Day 7

I am so excited for everything! Swimming carnival, swimming carnival video making, end of the year, christmas, new years, tomorrow, year book. Everything is beginning to happen and be planned and now, after looking at the year tens' formal photos on Facebook, I am not also looking forward to ours. Oh my gosh I am going to make the most of this year. So ready to just have a ton of fun at all the school events and go nuts and omgsh this year will be the first year I go finals night. And i can't not be allowed. I have to be there! So yes, I am very excited.
Alsoooo... Carissa is the best and I love her very very much :) I also miss her. A lot ! :D

Day 7: Favourite female character and why

Toss up between Hermione and Luna. Yes I know, it might be a bit typical to pick Hermione but she is a brilliant character. She is almost exactly what (I'm sorry for the reference) Atwood was talking about. A multidimensional character who doesn't just sit down and be a loyal lady friend. Yes she is that, but we've all seen that that girl can kick ass. She's intelligent and while that annoys some people (Ron), she is in no way subservient and she won't sacrifice her intelligence to make herself accepted. She's true to herself and never acts dumb to get attention, nor does she rely on her femininity/sexuality to appeal to other characters. And she doesn't define herself as the damsel in distress as one would expect of the only girl in a trio. Often, she is the one coming up with solutions. In saying that though, there are her moments of emotional weakness that are seen in the books. She does get sad and scared, which just makes her realistic. She isn't perfect and she doesn't pretend to be. Nor does JK Rowling expect people to think she is. To me, Hermione is just absolutely brilliant.
Now Luna is probably the only person in both real life and novels that doesn't give a damn what anyone else thinks (If you've watched the latest Harry Potter special features on dvd, you'd realise that that is a quote from JK Rowling :P). She's so interesting and a bit out of it and odd. I love odd. And I love hwo Luna is a bit strange and a bit far fetched but you know there's some wisdom in her and she is a really clever person - she's in Ravenclaw. Of course she's smart.
It's a bit weird that these two characters are my favourites because they're like.. complete opposites :P Oh well


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