These blog titles

Are terribly uncreative. Anyway, I AM BACK! Finally uncapped after like a eek or more of not blogging, I have missed it terribly. And now to read the week's worth of blogs. yaay !
Today, was taking photos of a crows for art and I swear the crow I was stalking was getting angry. I'm so scared of crows. I don't mind birds. But crows are freaky cause they're big and they don't move when you run after them. If anything, they stare you down until you back away. So this would probably be the first time I actually looked for a crow and tried to get close. I found on in the donut of the donut quad.. obviously. I got as close as I dared to go but then it moved and I freaked out and backed away a bit. With as much dignity as one could muster while running away from a bird...
I kept getting closer but I think it could tell I was following it because it kept running away! I am not a subtle bird watcher ok? It hid behind a tree at one point which makes me think it was camera shy. Why am I giving personality traits to a crow? But yeah, eventually i jumped on one of the green benches and I was like YES FINALLY A GOOD PHOTO! And I tried getting closer then it puffed out its chest and started screaming and talking to it's friends and its friends started talking back and aaargh it freaked me out so I went back to the art rooms. It was making loud noises and trying to look big. I THINK IT WAS ANGRY! Probably plotting my death with it's little crow buddies >.>
Wow, my first blog post in a week or so and it's about a crow... Aren't I interesting? :) Legal was fun today. Avi and I were both in a really good mood and being annoying together rather than the usual one person annoys the other. Twas a pleasant change :P


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