Finally Uncapped!

So first of the month means I am no longer capped. But I'm bored of tumblr so I think I might delete it. (sorry Mel :$) Also, first of the month means the first day of school. Yay ! I have been looking forward to today for like a week now. Ever since I got my books. Although, the fact that I haven't really given much thought to the work load means I probably don't have a realistic view or opinion of the year to come.
THe morning was so full of OMGSH HI!s and OMGSH NEW KID! For me anyway... I was so hyper this morning, as Mariel predicted... BUT I WAS EXCITED OK? I DON'T LIKE THE NEW SHELTER OVER THE CHESS AREA! THEY TOOK AWAY MY RUNNING IN THE RAIN SPACE :(
I'm so sad I don't have Geerlo or Peck for Chem. Even though most people don't like Peck as a teacher, I think he's good :/ Also overlooking the fact that his reason for not dressing up today was because of.. I dno he said something about not being able to share the luxury girls have in that guys don't have air circulation or something... ANYWAY, Art sounds like it's going to be intense O_O
I am so slow... Only after reading Wendy's and Nathan's blogs did I realise that we'd be on chairs in assembly now :P woaaaah ! Yeah.. Big woop 8-) Beginning of every year I have said that I'll do my homework everyday as consistently as I can... Let's hope this year I actually keep that promise to myself? :P
I hope tomorrow is tryouts. I'm not bothered to swim D:


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