Even the sky will tell you that I need you so

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VRONCA! HOPE YOU HAD AN AMAZING DAY! You deserve it and enjoy the camera without guilt please :P We love you heaps !

So it's been a while since I've blogged and what's happened in the last five days? Nothing worth mentioning to be honest other then a red pen that drew with black ink... weird O_O :Althoooough, first english extension lesson yesterday. From 3-5. Fun. Actually it was. I think it's a good thing Miss Schultz is our teacher because she's really enthusiastic and passionate about it. She's like the Mrs Coombes of the English faculty :D
Other than that, sport today was pretty fun. I love basketball and I like our team. I just wish we had Anh, Anne and Danielle there too :/ Then we can have our old team back ! :D Oh well I shall create new memories with our new team. Cheeeeeeeeeesy.
Today, Hurlstonians were crowding around spotlight and all the two dollar stores for tomorrow. Ashley, Avi, Lisa, Nicholas and I were in hot dollar and Nicholas will look hot ;D BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh that kid amuses me :P I'm wearing stuff that has nothing to do with any of the themes. I just like it ok?
Also, Kabir and Nathan; SO WHAT IF I HAVE A BABY TOWEL HUH?
Michael Dinh and Nathan; I DO NOT HAVE A BABY VOICE D:
Why do people keep suggesting I'm a baby? =='
Anywho, I shall see all you loons, workers, miami beach goers and Fairytale creatures tomorrow at Swimming Carnival :D


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