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Yay! Science is done. Next up, history. Dammit. Well I have until the weekend to stress. Until then, is it just me that thinks the science assignment was ridiculous? I'm not saying that just cause I'm lazy but seriously, they thought of the most boring experiment and made us do it. It's ridiculous ! Like abgtwrijagpnerth ok, maybe this IS blamed on botheration cause I can't think of a reason why it's ridiculous :P and LOL! Botheration isn't spell checked as wrong.. cause that sentence makes sense.
My grammar has been really bad lately. And I haven't been able to talk properly and this keyboard is all big and lumpy and weird so it's hard to type. I'm used to the squishy keys of the laptop. I KEEP PRESSING THE WRONG KEYS and i dislike life :( (im kidding... or am i ;D) I have so many complaints :P TEEN ANGST I SAY!
Ok positives; 17/20 for English part A and 15/20 for part B.. yay? For me its good but then I hear about others getting 20 and yeah...i have a tendency to compare myself to people :S But the average was apparently like.. 67%? so i'm pretty happy.
Netball teams are crazy. We have ten all up, which I think is pretty pathetic. I mean not saying the girls aren't good but likedo we REALLY need ten teams? O_o


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