Last sport day

Last ever sport day and we did nothing. Fun! Cause last week was semis but we had exams so no one went and we had to forfeit. Ah well, it's netball. At least we got to bludge and savour the final Wednesday sport. OH MY GOSH I NEED TO STOP GETTING SO SENTIMENTAL AND DRAMATIC GTNOIFVRNSGG NO MORE THOUGHTS ABOUT LASTS ! :') Moving on... I still want to do sport next year :/ Basketball and stuff ! Cause honestly, Wednesday sport is the only regular exercise I get :P Yeah, that's how unfit and lazy I am. Leave me alone :(
INFORMAL TOMORROW! The continuous reminders of it being soon in my blog posts would probably suggest how excited I am. That and the fact that I keep saying 'I'm excited'... I wish more people were going though :/ It would be so fun if it was the entire grade! But most of us are going so it should still be good :D
Oh and I think I've finally decided I'm going to do 14 Units in year 12. Yes I know that's a lot but the only reason I'm doing ext1 english is because I want to do ext 2 so my plan is to just focus on ext 2 and forget about ext 1. Not care and whatever and if I fail, meh, I won't be putting any effort into it. So that's 13 units that I'm actually taking seriously. That still sounds like quite a lot actually :S Hm, I'll see how things go next term with that much and change things around if I have to. But I'm scared I won't get into extension 2 because my extension 1 results have been pretty.. bad. And like I said, no dedication. But during the ext exam, when I was writing the story, I thought to myself "This is so much fun" and I dno, I just really want to try ext 2. So good luck to me :P Man, all my posts lately have been about school. Well when my life gets more exciting, my blog will too :P Or maybe not. What if its gets so exciting I don't have time to blog? :O Yeah... that's not happening any time soon 8)


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