Magic Chords

I usually have my guitar with me while I'm on the computer but I barely ever play it. iTunes is always open and when a good song comes on, I like to play a long with it but most of the times, I don't even know the chords. If in doubt, C Am F G! It works. For RnB songs anyway, cause yknow, they all sound the same...
In other news, I was meant to use this three day break to study for bio yeah? But yesterday, my sister and I went to livo. Oh my gosh t101 tea is amazing. The bubbles are so fun to eat and the guy is so adorkable :3 He reminds me of this guy on filo tv that teaches kids how to speak filo properly. teehee. But yeah, I've had two in two days and I feel like I'm cheating on easyway D: So yes, that happened. And I got home at like 3ish hoping to study but then we went out and bought a birthday card for a family friend's birthday party and then her friends came over and I hung out with them for a while. I didn't intend to stay with them for so long but they watched a movie, got interesting and one of them called birthing class 'maternity daycare'. Why we were talking about birthing class in the first place, I have no idea. So that was my Friday study gone.
Today, I have a 21st/18th birthday party to attend and I know it's at night. But I'm most productive at night. Only because I procrastinate until it is night time. So that's my Saturday gone. And tomorrow...? Hm Maybe I'll cram then. But there's so much content in bio! Crap. What's the date today? I need to write something for ext 2 application in case I decide to try for it :S That shall be my priority cause I don't care about yearlies. It's year 11. The second we finish it, it doesn't even matter. I finally got my gold level letter and oh my gosh my mum is so cute. She took a photo of it and put it on facebook. :3
Ooh side note before I finish, I'm rather proud of myself for posting throughout this week :) That is all .


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