Before I reveal the secret

Happy Birthday Lawrence ! Yeah I texted you earlier but I realised I didn't actually say Happy Birthday.. more addressed whether or not you want to go out for your birthday some time next week :P So yes, Happy Birthday You ! I don't think you read my blog though so that was a bit of a waste... :/
Speaking of which, I give up planning a massive group outing Henry. I'm sorry but everyone's busy on individual days with their little mini groups or other commitments. Meanwhile, here I am sitting at home like the loner I am with no life. But I need to go livo or cab on Sunday to give her clay. It will probably end up being livo cause my mum won't let me go Cab :/ Ah well. I don't know what I'll do there. Either stay in the library and study or watch scream or something. I don't know I'll figure it out eventually.
Gah I'm just not bothered to do anything. Although, I just spent an hour studying legal and bio .Yeah I know it's not that long to you intelligent people who do like.. more than that a day :P But I have a really short attention span so to me, that's an achievement. When all the exams are over and I don't excel in teh subjects I wanted to, I'll refer back to this moment and be all I SHOULD HAVE STUDIED MORE. It's been like that ever since year seven. Have I tried to break that cycle? Yes. But I fail miserably every time. I'll keep trying though :S
Last night I had a dream I ate chocolate. Yeah. That's how much I'm craving sweet things right now. It's kinda sad that I rely on them that much :P Ah well. Yesterday I went to Lisa's house and it was fun. Let's leave it at that. When my mum picked me up, she had prawn dumpling :D It made me happy ^^

You've fallen in love in the worst way
and if you don't go now then you'll stay
And if you're looking for heaven
Baby it sure as hell ain't me


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