But there's more to it than that

I have reason to believe I am the odd one out:
  1. While everyone seems to be bummed out about school starting in two days, I'm rather excited. Of course, I choose to ignore the fact that we have exams second day and that art is due first day back... ok now the hyperventilation begins. I probably shouldn't have acknowledged that fact...
  2. This morning, I woke up, went on twitter and saw a stack of people saying it was freezing. I thought the only reason I disagreed was cause I was in bed but I went cabra today and I didn't find it cold. The car was so stuffy ! But then again, that car is always so stuffy.
  3. Everyone seems to have studied enough
In conclusion, I am a strange strange person that should not be called human. How about humanoid? Reminds me of Danicap in year 7 and 8. Good times :P


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