And Colin doesn't count

Oh the irony of that blog post considering today is his birthday. Happy Birthday Colin! I will write you a proper birthday blog when I am not about to go out and I actually have time to think it over. So that will probably be tomorrow. Good luck with your story writing little brother :P
On a different note, yesterday sucked. Everything before period 5 was like.. therntgtfrhrtshmfhjrys Stupid English mark. Stupid bio rank. Stupid art supplies with lids that don't screw on properly. grr and Maths.. I just don't like maths so that's just stupid XP Well aren't I a cheerful person. Anyway, in legal, Mr Lynch gave us food ! Not that I could eat any of it. It was all chocolates and stuff. But then Lisa went into the staff room and took the last two pizzas. Which, sweet as she is, she shared with Avi, Luke and I. Good times :P Legal is so fun these days. grr. Quick interruption: My mum gets annoyed at my blog content... O_O
Back on topic: Last day of having Mr Geerling for Chem. I am so sad ! He was so cool and funny and gah :( Ah well. Miss Jackson is really cool too. She's so nice and she's an amazing teacher :) I think so anyway...
After school, Alan, Kabir, Nicholas, Rafi, Thai and I went to watch Limitless. And to be honest, the concept and the idea of it was good but it got a little boring. It's like... He can use his mind. Yay ! ahem... But yes, while watching that movie, I kept thinking "Damn, if I had that pill all the stupid subjects wouldn't be so bad." Especially art. Every time I think about the cabinet, my insides curl up and I get really irritated cause I have no idea what to do. Although, Vincent's advice in Chem has had some effect and I have a little more direction than I did before. One minor problem: I lack the skill and creativity to execute this concept which I shall not divulge to the public in case I fail and you all think it's something completely different. See with this degree of mystery, if you assume it's something else, I can just be all "Yeaaah! That's exactly what I was trying to do:D" And if you can't tell what it is at all, then the classic art excuse: It's abstract


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