Cause He's a Genius Kid

That's you Colin. The amount of times I've said that to you... I don't even know why I said that half the time. Your intelligence is oh so superior to mine I probably say that more often than is necessary. Wow. The 'oh so' makes it sound I'm like being sarcastic. But I'm not. I promise :P
While trying to think of something to write for your birthday blog, I realised there is very little I can say because the reason I value your as a friend is for one very simple reason; you're awesome.
Yes, lame reason. But the thing is, with most other people, you can pinpoint what exactly it is you like about them. But with you, it's like... overall personality and attitude. I respect your views and opinions and your responses to my random scenarios :P btw the girl that was tied to the bomb is a-okay now.
I love how you seem to be unaffected by social pressures and while I can't say I know every intention behind your action, nor can I say I have witnessed all your actions (I don't stalk :P), I can say what I have seen of you gives me plenty of reasons to admire you. Like I saidm I don't even know why. Maybe it's cause you're so nice. Or so intelligent. Or so disciplined. Or always willing to listen to my pointless rants and make me laugh afterwards with minimal judging (out loud anyway...:P). Or maybe it's a mixture of all of that. Now I know that seems like I'm contradicting myself by pinpointing good qualities but honestly, there is still some unknown quality about you on top of all that.
I think I mentioned camp to you in your new year's text but in case I haven't, caving was mad and you were so supportive and encouraging. Even though I slowed you down. My bad D: But thanks for sharing your torch spider monkey ! ^^
So all in all, in this incredibly long blog post that I have spent almost an hour trying to perfect and ended up saying very little, I shall conclude by saying Happy Birthday Little Brother. Thank you for winning our bet. Even though I like to win. Winning this bet would have been very sad for me :P
Love Lots, Kyleen :)


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