The force of each push was unbearable

grr, so I wanted to blog yesterday but I couldn't cause my keyboard died on me and it didn't occur to me to change the battery. Well, it did but I didn't know if we had any and I had already moved to laptop by then. Anyway, what I would have liked to say has now increased as another day has gone past. So excuse what I can only suspect will be a long post. Why I am writing like this, I have no idea. Let's just say I'm practising story writing for English Extension shall we? Is it even going to be a short story ? D:
Speaking of short stories, did anyone draw a mind map for the story for English? No part of the question specified a need for a mind map and previous papers we were given last term had a space designated for a mind map. Also, short stories alone are generally worth 15 marks and that's what it said. No extra marks rewarded for any mind map that may or may not have been included. So if any deductions are done, UNFAIR XP Also with the English Exam, was use of the provided stimulus necessary? It say may help you. I used one just in case. I'm rather proud of my time management this time around. Generally, I have more than half of my story to finish and the resulting comment says "it's good..if only you finished it". Clearly not in those exact words, english teachers are much too eloquent for that... But you get my point. This time, I still didn't finish. But I finished MOST of it. I sacrificed the last question on section 1 for my story but still had time to write more stuff. Towards the end, I just wrote dot points cause I had no time. Ah well, let's hope they appreciate it. At the end of the exam, Thai turned around and was all "You wrote so much!". 9 pages. See, sounds impressive. But seriously, my writing is massive so in normal people writing it would have been like...6-7.
Art exam was ok. Hadn't studied in the holidays. See, my mentality with art is based on the fact that each question has images. Usually two and requires some sor tof comparison or development or judgement to be made. So you could get away with minimal study and just use the skills learned in class to analyse the images in front of you. Right? However, I am rather glad the art crew crammed in the library straight after English. And that we cornered Miss Ross while she was supervising a year 8 maths class trying to clarify a few things. Also, rather proud of us for being able to cram all the art periods into however many hours we had :) Yay art :P
Today, I went to livo to attend to some errands that had been continuously rescheduled since Wednesday. How annoying, I feel like I wasted so much... I desperately need to study for Legal. Oh hey look, legal book in front of me. with paper! See, I'm prepared to study. But here I am. Blogging. Procrastinating. Wasting time. Yeah ! Who was it that always told me to study...? Kabir, Vincent or Colin. One of them. Point is, Kabir, Colin or Vincent would be disappointed. So I should probably get cracking.


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