End of the Road

Whats this I hear about laptop inspection/update?? Im screwed. Seriously. I have so much crap on my laptop. I don't even know what we;re allowed to have and I can't be bothered backing it all up. Is this information even accurate? I hope not :S Cause that means I have to delete all my games (Worlds hardest game nooooooooo D:), TV series, movies, pictures, music etc. And that's a lot of stuff O_O Stuff that i cannot be bothered putting back on afterwards. This is torture D: My only hope is that this is a rumour that isnt even true. Who's with me? :D
So tryouts were today and i tried out for netball but there wasn't enough time for all of us so there is going to be another tryout thing on friday recess. REMIND ME SOMEONE PLEASE?? I know last year I was like "omgsh I hate netball, it's a stupid sport and I am never putting myself through that again." But watching the guys play netball made it look so fun. And when we played for PE, Mel, Lisa and I had so much fun. I guess the main reason I hated it last year was cause i suck and I keep contacting and obstucting. But if the team we have is fun and not too serious, I'm good. ANNE! YOU HAVE TO TRY OUT AGAIN ON FRIDAY!! COME ON MAN! ME YOU AND DANICA! TAGTEAM :D :D


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