We're standing on a tiny ledge

There's a car that I see every time I go to Merrylands (which is a lot more often than some might think) and the license plate is AEGEAN and it's a customized plate. You know with the differnt kind of yellow that has no dot in the middle? Yeah and well, to me Aegean refers to a particular kind of ancient art and stuff as I learned in term one. But I'm really curious as to what this guy's reason was for putting AEGEAN. I'm not sure if he IS referring to the Art Period or if it's something else and I really really really want to know.
I turned on my computer today just to blog and I know how slow it is so I brought my legal book so I could study while it lagged. Nice try. But I really need to study for legal. It's the same situation as half yearlies. Content based subjects are the death of me D: As far the art exam, I am relying on my beloved class to pull me through and help me study in the 2 or so hours after english exam. It worked last time! Woah random head ache. I should stop staring at computer screens. But Community is so funny! I love Abed! He reminds me of my sister's friend. Which none of you know so that was a completely useless piece of information... I need to take exams more seriously. I have barely studied for any and gah D: Ah well, it's year 11. Who cares right? :P Can't wait until year 11 is over and I can get rid of all my loose sheets that are floating around my room and taking annoying space in my bag. Not throw away cause I'm too cautious like that. But..store in a box somewhere in the dark :D
I had bubblegum ice cream today. Not proper ice cream though. The McDonald's mcflurry :D It was nice. But I still prefer cold rock or the ice cream from the airport :D Ooh going back to the exam topic, I don't understand how people are writing practise essays to remember. WHAT QUESTION ARE YOU PEOPLE ANSWERING??? It confuses me :( Whatever, I can't be bothered with a feature article either. Like writing a practise one and remembering. I have very little space in my head and I think it should be used to remember quotes and stuff for the essay. Especially considering we don't know the question, I want to memorise as many quotes as I can and possibly memorise some of the shorter poems? Like Homo Suburbiensis and Family Man. I should be fine after that right? D:
Now to end an incredibly disjointed and all over the place blog post (I wonder how many times I've said that before...), I am pumped for informal !!!


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