Continue on from each other

Eurgh. Once again I have forgotten what I wanted to blog about. But I shall blog anyway just so you kids know I'm still alive. Pity isn't it? ehe . Anyway...
I can't wait til this term is over. I know I said earlier this year that I love my subjects and my classes and blahblahblah. I do. I still do. But I just need want a break from work D: Cause you know... holidays will mean a break not endless studying. Man oh man.
Legal excursion tomorrow ! Yay :D Watching mock trials today was really fun. It's so interesting to watch so I'm assuming actual court cases will be the same. If not more interesting. Luke and Avi are such good speakers. In terms of arguing and objections. Phwoar! And Emily and Wendy were so.. cool headed and composed. Those are the only people got to watch :/ We left just when it got interesting ! Ah well. They won so hooray Hurlstone :D
My sister said she cleaned her itunes list and took off all the bad songs. Thing is, we both have very different taste in music and now as I flick through the songs, I struggle to find one worth listening to. Now all I'm listening to is The Script :P
So I have now run out of words to say. So until next time kids


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