I'll just see if anyone picks up on it

Victor Kim replied to my comment on youtube! Yeah I know it's just a reply to a comment. Not even a comment on a video but still! I feel all giggly fan girl like. Let me have my glory D:
Legal yesterday was really fun. It took us a while to find an interesting court case but we got there eventually. A gynecologist was getting sued for inappropriate touching. It was probably the same case the other group saw. I mean how often does a gynecologist get accused of that...? ehe .
I am currently going thorugh a friends obsession. The series not the people. Although people friends are good too :) But yes, Ross and Rachel are so cute together. And I think I get into the episode I'm watching. Like, what happens in the show affects me more than it should. I may have gotten annoyed at Thai for something Ross did before realising we they weren't the same person... I'm kidding. I'm not that weird. *cough**cough*
Also, biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Thank you to Thai for coming back to Glenfield yesterday :P You're the best. YOU COULD HAVE GONE HOME IF YOU WANTED TO YOU KNOW? I FEEL BAD! Silly Thai..
Anywho, I've gotten back into saying silly. Gone back? I don't remember if I had ever previously used the word silly. But it seems familiar. You know what doesn't sound familiar? THE LAND OF NOD! I don't get it and it bugs me :(


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