Ten Letters

Ok..People have been doing this on their blog so i am too( i am such a follower==")
Ten letters to ten different people. Oh and im not gna tell you who they are no matter how close you are to me:P

ONE: Omgsh.. i love you i really do. You are so awesome and you know how to have a good time:P I know i havent been around you for a while but i want oyu to know that i still love being your friend and being with you. You are an awesome buddy and we shall continue having competitions on who can get the highest score on that game...;P Yeah..you should know who you are:L

TWO: UNEXPECTED!! Seriously.. i never knew that i would get so close to you. Same class...doesnt necessarily mean closeness and yet here we are. I trust you heaps..i hope that was a good decision:P You know how to make me laugh and forget my problems and you help me face reality when its something i'd rather turn my back on. You stick by me and I know you will always have my back no matter what insults people chuck at us. We can be sporting, luvo buddies together..how exciting

THREE: You annoy me. You talk about things i dont really care about. You say things that sound insensitive. You never shut up about yourself. You interrupt me when i talk and never listen. You nag and boss me around. You criticise nearly everything you do. You learn the songs i try to learn on guitar and when i try learning the songs you learn you think im trying to beat or copy you as if that song was yours. but despite all this.. I do love you. I dont really have a choice actually =="

FOUR: You are such a good listener. I love talking to you cause i know that whatever i tell you will be kept a secret and that whatever i say wont make you judge me. You give great advice too (Y) well done child:D And it is so hard NOT to like you. I love confiding in you cause even if you dont know what to say, you manage to make the situation better or more bearable. Cause you're awesome like that (H)

FIVE: You crack me up:P You are so entertaining to talk to. seriously. There is not an awkward moment with you:P The only bad thing bout you is that you lack confidence. YOu always think you're not good enough or whatever but really, you are more than capable of being entertaining.

SIX: Ok. You..im not sure about. Sometimes you are the awesomest person ever, but then there are moments when you could be slightly meaner than usual and i just think that maybe all your niceness is an act. But then i can't stay mad at you because the next time i see you or talk to you on msn, You say something that makes me smile and everything is forgotten. You are an awesome buddy who i can never hate and I love being around you because it's just fun, I can talk to you and about anything and you say the right things without sugarcoating it as most people do. You say it how it is and thats what i love about you, you know when to be serious and you show you care. You are one of the most RANDOM people i trust and i dont think you really care. I also doubt whether or not you actually keep my secrets but i still tell you almost everything. Almost.
Edit: The mean things you do are all part of the rivalry that is expected in a relationship like ours:P

SEVEN: hmmm..You are so happy all the time its contagious:P you're like a little ball of energy:D I love being around you and i love your music. Enough said:P

EIGHT: You annoy me too. But this time i don't love you. You are so shallow and annoyingly obsessed with certain people and it just IRRITATES ME. Sometimes the things you say are so annoyingly based on a person's looks that i just wanna slap you. Im sorry but this is just the way i think. hmph .

NINE: LOL! You always say these random hysterical lines that I keep thinking about for days and everytime i do, i crack up laughing. So when im on the bus and i think of one..sheesh i must look weird :S You are one of the few people who are still innocent (LOL) and you're nice too:P Thats all ican be bothered saying. LOL

TEN: omgsh what happened? You used to be so sweet and nice and gentle. But you've changed. And I agree with some people that mabe it was because you thought you would be more accepted. But honestly? I miss the old you. Sometimes when there arent that many people, you tend to be your old self again and its those moments that i try to remember and pull back from the past. Yes you are still rather likeable but not as much as you used to be. I'm not even that close to you and even I've seen the change. I'm not sure if i have a right to tell you off about it because im not close to you but i do hope you change back....

Wow i sound like a cow in some of these. you ten people can probably guess who you are. Its kinda obvious well anywho im off. Toodles



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