Colour coding Sleep

hmmm...tell me, am I Obsessive-Compulsive or do you guys also colour code your fruit loops? Like, do you eat it colour by colour? Or just eat it? Cause when I eat fruit loops, I each colour seperately froom Green to blue and between each transition of colour, I eat the ones that are like...haldway between two colours. Am I making sense here? I don't think just rambling.

I'm sleepy. Really sleepy. I have a messed up body clock man! I sleep at 10/11ish and wake up around 4, sleep again and wake up at 8ish. But then I get really sleepy around this time. It's weird O_o and I can't nap now because Raelene is coming over...I wonder what mischief we will get up to this time :P Only time will tell...

I love Airto. He does like heaps of covers but he never finishes them. He has a really deep voice whoich suits, because I have a deep voice cause I'm manly like that (H) I'm not sure if I should br proud of that but meh...

This is a really boring, pointless post. I don't know why I even bothered in the first place. Oh wait, now I remember, I was curious about the Fruit Loop thing:P But considering I didn't even make much sense trying to explain myself, that was a fail 8-)

till next time, Kyleeny out!


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