Day 10

Today was such a brilliant day. Hanging out with the girls for the first time in aaaages. Perfect send off for my beloved Maimai :) Hope you have fun in the Philippines ! Take plenty of photos and be inspired :) The new water park in Darling Harbour is friggen awesome man. I didn't even care that I put a little bit of effort to get dressed up (come on man, we were having lunch and it was the city with the girls, I FELT LIKE BEING A LITTLE BIT FANCY OKAY?) I went insaaaaane! I always do when Maimai is there. And plus, Melanie and I hadn't gone that high together in a while. Today was just an awesome day to reconnect :)
Today was also my first day of caps! I mean, I've been to the place once before with Annie, Anna O and Danicap but we didn't take photos. So yeah today was my first time of doing that one :P I think it's about time I did it because High School is probably the only time Caps is acceptable :P (No offence to uni kids who still do caps.. O_O)
Lunch was awesome too. Lol, I blogged this out of order. Pretend this paragraph was before the one above this. I could just reformat this but I've been trying this thing where I don't use backspace unless I'm fixing up a spelling mistake or something. Raw thoughts ftw! Although, that could be dangerous too.. We'll see :P But yeah, nice pick Danielle :D I love asian food. And no matter how short the time frame is since I last had asian food, I'm almost always craving it. If someone mentions asian food, Instant Cravings ! Yeah... I love food :')
My sister's coming back in two days and I am soooo excited! :D

Day 10: Horcruxes or Hallows
HALLOWS! What kind of question is that? I'd never be able to kill! And beside, Horcruxes just split your soul up, hallows have their own power which I find pretty cool. If you haven't noticed yet, I love magic :P When I was little, my best friend and I used to play a game where we were sisters who also had magic powers. Honestly, that game went from year 1 to year 5/early year 6. Different variations of it but y'know, still had powers. This is getting off topic in terms of answering this day's challenge but I've already answered but it seems too short, so allow me to ramble for a bit :P
SO! My favourite kind of magic type thing is when each person has their own specialty. Like xmen. I don't know why. I just looove that concept! Especially when it comes to elements. Like Avatar. Controlling elements and stuff, (as in wind earth fire water not the periodic table...) just seems really cool and I think it's a brilliant idea for a power. In aforementioned game with best friend, I started off being some chick who could control nature (kinda like Ferngully/winx club style thing). SO like plants and vines and my magic source was a special vine stick LOL omgsh Can't believe I still remember all this ! This was like... 2 months ago. Jokes, it was... oh wow. Ten years ago! :O
That was probably our most epic magic era cause after that, our imagination wasn't that great and we ended up being genie type witches where we just said we wanted something and it happened if we made a few lines that rhymed. Like Sabrina! From that, we became the charmed sisters :D looool. COme on, how many of you girls did that? Don't remember what came after that. That might have been the last one :P But yeah, that is my story. Thank you for listening/reading. Now you have another reason to find me weird. Heh . O_O


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