Damacro !

As much as I'd like to recount every single moment that happened at camp, I cannot be bothered and remembering it makes me sad that we're not there anymore. Yeah. I'm sentimental like that. Basically, the nights were fun and really pretty as most of the people there sat on the hill watching the stars. I don't know why but during camp my fear of awkward moments when talking to a person one on one disappears and I feel like I can talk to people more easily.
Group D was the best methinks. So fun and so awesome and so supportive ^^ Especially in caving. Macroman with his macroportal :P Caving was the best. Unco as I am, I managed to climb all the rocks and whatnot and Macroman took us to a second cave and it was so physically challenging but I did it ! Although, I can't really take all the credit because on many occasions I got help from Colin, Chung, Nicholas or Kabir. What tanks ;P So yes, Thank you kids, if it weren't for you I'd probably be lying dead in a ditch four metres below the rock I was trying to jump on. Or rolling down the hill. Yeah, I stacked it after the caves as well.
There is so much I want to say about camp and everything we did but all the events are jumbled in my head and I don't know when what happened. But waking up at 5am on Friday to watch the sunrise was awesome. It was so pretty. I didn't take any photos though because a) I couldn't be bothered and b) I didn't want to not watch the sunrise because I was taking photos. That's my mentality for everything. Which is why I hardly take photos of moments. I don't want to miss out on a moment while trying to capture it. Weeeird kid I am .
Oh and sorry Colin for holding you up in the caves cause my torch sucked and I needed your light/help. Thanks for being so supportive though^^ Love you little brother :P LOL when I first wrote brother I wrote little bother.. It means nothing ! Thanks Nicholas for looking out for me in the caves telling me where the holes were. Yeah I know that's what we were meant to be doing and I have no reason to be feeling special, LET ME HAVE MY GLORY! Thanks Chung & Kabir for walking behind me on the way down (I saw you and you saved me from myself(8) ) and holding me back every time I slipped on a rock or something. Troyboy, Kabir, Vincent and Rafi for the awesome talks. Vincent for helping me out of a tree and for giving me your hoodie :P My cabin for the awesome nights. Group D/Damacro for everything and omgsh this thank you list was meant to be kept short and I think I'm getting too sentimental. And lame O_O OK ILL STOP ! But yes, all in all, awesome four days :D I hope I get to go back there in January ><


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