There was a girl

who wanted to stalk Chris brown in the city. Now I'm ashamed to reveal that I am associated with this person but yes, Raelene and I (+family) went city yesterday and the whole time, Raelene was keeping an eye out for Chris Brown and dragging us to places he could be. It amused me. I refuse to let myself eat a lot today. Yesterday, I went overboard. Went pancakes on the rocks and most of htem couldn't finish theirs so I became the bin. No complaints but daaaamn, I'm such a fatty :P Ah well, twas nice.
This will contradict what I just said but, I CAN EAT SWEET THINGS TODAY SO I PLAN ON PIGGING OUT... tomorrow. I had a red velvet cupcake though and omgsh it is the best thing ever. I have no idea what red velvet is made of and if it's made out of something weird, don't tell me. I like to enjoy my food in peace :)
Quite clearly, I did not end up going to parra to watch Scream 4 and attack Max Brenner with Raelene. After last night's 14hour adventure, I am just not bothered and my favourite loser couldn't come anyway. Tragic. My tolerance for the cold has decreased and it makes me sad. I used to LOVE this weather. Still do. Cause I like cold. But I used to be able to sit in a singlet and shorts (not short shorts obviously...) and be fine. But no, I'm wearing a hoodie and I'm still cold. My nose always feels cold nowadays too. My dad keeps saying I'm a cat. ew. Cats.
Art is annoying me. I have like... two and a half things done for it and I have no idea what else I WANT to put in it. Candles are fun to carve though. My Minoan snake Goddess' head looks like an acorn. I don't know whats on her head so I kinda just put a blob there and now it looks like a damn acorn D: Oh well, here's to hoping Mrs Coombes appreciates effort (Y)


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