I like Robert Pattinson. Not Edward Cullen

Hi all! I'm sorry, I know it's been two week since I last blogged. Well, more than two weeks. And as much as I'd like to say I was busy studying or whatever, you and I both know that I wasn't. In all honesty, the only reason I haven't been blogging lately is because I was capped. Yeah I got capped after like two weeks! How ridicurous ! Anyway, quick update on my life (cause you know... you're all oh so interested):
  1. Parents are in the Philippines for a month. Party at Kyleen's house! I'm kidding
  2. Because parents are in the Philippines, I can't ask them about SYC which probably means I won't be going D:
  3. I hate maths. 
  4. I feel abandoned by my teachers. 
  5. Love being House captain and I am so pumped for the filming week :D
  6. I can't think of anything else...
Wow, I go missing for two weeks and that's all I have to say? Now you know how eventful my life is.. ehe . ^^ 


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