I have a Right click the size of a Tuba!

Did any of you watch The Great Debate last night? It was so funny! The camel was so cute when the guy was trying to get him through the eye of a needle. hehe it bit him xD Lesson learnt: Dont mess with the camel:P

Oh an I watched Transformers one today so that if i ever watch Transformers 2 (SOMEONE TAKE ME!! ) I actually get what's going on. And i think I'm in love with bumblebee :D He's so cute and he talks through radio!! Megan Fox is cool cause she can fix cars:) Bt he seems a tad up herself don't you think. At this point im BETTING that the guys are like "so what? she's hot and she likes sex!" meh . Each to their own i guess:)

This sexy beast or....

This not-so-sexy, car-fixing, sex loving random?

I know which one I prefer:) (BUMBLEBEEEEEEEEEEEE!!)


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