "you can ask me for help if you need it" And off we went, racing to finish first. I was beating you, then i got stuck, asked for your help and you didnt reply cause you wanted to win ==" wow. You were competitive even back then :P
2008... woah that's when you had those awesome hobo gloves that I used to steal. hehe... Do I still have them? O_o 08 was also when you became my brother. you know, I think you were my first brother ! Wow you're a lot of my firsts :P Including twin, son, dad etc (gosh that is just so damn messed up) You know what I've realised? Our relationship went from acquaintances with bad perceptions to what it is now, and that right there, is something worth remembering. I love how you always manage to be so patient with me when I'm in a bad mood or when I'm trying to annoy you. Hey, I annoy you cause I've never seen you annoyed :P You know you love it ;D But seriously, you're so sweet and I guess I'm thankful that my happiness means so much to you and that you would waste a wish on that :P
Thankyou for staying up with me when cramming for English assignment and keeping me calm when I'm angry and making me smile when I'm upset. You know when I need a distraction from my problems and when I should address the issue and I'm glad that I have someone to differentiate those times for me. Honestly, as cheesy as this sounds, I'd be lost without you (Literally cause you seem to know my timetable better than I do :P). You come up with these random one liners that make me smile this stupid smile for the whole day. The mood I'm in when I get home usually depends on how things went with you that day. and i guess it's kind of pathetic that so much of my life revolves around you and what goes on in our oh so intertwined lives but I can't help it =/
I want you to know that the reason I don't tell you everything is because I put you on a pedestal. Your opinion of me matters to me more than most people and I don't want to risk telling you something that would alter the flawed perception you have of me :P But of course, you being the patient person you are, you put up with it and the mystery behind the frown/outburst and just go with it. I'm sorry for all he times I've been mean to you or haven't shown my appreciation as much as I should have but I guess its my odd way of showing affection :P
So, my dear mango...yes mango, Thankyou for being everything you are to me, for being that one person that I look and wait for in the mornings, for being super musically talented, for giving me your time when you knew I needed it, for being patient when I was stressing and doing anything you could to help and for being one of the main reasons I smile every single day. I love your company and everything you do to me. Don't doubt yourself or how much you mean to me because you're a very important part of my life and I'd hate to lose you.
Love lots, Kyleen
P.S We shall thumb war to the very end yes? ;D

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hold me in your arms and don't let go. I want to spend as much time as I can with you. Every moment we spend together makes me forget what I need to forget or address the issues that need to be addressed. You make everything so much more bearable and I dread hearng hints of goodbye or somethign that would shorten our time together. I guess all I'm trying to say is I love you .


8:40 PM ; smile'

Dear you,
okay honestly, I couldn't decide who to put in this slot ause there were three possible candidates. But the other two probably don't even read my blog so that made it easier ;D Yep, feel special, you got this spot only cause the other two don't read >=] Im kidding .
I really do consider you a best friend. You know why? Cause no matter what, you have that default position up there on my list (not that I have one by HYPOTHETICALLY) that no one has been able to take away from you. And yeah, the people who are close seconds (and I mean CLOSE) can rearrage themselves all tehy want, but your spot's secure for quite some time. We have had so many awesome memories, usually at my expense. Well when it's a clumsy act, it's usually me. Otherwise it's just me and my cherry blossom teasing you :P How weird must that sound to people who don't know who my cherry blossom is :P
ANYWAY, we've been in the same class for a while now and it's pretty hard to believe that when i first met you, I didn't like you. At all. you were annoying and obnoxious and so full of yourself that it annoyed me to the point of hatred. You still are all that but I forgive you ;D Nah im kidding :P What can i say? You've matured a lot since I first started talking to you and we've gotten a billion times closer. I love how we manage to read each others faces/minds/emotions/motives/body language/whatever else can be read so well. I honestly did not think someone would ever get to know me that well or pay close enough attention to be able to do so. See, that's why I stopped using those kinda words cause time changes things !
You're such a sweet, selfless and caring friend that puts my happiness before your own... or so you say :P But seriously, I have run up to you and hugged you just cause I was feeling upset so many times and not once did you require an explanation, giving me my time to sulk before I was ready to talk. You're a man of your word and I love that I can trust you with everything, not in a you-wont-tell-anyone way but I know that you'll say the right things to the right people so that my problems get fixed.
I can never hide anything from you cause I'll either explode or you'll figure it out anyway, just by the way im acting. You sir, are amazing :P I can admit, there are times when I should have treated you better or not taken you for granted (you know what im talking about... ) but that was ages ago and you're over that right?? I hope so cause I really don't want to lose this best friendship we have going cause I have never met anyone that I could laugh and cry (or do stupid things) with so easily without feeling like an idiot. yes you crack up laughing at me. Gosh woman! Why be so mean for? Im kidding...
So why did I choose you to take this spot? Because you are probably one of the few people who have been able to forgive me entirely and accepting me backwithout question, and I can say right now, there aren't many people who would do that. So snaps to you dear friend.
Love Lots, Kyleen
Ps We're still congruent right?? D:

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6:31 PM ; smile'

Friday, June 25, 2010

Taken from Genevieve/holly's blog :D
Letter 1 : your best friend

letter 2 : your crush

letter 3 : your parents

letter 4 : your sibling (or closest relative)

letter 5 : your dreams

letter 6 : a stranger

letter 7 : your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush

letter 8 : your favorite Internet friend

letter 9 : someone you wish you could meet

letter 10 : someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to

letter 11 : a deceased person you wish you could talk to

letter 12 : the person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain

letter 13 : someone you wish could forgive you

letter 14 : someone you’ve drifted away from

letter 15 : the person you miss the most

letter 16 : someone that’s not in your state/country

letter 17 : someone from your childhood

letter 18 : the person that you wish you could be

letter 19 : someone that pesters your mind—good or bad

letter 20 : the one that broke your heart the hardest

letter 21 : someone you judged by their first impression

letter 22 : someone you want to give a second chance to

letter 23 : the last person you kissed

letter 24 : the person that gave you your favorite memory

letter 25 : the person you know that is going through the worst of times

letter 26 : the last person you made a pinky promise to

letter 27 : the friendliest person you knew for only one day

letter 28 : someone that changed your life

letter 29 : the person that you want to tell everything to, but too afraid to

letter 30 : your reflection in the mirror
I will start with Letter 1 tomorrow. In the meantime I have some um.. hardcore gaming to do.. ahem. Shifty stuff right there... yeah that's right. Get curious ;D ANYWAY, Im off. Keep checking for daily updates for the next month yeah? :D please and thankyou :)


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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some ads are so... unrealistic. Like I know some are MEANT to be unrealisti but when it's in a domestic situation where there's a perfectly normal family, I highly doubt the children will want be so enthusiastic about shaking a bag full of food for dinner. I think it was a continental ad that had a bag with all these roast-to-be vegetables and the mum said something about just having to shake it for flavour or smth and her daughter was like "CAN I DO IT?!" Is that likely? I mean REALLY, would a young girl want to shake a bag that badly? Her older brother looked ecstatic when he got a hold of it too... weird?
Maybe it's just my opinion but personally, I don't see it happening in real life. Same as that laundry powder ad... Pretty much the same thing. Two young kids showing way too much enthusiasm than is normal. Anywho I NEED TO DO HISTORY! I AM SO DAMN UNPRODUCTIVE ! MY LACK OF WORK IS EMBARASSING!


8:55 PM ; smile'

Yeah you can put me down all you want but you know what? My life is going somewhere no matter what you say.


7:52 AM ; smile'

Saturday, June 19, 2010

all in all. trust yourself. the choices you make for yourself, are the
best ones. good luck in your subject selections, guys!

-Wendy's blog (click here)

Wow. I know that this quote is referring to subject selections and all, but I think it makes decision making in general a whole lot easier. Well to me anyway. I mean, lately there have been so many choices I've had to make concerning so many different things and, to be honest, it's gotten overwhelming and I have no idea what I'm meant to do. I've been asking other people what I should do because I have this perception/belief that everyone else knows better than me. That everyone else's word is worth more and undermines mine completely and so, like the naive person I am, I've listened to them and not quite liked the outcome. Now I'm not saying that the people I've asked have had ridiculous thoughts but they're not mine. Nor should they apply to me.
I have this... insecurity (so to speak). One that makes me think that saying what I want or think will attract weird looks or disagreements that I can't retaliate to. And so, I just don't say anything and rely on other people's opinions to make up my mind cause they know what they're talking about so I should listen. It's a bad attitude and I know I might be taking this quote a bit.. seriously and applying it to something it wasn't intended for but I think it has actually done more than just help me trust my own decisions in terms of subject selection. Wendy, that is one damn inspirational quote. You have unknowingly helped me make a very big decision that could alter my life greatly so thankyou for that :) And yes, I will take all "you creepy person"s now. Drop a comment yeah ? ;D

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I find it funny that adults accuse our generation of being too reliant on
technology when it was their generation that invented it.


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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Most of the time you listen to your mind. Deciding what’s right and wrong, giving yourself limits and sticking to a system to do things. But once the heart interferes, all of that doesn’t exist. The heart overrides the mind or convinces the brain to let loose and free itself for a little while. The brain tries to fight it (stage of denial) but eventually giving in.

The brain lets the words of your heart rule over your life and the mind is taken for granted. A few mistakes and radical decisions later, the heart breaks, overloads, and it’s up to the brain to pick up the pieces. -


6:13 PM ; smile'

Thankyou for knowing me

"Isnt it amazing how a person who was once just a stranger, suddenly meant the world to you?"
Pae Edejer (tuwanpaer) (via quote-book)

"You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith."
Mary Manin Morrissey (via kari-shma) (via quote-book)

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5:45 PM ; smile'

Yay! Science is done. Next up, history. Dammit. Well I have until the weekend to stress. Until then, is it just me that thinks the science assignment was ridiculous? I'm not saying that just cause I'm lazy but seriously, they thought of the most boring experiment and made us do it. It's ridiculous ! Like abgtwrijagpnerth ok, maybe this IS blamed on botheration cause I can't think of a reason why it's ridiculous :P and LOL! Botheration isn't spell checked as wrong.. cause that sentence makes sense.
My grammar has been really bad lately. And I haven't been able to talk properly and this keyboard is all big and lumpy and weird so it's hard to type. I'm used to the squishy keys of the laptop. I KEEP PRESSING THE WRONG KEYS and i dislike life :( (im kidding... or am i ;D) I have so many complaints :P TEEN ANGST I SAY!
Ok positives; 17/20 for English part A and 15/20 for part B.. yay? For me its good but then I hear about others getting 20 and yeah...i have a tendency to compare myself to people :S But the average was apparently like.. 67%? so i'm pretty happy.
Netball teams are crazy. We have ten all up, which I think is pretty pathetic. I mean not saying the girls aren't good but likedo we REALLY need ten teams? O_o

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Square is to Rectangle
as Need is to Want


8:06 AM ; smile'

Monday, June 14, 2010

A sudden realisation of bad timing and what it all really means and I'm off to wallow in self pity.


3:40 PM ; smile'

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Dearest Diemmy,

Happy 16th Birthday. Yes. Happy Don't be sad. Cause being 16 isn't bad ! Hey that rhymed. Woo ! ANYWAY! yes, being 16 is cool. Means you can drive and whatnot. That's some pretty epic stuff right there. Go for gold mdear. Anywho, enough of that rambling. Let's get down to business ! (to defeat the huns, time is racing towards us... [if you haven't watched Mulan, this will make no sense to you:P])

Diem, to be 100% honest, you are one of the sweetest people I have ever met. You have a certain.. quality that sets you aside from everybody else. I love spending time with you and the moments that we can catch up and I know that if, for whatever reason, I stop talking to you for a prolonged amount of time, I can still go to you for anything. Oh by the way, I'm sorry for intruding your ever expanding group so often :P But I guess there's something about you and your group that makes me love being there.

I have so much respect for you and your morals and I love your readiness to give me spiritual advice even though half the time I would rather do the more.. shall we say "sinful" alternative ;P You're an awesome friend who supports me whatever I do with gentle guidance towards the right decision. Honestly, when I make a bad choice morally, seeing you or thinking about what you would have done makes me feel guilty cause you're such a good person and it's like.. damn, I let her down. It's a weird thought I know, but you havet hat affect on me. It's good though. Cause then I make better choices (Y)
I guess I mostly want to say thankyou for being there for me every step of the way and letting me come with you to visit all saints :D I want you to know that I value your friendship so much and I hope you receive all the blessings you deserve. You're a sweet, kind, loving, appreciative, supportive girl and it doesn't look like that you're going to change any time soon. So smile lots, frown less and remember, I'll protect you from all the perverted talk ;P Love you diemmy !
Love Lots, Kyleen


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The word "Never" does not exist unless speaking of the


7:29 PM ; smile'

So I know we're only in year ten and our lives have barely begun and blahblahblah, don't tell me that I'm too young to stress. See the thing is, I am so used to being in carefree grades. Like from K-10, it matters on a yearly basis and sure you need all those years of learning to get you somewhere but while you're living it, it doesn't seem that important so you have time to relax, make mistakes and not have everything significantly affect your future. To me, year ten is the last year I'll be able to do any of that. Maybe not, seeing as we have School Certificate.
I guess I never realised how close we all were to living our own lives. It wasn't until subject selection evening that made me think "hey, we have two years left then we're out on our own". That thought scares me. A lot. I mean, I know we have all experienced some form of hatred towards our education and the monotony of it all. However, thinking about what the end of all this might mean is a pretty big deal. Sure, right now it's pretty irritating having to follow so many rules and do as we're told and wouldn't it be great to be an adult and have the freedom of making our own choices? I guess what I'm saying is that I like having a steady routine to follow. It made everything so bearable and I liked that I knew what I was doing, where my life was heading and had quite a lot of control over what I did and what happened in my life and the fact that there is always someone to help me plan my next move (the rare times I had to make a significant change in my life I mean). Pretty much everything had some degree of planning. Everything up to now. Now when we have to make our own decisions about which subjects to choose. And it isn't like year 8 where you can just pick the fun subjects, enjoy them and drop it later, never to be used again. These subjects matter and they could determine your future. This is what's going on through my head. Scary huh?
For many people, the concept of living on your own and having your own blooming career is a good one. I agree to some extent. I personally cannot wait until I have my own life and whatnot. Being either a forensic scientist or a lawyer, owning my own firm with avi ;D But that's only if my life goes as planned. When I think about this possibility, I'm excited. But when i think of the possibility that that isn't how my life will turn out; let's not go there. I guess I'm afraid of the unknown. Not knowing what's going to happen or where I'll be or who will be there when I do whatever I do. See, that sentence, right there. So much uncertainty. I don't like it. I like having control I guess. One of my many annoying traits :P
I know no other life than the one I have now. Nor can I imagine one. I don't know how to live without routine or continuous cycles. Repetitive thought it may be, I don't know how to live my life any other way. So the thought that the time for all this to end isn't too far away and four numbers and two ticks are going to influence what my life might be is daunting. Blame it on my few insecurities and my need to control everything =/


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Thursday, June 10, 2010

"It's a bear"
"It's Ironman"
"It's a bear!"
"It's Ironman!"
"It's a freaking bear! What the hell are you looking at?!"
"Ironman!! RIGHT THERE!"
"Oh well the bear just went missing. The cloud dispersed!"
"Err... Ironman is still there."
Lying on the grass making shapes out of clouds. A would-be romantic scenario if the conversation did not consist of playful bickering. Odd, yes. Dysfunctional, most likely. And yet neither of them would have it any other way. Teenagers in love like. A cliche, maybe even a fantasy but it didn't matter.
"There! Right there. Picture moment!"
She squared her fingers, framing an area of the sky that was perfectly blue, a cloud peeping out of the corner of her makeshift frame.
"There's another one" he said
She turned to look at him and saw his fingers framing her face. She laughed, pushing his fingers away as she did so.
"You're so cheesy"
She turned away. He grabbed her waist from behind and whispered in her ear.
"Hey, I say it how it is." A kiss on the cheek and he got up.
That was ages ago though. She sat there watching him. She knew she was being ridiculous. After all, she was the one that ended it so why the regret now? He was smiling. THAT smile. The one that she only saw when they were together. So carefree and natural with the hint of a dimple on the side. And then the music started playing.
She looked down the aisle and saw his bride walking towards the front of the church. His smile reflected on her face. The ceremony went by in a blur and the moment they said "I do", she tried to block it out. She had everything with him. Every little detail she wanted in a guy, he had. Why she let go of all that, she could never really justify herself. But it was too late now. He was happy with her. That bride of his. The girl who was now taking her place. Holding the hand she once held, putting her lips on the same lips she once kissed. The thought was unnerving.
The crowd rushed out to watch the happy couple leave. She stood at the back of the crowd watching her bestfriend walk away from her. She turned before her emotions could cloud her judgment. No. It was better this way. He's happy. So she's happy. She had to convince herself that walking away would be better than confessing.
Someone grabbed her from behind. No one had hugged her waist like that since- but it couldn't be. He just drove off with his beloved wife. Wife. The word echoed in her head. Threatened to swallow her alive. Memories were engulfing her and she was slipping in and out of the past. Reality intervened and her senses were awakened. She could feel his arms around her waist, his lips against her ear, his warm breath streaming on her neck as he whispered
"Thankyou for letting me find someone like her. She's the one I'm in love with but I still love you. You're still the woman I put first and you still make me happier than most people can. Don't forget that."

A swift kiss on the cheek and he was gone.


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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whats this I hear about laptop inspection/update?? Im screwed. Seriously. I have so much crap on my laptop. I don't even know what we;re allowed to have and I can't be bothered backing it all up. Is this information even accurate? I hope not :S Cause that means I have to delete all my games (Worlds hardest game nooooooooo D:), TV series, movies, pictures, music etc. And that's a lot of stuff O_O Stuff that i cannot be bothered putting back on afterwards. This is torture D: My only hope is that this is a rumour that isnt even true. Who's with me? :D
So tryouts were today and i tried out for netball but there wasn't enough time for all of us so there is going to be another tryout thing on friday recess. REMIND ME SOMEONE PLEASE?? I know last year I was like "omgsh I hate netball, it's a stupid sport and I am never putting myself through that again." But watching the guys play netball made it look so fun. And when we played for PE, Mel, Lisa and I had so much fun. I guess the main reason I hated it last year was cause i suck and I keep contacting and obstucting. But if the team we have is fun and not too serious, I'm good. ANNE! YOU HAVE TO TRY OUT AGAIN ON FRIDAY!! COME ON MAN! ME YOU AND DANICA! TAGTEAM :D :D


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Friday, June 4, 2010

So I just came back from social and my ears are ringing without a sign that they're going to stop anytime soon, one of them is completely deaf, my throat hurts like hell, I have a headache, my shirt is wet and my feet hurt. But damn, it was good. The music was a bit repetitive and they played Justin Bieber WHAT THE HELL? but you know, in such situations, I just like to get into it and go along with the music. A lot of the night was house music but meh. It was fun.
I'd love to go into detail but it was a 'you had to be there' kinda thing. and YOU BOY ! You know who you are, thanks for replying to my texts :P Although, you should know, it wasn't all me !

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

OMGSH BARNEY STINSON IS ON GLEE! I don't know what his real name is :S But it's cool that he's there :P He has a nice voice :D He speaks the same way he does on How I Met Your Mother. That is all.
Edit 8:40pm: Neil Patrick Harris's voice is amazing O_O (yes i googled his name)


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The Light Is Where?;

Oh look everyone its KYLENNY! Yes everyone it's Kyleen Slowly learning to stop using the words 'always', 'never' and 'forever'. Blog, this is everyone, everyone, this is my blog. Be friends and enjoy:)

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