I want to say I love you

So it's Friday and I have a 3-day break until my bio exam which I have designated to be my bio study period. Yep, cram three terms of bio work into three days. That was a smart idea, Kyleen. I'm now conisdering dropping it though. I DON'T KNOW! My current plan have been blurred and muddled up. Now, I'm just going to plunge into year 12 exactly how I am and see what subjects I can't stand/do cause apparently the year 12 course is way more interesting than Prelims? Well it would make sense, bio this year was incredibly dull and boring tbh. 
Oh and after receiving my dress fo rinformal (thanks Carissa!) I am even more exited for Thursday! How many people are still going to school that day? I want to go because it's the year 12 farewell thing so I am planning to go straight from school to the city and chill at a hotel room. Yeah, my mum booked one so I wouldn't have to go home at night time. How sweet :) So that is my plan! Also hoping to get Vincent's birthday present that day. But gah I don't know my way around the city that well D: I'm just going to open tons of google map pages on my laptop before I go :P Sound Plan, Kyleen 8) 
I would like to buy a black blazer for informal too. My dress is uncomfortably revealing so there is no way I'm wearing it as is. I found a really pretty one in... I forgot what shop. I can see it in my head, just forgot the name. Anyway, it was really pretty and relatively cheap but it was white! And I dno, I want black ! WAH IM GETTING SO GIRLY OVER THIS! This is weird, what has online shopping done to me? :P Okay, enough of weird Kyleen, enjoy your weekends guys :)


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