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OKAY! I AM STUDYING FOR LEGAL! I AM! THAI/COLIN/ANYONE ELSE I REGULARLY TALK TO ON MSN ABOUT STUDY, THROW RANDOM LEGAL QUESTIONS AT ME OR SOMEHOW MAKE SURE I'M STUDYING! Seriously, I can't wing legal! It's not just memorising formulas or applying skills, I actually need to know stuff and write about newspaper articles and igrh gerngerth I am calm. Also, I've noticed I tilt my head to the right when I'm doing work cause my fringe is in the way. To me, it's normal. I never thought it was strange or looked funny but apparently it looks like there's something wtong with me :P And my neck is beginning to hurt. Cool story bro... 8)
I'm kinda not really scared about english extension tomorrow. Scared cause I know nothing. I haven't memorised any quotes or fully analysed enough texts for an essay. And considering it's english extension, it probably requires three texts. Thing is, Miss Schultz told us that it would be a really broad topic and we could use any gothic text we've encountered in our lives. Which seems all fine and dandy. But what if I pick texts that have no relevance to the question? And I have no analyses of any texts ! I DON'T KNOW ENOUGH! But at the same time, very far in the back of my mind, I'm not really scared and I don't really care cause I'm not going to continue it next year. I mean, I wanted to ext 2. It seemed fun and I love writing but it's not worth doing ext 1. It's just going to make my workload crazy big and I'll be doing 14 units. BUT I REALLY WANT TO DO EXTENSION TWO! But no, I've decided I won't do either. I don't enjoy extension 2. I dread going and I feel like it's a waste of time cause we don't really do much and I don't have the dedication to work hard in it and do well so yeah, good bye extension 2 :( Back down to 12 units I go. Oh well.
I love our Art Class. I'm pretty sure a majority of us hadn't studied before the break in between English and Art exam today and once again, we managed to pull it off! Good times :D Next year though, I promise I will study properly! Neat room and everything! ehe .Well I shall read some Edgar Allan Poe stories and poems now and try to absorb random quotes that I like that could potentially help me tomorrow. (fingers crossed)


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