Day 6

For English Extension 2, we have to hand in a journal but it can't have anything in it that has our name so Miss Young told us to come up with a nom de plume. So like.. an alias type thing and I couldn't think of anything to write without sounding like a loser so I just used my pottermore name :P I shall now be known as bloodpatronus in my Ext2 works ! YEEEEEAH BOY!
I really need to get my fringe cut. For me, I know my fringe is long when I can tuck it behind my ear and not have it fall out. Then it's not even a fringe anymore and it's really annoying because my neck gets sore from tilting my head to the right :/ <-- The tragedy that is  my life :P I am so pumped for the end of the year man. I am just so not bothered with school anymore and I've not been doing that well in terms of assessments.
In other news, I FINALLY GOT HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 ON DVD AND I AM SO HAPPY! Well this happened about a week ago so that excitement isn't as... big as it was when I first took it home :P I watched the special features and oh my gosh I cried! The women of Harry Potter are amazing and I was watching JK Rowling talk about them and I was just filled with amazement. JK Rowling, to me, you did exactly what Atwood said people should do ! :O Man, English has me analysing everything critically. I've been analytsing movies I watch for fun, light reading books, even emails. I'm kidding about the last one. I don't send emails. But seriously, it's insane D: And a little irritating. Can't enjoy some of the thing I watch/read anymore :(
Also good job to the mock trial team for their competition at the grand final :D Love watching you guys ! Thanks for taking Hurlstone so far! :D

Day 6: What house would you want to be in and why?
Ravenclaw. Hands down. Without a doubt. Ravenclaw. Because the sorting hat says they're clever. And I like to be thought as clever! Slytherin seem a bit full of themselves, Gryffindor is admirable but a little arrogant and Hufflepuff.. psh what is Hufflepuff? :P But yes, I'd love to be in Ravenclaw and I love how their common room entrance security thing is more than just a code the students have to remember. So many people would know that I love puzzles, codes and riddles. It's just so much fun to me ! :D


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