Maybe ?

I am sooo in love with english extension. But first off, LET ME RANT! Not really.. BUT COME ON! TWO SUBJECTS WORTH OF SEART STERALING? REALLY REALLY? YOU REALLY WANT TO DO THIS? YEAH WELL ITS WAR. Well to be honest I like the spot I was in today better because it's like a warm little group of friendliness where we can passionately discuss ideas :) But I WILL go back to my old spot juts to declare whose territory it is >.> Yeah and after a few weeks, I'll move back to where I sat today CAUSE I WANT TO NOT CAUSE YOU MADE ME XP Yeah, that's right I'm taking an immature response to this.
Anyway... on a different note, McDonald's apple ties taste like barbecue sauce O_O It's weeeeird... Thanks Johnny btw :P It made me happy in english :3 Joel is hilarious and so easy to talk to. He just always has something to say and can talk for ages and ages non stop. It amuses me :P
Sport tomorrow yaaay ! Zone tomorrow boo .


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